Candy, Candy, Candy!

Happy halloween everybody!! The fact that it is supposed to be almost 60 degrees today is a miracle to the many children of Great Falls, MT I am sure. Now everyone won’t have to be dressed as an arctic explorer.


We went to Target and bought three huge bags of candy. One of Snickers, one of assorted chocolate candies, and another of Reeses. We haven’t put them in a bowl yet which is probably a very good thing. I hope we get lots of trick-or-treaters!

I have my first session of geometry tutoring today. I emailed the teacher to find out what they are working on in class and to see about checking out a book so that each week I can teach myself what they are learning and actually be able to help! I hope she gets back to me soon.


That’s all I have for today! I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween and eats way more candy than they normally would or should.

Are you taking anyone trick-or-treating this year? What are they going to dress up as?



Do Not Die

My tutoring job went so wonderfully yesterday! I went to my old elementary school to pick him up and it was SO WEIRD to be back. I felt like a giant! When the bell rang there were suddenly millions of tiny little people running every which way.

And all the little chairs and desks seem soooooo teeny tiny! It was also strange seeing so many of my old teachers. I felt like I needed a t-shirt that said, “Yep. I’m still here…my back is broken. Don’t judge me.” haha but I don’t think anybody really was.

The fourth grader I tutor is such a total sweetheart. He was really quiet when I first picked him up but he got way more talkative as time went on. When we got home and pulled out his homework he decided to start with his astronomy word search. That sucker was hard!


About four words in I started helping him because word searches always seemed like such busy work to me so I wanted us to get through it quickly. Suddenly he threw up his hands and said, “Oh my gosh I am going to die! This homework is going to kill me!”

To which I responded, “No you seriously cannot die today. This is my first day as your tutor and your mom would be SO mad at me if I killed you off on the first day.”

Apparently that was all I needed to break the ice with him, he laughed and laughed and laughed and pretended to be his mom yelling, “I will never forgive you!!!!” Leave it to little kids to make you feel freaking hilarious.


I also got TWO other jobs yesterday! The first is a house sitting gig this weekend that I have a meeting for today at 11am. When I was talking on the phone with the woman whose house I’m supposed to sit on this weekend, I mentioned I was tutoring a fourth grader. She then gave my name to the mom of a sophomore having trouble in geometry and BAM! another job. I am suddenly a woman with a schedule.


Now I just have to turn myself back into the girl who got a perfect score on her geometry final. Yikes. I can do it! It’s amazing how quickly stuff comes back to you. In fact, it is kind of maddening. It’s like “WHAT?!? NO!!! This is NOT this easy. It just CAN’T BE!!!! I wasted weeks of my life on this!!!!”


haha anyway. Busy-ish week ahead. In a couple months when I am taking a full schedule of online classes and tutoring two kids I will once again have the super full, productive schedule I am used to and I cannot wait.

Did you ever use a tutor growing up? What makes a great tutor?


Scrabble and Eggs

I made the BEST breakfast this morning. I usually eat sweet breakfasts like pancakes, oatmeal, or french toast because sweet things pair so fantastically with coffee, but lately I’m trying to switch over to more savory items. When I eat my sweet right away it usually satisfies my sweet tooth all day but this week it has just been revving it up early and then all day I am trying to ignore the fact that I REALLYREALLYNEEDCANDYNOW.

But anyway…say hello to the sunny-side up egg and cheese grilled sandwich.



It’s eggy. It’s cheesy. It’s healthy. It’s…awesome. I’ll probably eat it for the next two weeks straight for breakfast and then get super sick of it and pick it up again in a month or two.

My Sunday was lovely! I had coffee with my friend Ben and it was great to see him again. Then I headed off to meet with the woman whose son I start tutoring today and we got all the details worked out.


Then my parents and I ran some errands around town. (that’s me being excited because I am wearing…)


Pants!! Thanks to my dandy brace. It does make sitting in the car pretty awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s the doctor’s orders so I better stick with it. When we got home my mom and I played a few rounds of Scrabble while my dad got started on dinner.


I got EVERY X, Q, Z, and other letters that seriously make hardly any words. And my mom got almost every vowel. We were not doing splendidly.

Alice gets really cold in this winter weather and so she decided to get in on the game too.


Everyone together now: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

My back is still slowly making progress from my idiot walking day. I think I have finally learned my lesson. When I start feeling better I will continue to take it super easy until at least March so that I can put this whole ordeal behind me! Impatience gets you nowhere!

What do you have going on this week? AND what are you dressing up as for Halloween?


I officially start my tutoring job tomorrow!! I am so excited!! I have a meeting at 12 today to figure out all the details and then every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I get to be a tutor from 3-5pm ish. I am so excited to have something to break up the day and a reason to put on something other than sweats. And leave my house. YES.


Another exciting development? This new brace allows me to wear jeans because it keeps the top from pressing down on my fracture. I can be warm! I am so happy! Plus I have really cute jeans!


Also I have decided to register for online classes next semester. I know it’s two months away, but I have to register this Thursday and I just have no idea how ready I will be to start climbing hills on a college campus in that time. I planned on being a lot farther ahead in my recovery at this point BUT that’s okay. I now know to just TAKE IT EASY and not try to exercise. I can’t and I just need to get over it so I can get better.

Anyway, I don’t want to stress myself out by feeling like OMGIHAVETOBEBETTERINTWOMONTHSORIAMGOINGTODIE so I am going to do online classes, tutor, and most importantly HEAL. Then I can go back in the summer to take some classes and know that I have plenty of time. I won’t feel stuck here when I have a lot of schoolwork to keep up on.


I wish the weekend wasn’t ending 😦 oh well!

What was your favorite thing about your weekend?


Yesterday outside of Hastings I saw the cutest thing! A family with two little boys was leaving the store and the toddler started to fall behind. The other brother who looked like he was like two years older turned around and walked back to him, grabbed his hand, and they kept walking.


I just thought that was SO sweet. I love when siblings watch out for one another. I mean, that’s what siblings are for!! You go, little boy.

Also, something truly miraculous has happened. I just got a corset to keep my back in place since the pain has been increasing over the last few days (that’s definitely not the good part, bear with me) and I got an ad from Banana republic that they have a new line of dresses based off Anna Karenina. WHAT?!?



It’s fate it’s fate it’s fate it’s fate it’s fate it’s fate. I’m telling you. I need all three of those dresses like RIGHT NOW. When I got the ad, I was a very VERY happy girl.


We also got some new music in our house this week. I love music all kinds, especially when it’s brand spankin’ new.



I haven’t had a chance to listen to them both very much, but what I have heard so far I really like! My favorite song on Taylor’s album so far is “I knew you were trouble”. It just has a cool sound that isn’t really country OR pop.


Anyway, that’s all for me! It’s Saturday, my favorite day ever and I am off to enjoy it. Have a great one ❤

Have you heard any new music lately?


I woke up this morning (or this afternoon…) and it was super light outside and nobody was home. I was hoping I had slept in until like 2 or 3 but when I finally rolled my butt out of bed it was only 11 am. Got some more hours to fill!


My friend Justin suggested to me on the blog yesterday that I write a book! I have been doing a bunch of thinking about things I’d like to write about and I think I may actually start putting pen to paper today. I’m not sure if an entire book is going to be the end result…maybe some short stories or something. We shall see!

Have you ever written a book or some short stories? Did you publish them or were they just for you?

Paint the Town

I had a very nice afternoon out with Bruce and Bobbie yesterday! We started at Macaroni Grill where I had the warm spinach salad. I don’t even like spinach but I wanted to be healthy and I was happily surprised to notice that warming it up seems to take away the bitterness. Yay! Then we moseyed on over to Pier 1 and picked out a couple Christmas ornaments. That store is so fun and cute. Finally, we went to Cold Stone where I promptly undid my healthy lunch choice by eating salted caramel flavored frozen yogurt. YUM.

I managed to get enough warm layers on to be comfortable during my outings. After all that clothes-putting-on I was not going to jump on the makeup train, though. My apologies.

My back was hurting pretty badly at this point when I got home so I gave in and laid down to turn on some TV. I got all caught up on Pretty Little Liars as they were having some sort of marathon yesterday and I have to say I actually really like that show! I also had a good old fashioned cry fest. I have had a few of those this week. I really do stay mostly positive but this recovery is so up and down it really messes with your head! I think it’s healthy sometimes to just acknowledge that something sucks and you don’t like it. But that’s just me.

At least in two months I’ll be busy again! I might not be able to physically return to campus but I am definitely planning to start school online if that is the case. Then if I start to feel like a cry-baby I can just write a paper and feel like I am actually doing something with my life! Good times.

Want to know what is the absolute best comfort in the world?

That dog. Before we got Alice I never really understood how some people could be so crazy in love with their pets. I hadn’t known our first dog very long and our second dog was GREAT but I was so small when we got her as a puppy that we never really bonded I guess. She was sweet and I really liked her but she was just the dog. Now with Alice I get it! She always knows when I am sad and will come over to put her head on my knee or lay across my lap. I didn’t used to think I would have a Doberman when I grew up, but now I am fairly certain I will.

Also…look at what I am wearing. My house is 72 degrees and yet I am decked out in leggings, fuzzy socks, a maxi dress, a sweater, a huge sweatshirt, AND a hat. It’s 30 degrees outside! How have I survived in Montana my whole life?!? And what will I look like when it’s 10 below??

If you see a huge puffy mass tottering towards you, just smile and wave. I can be positive about winter just so long as I am never cold so…the amount of clothes I will be wearing will continue to grow in ridiculousness.

Do you have a pet that you love like crazy? What is their name and what kind of animal are they?