Massage Musings

Yesterday morning I went to the gym planning to do 25-30 minutes of cardio and then stretch and do some abs. When I got on the bike and started pedaling, my hip flexors started to burn like crazy and it felt like they were ripping every time I pedaled. I switched to another upper body workout and was very glad I had a massage in a few hours!

I showed up to Karen McElroy’s office at 11:30 am, and at this point I was hobbling my poor hips were so tight. If you ever need a massage, I highly recommend her! She is very knowledgable about the body and how it is all connected. The first half of my massage was relaxing and wonderful as she kneaded the knots out of my neck and shoulders.

beaver-enjoying-massageAnd then….she moved onto my hips…

Cats_Musical_MemoryLiterally every part of my muscle was formed into a trigger point, which basically means it’s super tight and angry and when you press on it it HURTS. Karen wasn’t even pressing that hard but man oh man was it painful. I haven’t done any serious legwork in a whole year because I had a knee injury and then my back….so they are having a hard time adjusting. I’ll be taking it very slow and giving them lots of time to rest and recover between workouts!

When I walked out of my massage, there was an unpleasant surprise waiting for me.

parkingticketI was so looking forward to my appointment that I completely forgot to feed the meter! It’s my first car-related violation ever. Bummer. It’s only five bucks though so not too bad…

I started another tutoring job yesterday, this one in Honors Algebra I. I met him at CMR and it was so weird to be back! I haven’t been in the building since graduation and for some reason it made me really nervous. I loved high school but I felt so old and it just felt odd to be there when I never expected to still be in town at this point!

ujlYvOf course, it turned out fine and I even ran into a couple of my old dance teammates. It was great to see them and tutoring went smoothly! Isn’t it weird how sometimes we get nervous about things that are no big deal?

Do you ever feel weird visiting one of your old schools? 

I now tutor at my old elementary school and my high school! Elementary made me feel very nostalgic but high school was definitely an odd feeling. I felt so much older than everyone there and like it was such a long time ago when really I was there 6 months ago!


Gross Restaurant Names

Yesterday I met up with my friend Ben at a new restaurant in town called Beef O Brady’s. The parking lot has been consistently full ever since they opened so I figured the food couldn’t be half bad, but I was kind of reluctant to go there because the name just sounds so weird.

It brings to mind giant troughs of greasy meat and burly men waiting in line to get their grisly protein fix. Plus, as my friend Christina pointed out, that little O in the middle looks pretty much exactly like Shrek. That doesn’t make me think “delicious” either.

Once I got over all this mental imagery and actually went there, it was pretty good! I ordered the side salad and half sandwich combo with a caesar and a reuben. The salad was lame, iceberg lettuce and some grated cheese, but the reuben was spot on! Sorry I judged you so harshly, Beef O Brady’s.

I did the same thing to one of my favorite sandwich spots when they first opened too. Jimmy John’s. It made me think of hillbillys and all other sorts of tomfoolery and I was NOT about to eat a sandwich from there. Then I did, and OMG they are really good. Chewy french bread, lots of toppings, great price…why do I get so hung up on names? Maybe it’s because my mind is just so powerful and conjures up such vivid imaginings.

I have my massage today THANK GOODNESS. Yesterday my hip flexors were figuratively on fire. Not fun. Not fun at all. My back feels tight this morning, I think it’s calling for some light cardio and tons of stretching! Have a great day!

Have you ever not wanted to eat at a restaurant because the name weirded you out?

Injured mom and not a mom

This year is just not the Morrison household’s year as far as injuries go. My dog had surgery on both her ACL’s, I had surgery on my right knee and broke my back a couple months after I recovered from that, and now….I guess it’s my mom’s turn 😦

Her knee has been feeling very tight and sore for a few weeks, but more like the overuse of a muscle and not a true injury. Then yesterday while teaching Zumba, she felt a pop in her knee and now can barely walk. She knows she did something bad to it and is at the doctor’s now to find out what. I hope she’s okay and I’m praying for her speedy recovery!! Jeeze. I know leading an active lifestyle really is best for you and I love it but this year has sure been a test.

Working at the preschool yesterday morning was a blast as I knew it would be. When the teacher, Mrs. Collins, introduced me to the class one girl blurted out, “My name is Anna! But really it’s Carmen. I’m a spy so you can’t know my real name.” She was quite the character. They all were so cute though! It’s amazing how quickly their minds jump from one thing to the next.

A couple of the kids asked me how old my kids were and couldn’t believe I didn’t have any! Then the other woman who was helping out in the class that day asked me which one belonged to me and finally as I was looking for the exit, one of the workers in the office asked me if I was there to pick up my child. Not sure how to take this…I think it was the shoes. I blame the shoes.

When I wear Danskos or Aasics tennis shoes all day my back is noticeably less tight by night time. I need some more good quality shoes as I have way too many flimsy flats that are only good for a couple hour’s wear! Time to do some shopping. Or make a Christmas list.

Before I left to tutor, I took my dog Alice out for her walk since my mom was incapacitated, ( I almost put decapitated there by accident…very, very different) and it was the adventure of a lifetime. Alice stopped every TWO FEET to eat some ice or smell some grass. I was very frustrated.

ERMAGERD ICE IS SO GOOD BECAUSE I NEVER GET TO EAT FOOD!!!!! Except she does. And she is annoying.

Today my to-do list includes an upper-body workout because my legs were so sore by the end of the day yesterday I could barely unfold them. That delayed onset muscle soreness is no joke and the hamstring pulldowns and calf raises I did nearly killed me.

My legs are having a hell of a time adjusting to my new increase in activity, so I have a massage scheduled to get all the knots out. I will NOT get injured again by neglecting my muscles. No way. After my arm workout I’m meeting my friend Ben at a new restaurant for lunch and then tutoring! Fun day 🙂

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

Random I know, but I really want my tree and it’s always on my mind!! Bring on Christmas!!

Slowly getting back on the wagon

Good morning! If I have any new readers out there from the Tribune article, welcome!

Now that I am finally back in the gym I feel AMAZING. I’ve been really good about stopping if anything makes my back feel odd in the least bit and one thing that has helped that is not writing out my workouts beforehand. If I plan out a workout and can’t finish it I feel like a quitter, but if I just do as much as I can I notice all the progress I’ve made!

Yesterday I did five minutes on the elliptical, five minutes on the stair climber, fifteen minutes on the bike and some light leg weights and abs. It felt like a real workout! Since I was a bit aggressive yesterday, I’ll just go on a walk today to avoid upping any inflammation. Such slow going!

It can be so easy to focus on the things I still can’t do, like Zumba or Jillian Michaels videos, but then I think about how I was lying on the couch unable to walk just a few months ago and that makes me realize I WILL get there! Once I’m back to dancing and working out, this will all seem like it flew by.


Holy cow! I just realized I have to leave in like 15 minutes and I’m just sitting here in my robe. I’m working at a preschool this morning so I’m sure I’ll have some fun stories for you tomorrow 🙂 Little kids always do the funniest things!

Have you ever had an exercise setback where you couldn’t do the things you love? What happened?

Another Lazy Sunday

Even though my weeks are very laid back compared to what I am used to, Sundays always seem to be even more calm and quiet. I don’t get restless though, there is something about the last day of the week that calls for a little rest and relaxation.

I woke up a little late to the smell of pancakes cooking and coffee brewing. Two fantastic smells to be awoken by. My family and I had breakfast together which hardly ever happens anymore because we all wake up at slightly different times. Mmmm..can’t go wrong with pancakes and chocolate chips!

The rest of the afternoon was filled with a trip to the mall, lunch at Cafe Rio, saying goodbye to Halley, watching Psych, and getting the dog out for a walk. Oh, and wearing jeans! Pain free! Happy, happy day.

This week is actually fairly busy for me which I’m excited about! Once I wrap up this blog post I’m headed to the gym for some cardio. I’m going to attempt the stair master and see if I can add ten minutes on that into my 20 minute bike/elliptical combination. We shall see!

What’s your favorite lazy thing to do on a Sunday?

Mine is to sleep in and then take my sweet time eating breakfast. I usually have an extra cup of coffee or two and look at all the Sunday ads and such. So nice!


Mah body hurts!! In a good way! Yesterday was workout number two and I incorporated some very light weightlifting with some cardio and lots of stretching. It’s amazing how much better my back feels since I’ve been stretching consistently. Flexibility is key!

I completed this arms workout and rounded it off with ten minutes on the bike. Gosh I missed weight lifting! I got into it when my knee was injured and I love the definition it gives you. Since I use low weights and high reps I’m able to do it without bothering my back in the least. I see so many people lifting weights that are too heavy for them and throwing their backs into deep arches to get the weight up. SO BAD!! Be safe!! I’m taking today off since I’m quite sore.

After a workout and some down time, Halley and I went to Old Navy to look around. I picked up a bunch of cute stuff but when I brought it to the changing room I was too lazy to try it on.

Probably for the best…I should be leaving room for things on my Christmas list anyway!

After a delicious dinner with my family, my friends and I got together to watch a movie and hang out before they head back to Bozeman tomorrow. It was fun! I got home a little after 10 and by then the soreness in my muscles was really beginning to set in so I laid down on our guest bed to watch some New Girl with Halley and Alice.

Alice came into my room last night and jumped on the bed whining. She laid down and stood up several times and then went and opened my parents door. Then she needed to go outside and she finally settled in my sister’s room. It’s a hard life for her when everyone is home, she is just needed everywhere.

At least SOMEONE is well rested this morning.

Lucky Day

Yesterday was jam packed of three of my favorite things!

To start off the day I did a super intense Crossfit workout with tons of running and weights. HA! No I didn’t, my back is broken! I DID do 10 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the bike though. As well as tons of stretching and some abs. Felt so incredibly amazing to get a light workout in without pain!

Then my mom and I went to JoAnn fabrics because she needed just a little backing for a pillow she made. It was overflowing with crafters in there! The line wove throughout the store and almost everyone in it had shopping carts stuffed with bolts of fabric. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We left without waiting.

After our fabric store adventure we took crazy Alice on a 40 minute walk. I was very active yesterday! Go me. And I didn’t even hurt myself. Go me AGAIN.

At 2pm we headed back over to the Purpurras’ house (because we like to make them have us over) to watch the Apple Cup. That’s the rivalry game between Washington State and University of Washington and even though I am only an honorary Coug, I wanted to support those guys!

The facebook feed was so funny:

Before the game: “Win or lose Cougs we still love you!!” (the fans have great enthusiasm despite low expectations)

During the game: “Oh wow sorry we gave up on you keep going!!” (The Cougs got a little lead early in the game)

Later in the game: “Really Cougs? We thought you had this. This is depressing.” (They were behind 18 points in the third quarter)

Overtime: “GOOOOOOOOO COUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!” They managed to come back and tie the game and then win in overtime!! I’m not a huge football fan but we were all screaming at the TV. What an amazing game and I was so so happy for the team! Go. Cougs.

When the jubilation began to simmer down a bit we headed out to dinner at Mackenzie River Pizza with my grandpa and my aunt.

So, three favorite things: exercise, Washington State Football, and Mackenzie River Pizza. I’m loving this long streak of great days! Gotta keep it going 🙂

What did you do the day after Thanksgiving? 

Any shoppers out there? I’d rather pay the money and not have to wait in line for 8 years!