Hook Em’

I’ve been giving a few hints lately that my plans have changed. Well, they have, in a BIG way. Two weeks ago I was attempting to schedule for my classes at University of Montana. I already told you how the only class I could get into was an acting class next semester. Well…that’s not really helpful. I called all the people I needed and then I was told to just show up and sit in on the classes and hopefully get in IF someone drops out. For my whole schedule!

tumblr_m0doyjZUp71ro060eo1_500 copyThis isn’t a diss on the University of Montana either. It’s an awesome school and Missoula is an awesome town, but it never felt like my school. It was just where I was going to go…for now. And then I thought, why am I going through all this hassle to go to a school I’m not that excited about? So..I changed my mind.

UtOn January fourth I will fly down to Austin, TX to begin my life as a Longhorn! I applied at the beginning of the semester just to see if I could get in. The application was long and arduous and required three essays among tons of other things. Despite the fact that they accept only a small percentage of out of state students, I got in!

The last two weeks have been pretty hectic as I (with a ton of my family’s help) try to figure out the logistics of moving across the country. I already found a great condo two blocks from the University and downtown which is perfect. I found it in a day. It’s like God is saying, “Yes Texas! Woohoo! Go girl!” So…I am!

I am so excited and I know this is crazy but it’s one of the first decisions I’ve made in a long time that feels completely like the right one.

Have you ever made a huge decision last minute?



Blues Busting circut workout

I was woken up this morning really early and was too hungry to go back to sleep. Actually, I was just too excited to share this workout with you guys 😉 I did this at the gym yesterday and it absolutely destroyed me.

workoutThere are a few clarifications I need to make here to ensure you get the quality workout I did! First, you have to use a bike like the one pictured below. It increases resistance naturally as you pedal faster so you don’t have to mess with a machine. The key is to go quickly!

3550012Also, don’t think that two minutes of bike riding is easy. This isn’t a leisurely, stroll in the park kind of bike ride. It’s fast. I want you to pump your legs as hard as you can and shoot that heart rate up to its maximum level. By the time that two minutes is up you should feel like you can’t go anymore. If you do it correctly this is one hell of a workout.

Oh, and don’t make the mistake I did and think you have to do some cardio before this. Your heart will have had quite enough I promise you!

Enjoy this workout! Hopefully it’ll blast away those post-holiday blues like it did for me 🙂 Have a great day!!

What helps you to get out of a funk? 

Christmas Blessings

My Christmas and Christmas Eve were wonderful. If you celebrate Christmas I hope you had a day filled with warmth, family, love, and happiness. Even if you don’t, I hope it was still a great Tuesday!  😀

Christmas Eve began at 9:30 a.m. with a large group of our friends gathering to deliver the Christmas cookies we had assembled to nursing homes around the area. I was only able to visit one location because I had to check on the dogs, but it was a great start to the day! We all met up for lunch at the Country Club at noon to reflect on the season. 
photo-16Every year on Christmas Eve my family goes to my Grandpa’s house to celebrate. I brought Lily and Leyla with me this year because I didn’t want to leave them alone for too long or have to drive back and forth. They were little angels! I love these dogs.







IMG_1104Leyla was completely in love with my dad. She stayed in his lap the entire night and would not let him out of her sight. Dogs love my dad so much! He loves them too, even if he won’t always admit it 😉

IMG_1113Christmas day we went and saw Les Miserables. It was a beautiful and incredible film, I highly recommend it. Later that evening we headed back over to my Grandpa’s house with the dogs in tow to enjoy another incredible meal and time spent with loved ones. I was repping some pretty great gear! (hint hint).

IMG_1117More to come on that….tomorrow get ready for a new workout! It was so intense. I almost fell of the bike today. Be excited.

How was your Christmas? Did you have a nice meal with family? What was your favorite present? 

Christmas Cookies

Last night’s party was the perfect way to kick off the next two spirit filled days. Michael and Geannine Purpura are the warmest and most generous people in the world and they purchased 200 dozen cookies to be delivered to the nursing homes around town on Christmas Eve. I got ready and headed in to my house to join my family and attend the party.


IMG_1060There were SO many cookies!!



And great friends.








IMG_1068Rambunctious kids ran everywhere. We eventually joined their game and the youngest made a huge pile for us. He kept telling us to, “GO TO SLEEEEP” before we turned into kittens and he saved us from a giant spider. What a stand-up guy.





IMG_1085My abs burned from laughing so hard and I went to sleep in a fantastic mood. Merry Christmas Eve!!!!



Break festivities

I have a lot of catching up to do! Sorry about the lame blog post yesterday. I’ll make up for it I promise 😀

On Thursday evening I went to the CMR boys’ basketball game to watch my old team perform during halftime. Christina, Kayla, Hannah, Danielle, and I were all on the team together all four years so it was fun and odd to be there as spectators!



photo-12After the game we all went out to the house I’m staying at and visited for a couple hours. It’s always so nice to get caught up! Being able to see these ladies more was an unexpected upside to coming home from school.

photo-14On Friday evening I went to my friend Danielle’s Christmas party and then joined my parents and sister at a different one about an hour later. It is so fun to visit with everyone and get in the Holiday spirit! Halley and I left the party pretty early on to go home and relax because we were both sleepy. Saturday was another relaxing day spend lounging around and we finished it off with a fantastic meal.

photo-15Succulent steaks, mushrooms sautéed in garlic and olive oil, green beans, and my mom’s famous garlic mashed potatoes. It felt like such a special occasion! We almost never eat steaks at my house so I felt like I was in a restaurant rather than my dining room.

Today we are heading to our good friends’ house for our annual cookie assembly party! Each year they buy hundreds of cookies that we assemble into baggies and deliver to nursing  homes around town on Christmas Eve. It’s become one of my favorite Christmas traditions and I can’t wait.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? What puts you in the Holiday spirit?


Yesterday I had a great workout! I did a 30 minute bike hill workout and 30 minutes of upper body weights. I use the machines so that I don’t have to lift free weights and risk hurting my back. It was a good one! If I can get my butt to the gym today I’ll do some leg work. We’ll see what happens. I’m pretty exhausted from house sitting and not sleeping well.



I’ve had a fun weekend so far! I left my camera at my house so I will wait to tell you about it until I have pictures to show you tomorrow! I hope you’re having a great one. Can you believe Christmas Eve is on Monday?!? I’m so excited.

Well…I’m off to get some sleep.


Remember how the other day I told you I was going to register for my classes at University of Montana? They didn’t have one single class I needed open. Not a single one. The only class I am currently enrolled in is an acting class, which is very helpful for a Biology major. My college planning has just been going swimmingly this year…

0v7FaSo I’m not sure what I am going to do yet. I have a new plan in the works but my track record as far as planning goes is pretty awful so I am not going to say anything about it until it actually works out!

I keep thinking about a conversation I had with my AP English teacher my senior year. I told him that I was going to go to Washington State, graduate in three years, then spend one year applying to med school and it would be perfect. He said, “hear that laughter? That’s God…laughing at your plans.”

tumblr_meh2p8r2DB1ql5yr7o1_400I thought, “Oh heck no. Once I set my mind to something there is nothing that can change it.”

So I set out to Washington State to fulfill my plans, and shortly thereafter…

tumblr_mebcswT27v1r0fmk3I was back in Great Falls. Now this with Missoula…it doesn’t even bother me anymore. I’ve really learned to roll with the punches this year. Maybe that was the point of all this! Who knows.