Sore and Tired

Flashback to two or three months ago: me, laying on the couch, doing nothing all day. The only physical exertion I made was walking around the block slowly or….crying.

Zoom forward about a month: Light biking, super light weights about 2-3 days a week.

The present: walking across a forty acre campus every day, doing bike hill workouts, conditioning classes, weights, step classes and other forms of working out 6-7 days a week. My body is angry.

tumblr_m79h8c23nv1r50vbpo1_500I’ve realized that I may have escalated my activity way too fast. Lately I’ve been feeling super tired and my workouts make me feel nauseous rather than energized. Working to exhaustion almost every day of the week is a bad plan and if I keep going it’ll burn me out!

kronyx8j_ks3xw-ofsod2w2So I’m not planning to stop (obviously) and I’ll keep working out most days a week, but I really need to watch my intensity. When I’ve been doing the bike my heart rate has been getting up crazy high so when that happens I’ll pedal slower. When I get lightheaded in my conditioning class, I’ll get water instead of pushing through. I need to remember my muscles still have a lot to come back from!

So my resolution is to get fit again and try not to kill myself in the process. Seems pretty legit, right?

Have you ever gotten so focused on a goal you went a little overboard? 


I need to learn a new language

One of my most favorite parts of being in such a large city at such a large university is the vast amount of diversity. I have met so many different people from so many different backgrounds and places around the globe. Last night I ate Turkish food with a huge group of kids from places like Saudi Arabia, Arabia, Venezuela, ect. I love hearing all the different languages and parts of their culture.

tumblr_lzd6sbN8X51qcjokgIt’s so wonderful to me that even though the whole world is connected now through technology, we’ve all still maintained the things that make us unique. We all have different styles of dance, food, language, holidays, habits, and so much more. It makes me want to travel even more than I ever have and learn a new language and immerse myself in new cultures.

tumblr_me1i4aOOhq1qkbtx4o1_500What languages do you speak? What language do you want to learn? 

I speak a TINY little bit of Spanish, but that’s the first language I want to master. I also really want to learn Arabic someday, it’s becoming very applicable and in demand.


Today is an awesome day so far. I went to my Calculus and Chemistry office hours and now understand concepts I was lost on before, I already have a ton of my homework done, and I got a 90% on a Calculus quiz I thought I failed. Go Monday!!

Another thing that was awesome was Mekong on Saturday night with my girls. It’s basically a war themed party and I just danced and danced. We had a ton of people over at our place beforehand and it was a blast meeting so many new people.

52528_10151450561643478_1973942194_o 148772_10200434109760256_891428939_n 602968_10151450563743478_1038805495_n IMG_1128Next week I have a Chemistry exam, a Biology exam, and an essay due for my US-Latin American relations class. I better start working now! Seems like next weekend will probably be a pretty low key one for this girl.

What’s your favorite theme party you’ve ever gone to?

I pretty much like any excuse to dress up! 🙂

Several Things

1. I’ve discovered a way to make cream of wheat taste good. You have to put in 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup. You have to. And cook it with milk. You’ll actually love the taste, but I still don’t know how to get rid of those weird little chewy balls it  forms. Ew.

tumblr_lsggh5lT3G1qfvlraCream of wheat has tons of iron and I need that so that’s why I’m attempting to make it palatable. It kind of tastes like mealy baby food otherwise. MMMMMM.

2. My toes sound like mini bombs in the morning. My roomie was asleep in the living room so I tried to sneak by super quiet…CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK!!! It’s like artillery fire. wtf.

tumblr_mdripr5oXB1r48rzko1_500“Get your toes out of here so I can sleep!!!”

3. I went to see Mama last night at midnight. I was with Juan Pablo and a bunch of other people. First we ate delicious chicken at “Pluckers”, then we went up to a mountain thingy and hung out on blankets and talked (such a pretty view!), and finally we mobbed over to the movie. Jessica Chastain is a FABULOUS actress. Wow. She was not herself at all.

130120-jessica-chastain-mama-600-1358712299 jessica-chastain-mama-promotion-on-today-show-watch-now-12I thought it was weird she did that movie though. It really wasn’t very good…they kept trying to make you feel sympathetic toward this broken limbed, slimy, crazy eyed, creepy crawly thing who murdered people. Um..I’m not. You can go ahead and die I’ll feel just fine.

The agenda today is workout, knock out some studying, and go out tonight with Paige, Madison, and Natalia! Woot woot.

What are your plans for this lovely Saturday? 




No, I didn’t go down do the disco tech last night, but I did have a wonderful evening and join a club I’m excited to be a member of! My friend Juan Pablo invited me to go bowling with all of them at 7pm. Our school’s student union has a really nice bowling alley I never even knew about!

IMG_8301We ate pizza out in the courtyard as we all introduced ourselves. Everyone was so welcoming and outgoing and as they started telling me more about their club I got really intrigues. It’s the “Engineers for a Sustainable World” organization and they focus on projects that make it easy to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Cool!

IMG_7141Bowling is such a great social sport. I used a kiddie ball so I wouldn’t hurt my back. I can weight lift heavier weights but bowling is more fluid of a motion so I didn’t want to take any chances. Juan Pablo beat me pretty badly…oh well!

After bowling we headed to “Campus Candy”, and frozen yogurt and candy store on the main drag. I just had water and we discussed the club more and everyone was very encouraging about me joining it so I decided to do it! I’m so excited. I’ve been looking for a way to get more involved and this seems like the perfect opportunity.


This past year I’ve really grown to love and appreciate sleep even more than I ever had before. When my back injury as its most painful I didn’t get more than a few hours of sleep every night for months and it really affects you both mentally and physically.

tumblr_madeynE4sX1r9xjxoo1_500I was constantly nauseous and depressed without any energy. Then, when my back got a little better and I could sleep through the night, I still wasn’t falling into a wonderful deep slumber. I didn’t do anything all day so when I laid down I had nothing to be tired from! So I laid down and my mind was just like:

tumblr_meo7fu3okZ1rakg1rBut these last few weeks sleep and I have gotten a wonderful relationship back! I’m super busy and active all day, I have an incredibly comfortable mattress (thanks Ikea), and my room is the perfect temperature. I crawl under those sheets and within minutes I am sacked out like a log.

tumblr_m6frs3XwVc1rwcc6bo1_500When my alarm goes off in the morning I feel refreshed and ready to tackle another day. I can also sleep through anything and I can usually sleep anywhere. Especially cars, trains, or buses. Yeah, you could just say t’s my special talent.



Do you sleep well? Do you get enough sleep?

Step Warrior

OMGoodness today in my step class there was the cutest and most dedicated woman I have ever seen. She was a super duper tiny, cute as a button Asian girl, and she had bobbed hair that bounced really high every time she hopped. She added like 4 extra hops to every move we did AND her step had like 5 things stacked under it.

Her bob was flying like crazy and every time I saw it I was reminded that she was getting like 40x the workout I was, and I was working hard! DANG GET IT GIRL!!!! I need to get on her level!

patience-young-grasshopperI’ve been doing so many fun things lately that not all of them are making it on the blog, but yesterday my sister, roomies, and I went to Zilker park with a bunch of other people. It was  75 degrees and sunny so we spent the afternoon throwing frisbees, kicking soccer balls, and just enjoying the weather.

photo-27 photo-28We also had a box of fried chicken and we were like the Pied Pipers of dogs.

photo-30 photo-29Yesterday was Hal’s last day and I miss her already!

Have you ever been to an exercise class where a participant went above and beyond? Did it intimidate you or inspire you?