What is happening

WTF. How is it February 28th already? How is Spring Break one week away? I still feel like I’m in my first week of college! Where is the time going? It’s crazy how just a few months ago time seemed to crawl by and every day felt like forever. Now the day is over in a flash and the weeks fly by in a maze of fun, business, studying, working, volunteering, ay ay ay…

tumblr_lwfy0uj1kq1r3ovdbo1_250Anyway, yesterday was yet another super productive day for this girl. I woke up early and went to my Chem professor’s office hours. She’s awesome and I go in there all the time to ask questions or clarify things so I’m ready for my test next week. Then I headed to the gym!

gymratMy hands are literally always doing weird things in photos. Look at that awkward fist I’m making! It’s like I’m going to give myself a lame fist bump in the mirror. It could have had something to do with the fact that I wasn’t alone in the aerobics room and I felt really weird.

Then I had class, and work (hanging up clothes when your arms are dead is killer), cooked another super healthy dinner, studied at Mozarts, and went to bed. Really shook it up. Not.


sexy summer armsA lot of people, women especially, neglect their arms because they want to focus more on lean legs and a washboard stomach. I totally used to be the same way, but when I hurt my knee I had to refocus more on upper body. I love it! A woman who has lean, toned arms looks so fit while wearing a tank top. As Jillian Michaels says, “your arms are the only part of you that most people will see naked.” If you’re fit, you want your arms to be a preview of what else is under all that clothing!! 🙂

I finished up my workout with 30 minutes on the bike and tons of stretching. My calves are still cramped up from that step class.


Veggie Monster

My first day at work was fantastic! I walked to Manjus from class and spent the next two hours meeting a couple of my coworkers, hanging clothes back up, and steaming ones that were wrinkled. Pretty simple!

minimal-desktop-wallpaper-simple-is-beautifulYesterday I made three observations about my fitness life:

1. I need new tennis shoes. I’ve had these for a year and I’m starting to get shin splints after I do a workout with impact. The last time I started getting shin splints I tried everything to make them go away before realizing that my tennis shoes were about 3 years old, oops! I use Aasics because they’re the bomb, but I’m a little sad that 120 dollars is about to make an exit from my wallet. It shall be missed.

tumblr_lw3mnt1Iir1r0zvo42. My skin looks awesome when I’m not eating sugar and eating a ton of healthy foods. I’ve been having some breakouts lately which isn’t normal for me, but ever since lent my complexion is clear again! I may have to keep up this no sugar thing for longer than 40 days. I actually look almost exactly like Beyonce.


3. I really, really, really need more veggies in my life. I’ve been saying this for a while now but Monday night at the grocery store I decided to take action. I stocked up on carrots, tomatoes, spinach, and peppers and plan to eat at least three servings of veggies a day. This was dinner last night:

photo-55Healthy wahoo!! The organic salsa I bought was kind of a letdown. Way too spicy. Eh, oh well, I’ll pick a good one next time! I really wanted the salmon spread again but I decided I really don’t need an excuse to eat more bread than I already do.


I went to a step class yesterday and put an extra riser under my step. Oh baby that makes a huge difference!! My buns and calves kind of hate me today. I’m thinking I’ll do some upper body and abs later on 😀 Have a good one!!

What is one habit you need to pick up? Have you noticed any foods causing you to break out? 

Workin’ Woman

Yesterday was another jam packed day for me, but it was all wonderful things! First of all, I got another new job! I’m not working at two places, but a clothing boutique called Manjus called me for an interview. I went in at one, walked out at 1:15, quit my job at Noodles and Company and I start today! I’m so pumped. Retail is a little more up my alley than foodservice, and all the girls that work there seem super sweet.

273DSCN1340It’s also a two minute walk from my condo! Score. I went shopping for groceries at Central Market last night and I cannot tell you how much I love grocery shopping. It’s like going to disneyland or something. I love walking through the aisles, picking out new fruits and veggies to try, and I always pick one item from their dip station. Yesterday it was organic mango and corn salsa that I plan to put on black bean and egg tacos for dinner this week! Mmmm.

tumblr_lpw64ivOtc1qle6h7After grocery shopping, Natalia picked me up and we headed to Mozart’s and studied until midnight. Then I came home, packed my lunch, put my backpack together, and picked out my outfit. I have to start looking good at school because I go straight to work after class and I can’t really sell people clothes looking like I don’t own any decent ones myself. Woe is me.




I did a 40 minute interval workout on the bike. It wasn’t as challenging at the hill workout, but it still got my heart pumping! Then I went into the weight room to do chest, shoulders, abs, and stretching. Stretching out when my muscles are really warm feels sooo good and it definitely keeps my back from getting sore too. Yay stretching!!

I’ve Gotten Off the Greek Yogurt Train

Good morning and happy Monday! I am so excited for this week. It’s going to be a good one. Yesterday was extremely productive for me, I met my dad for lunch at the Clay Pit at noon and then we headed to Mozart’s on the lake so I could study and he could read.

imagesHe ended up leaving around 3 and I stayed until close to 10pm. I studied a ton of Biology and Latin American history and got a lot of Chem homework done as well. Then I came home and washed my sheets, packed my lunch and put together my breakfast, watched some of the Oscars, and went to bed. All I got out of the Oscars was that I love Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Obama, but then I already knew that.

michelle-obama-oscar-photoAnyway, back to breakfast. I made more overnight oats and I’ve decided that one of the reasons I love them so much is I didn’t use greek yogurt. That’s the only kind of yogurt I’ve eaten for a while and it always sounded king of gross, but a few weeks ago I bought a carton of Horizon organic vanilla yogurt. Just yogurt. And it is so good! It’s much lighter and easier to eat than greek yogurt. I’m going back to my old ways.


Yesterday was an off day for me, but I want to share a move with ya’ll that I recently started doing and I love. It really targets your upper back and I love the look of a lean, toned backside. Here’s what to do!

1. In a squatting position, hold two weights in front of your body at a 90 degree angle.

2. Open your hands like you are playing an accordion and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

What’s a food you stopped eating for a while and then discovered you liked? Also, what’s a good vegetable to snack on? 

I Keep Forgetting

…to post my dang workouts!! haha.

On Thursday I did 30 minutes of weightlifting focusing on biceps and triceps. I upped my weights and my arms were feeling the burn! I followed that up with a 40 minute bike hill workout and some stretching. The walk home from the gym felt like it was 800 miles.

Friday afternoon I did another Nike Training app workout. I had the whole aerobics room to myself and I upped my weights again, doing tons of squats and cardio intervals to get my heart rate up and tone my legs! I did a 45 minute workout on the advanced level and it was definitely a challenge.

Saturday I woke up and went straight to volunteering, and then went to San Marcos. Volunteering was pretty active though! Today is my rest day and I’m studying. This week I plan to hit it hard! Spring break is going to be here before I know it!


I did a lot of volunteering this week, and I wanted to share my experiences with you because I had such a great time. Thursday morning I woke up bright and early to set out for Redeemer Preschool. It was a madhouse there. Registration was upon them and parents had been lined up since 5am outside the school trying to get their kids into a good institution. I could sure see why, the kids there were so polite and the classrooms were big and chalk full of things to do.

photo-51 photo-54That’s my Chemistry professor’s daughter. She definitely takes after her mom, brain wise. She knew everything we were talking about and the reason for it and always wanted to help with the science experiments. You’ll be just fine, kid. We started out by freezing flowers in liquid nitrogen and breaking them on the ground. I felt like a little kid too!

photo-49 photo-48The little boy in the first photo was hilarious. When Dr. Sparks (my teacher) asked what observations were, he yelled out in his low, boisterous voice “Like God did! The birds! And the trees! and, and, and…yeah!!” Not sure where he was going with that one, but I love the enthusiasm. Our final experiment was to make ice cream out of liquid nitrogen.

photo-50You could just pour it right in there! We did the demonstrations for 3 different groups of 4 year olds and my abs hurt from laughing by the end. I’ll definitely be volunteering at more elementary schools in the future, the excitement they exhibit over learning definitely inspires me to be more positive about my own course load.

On Saturday morning I volunteered with project 2013. This was a fun experience too, but when you have thousands of people all trying to come together for a common purpose it can get a little chaotic. I didn’t really know where to go or what bus to get on, but once I got it all figured out it was a good day. I mulched some trees, met some great new people, and did a valuable thing for a struggling community.

photo-53Remember that no matter your capabilities, you can always make a difference! Even a few hours of your time and work can show others that you care about them and make you feel better about yourself.

What is your favorite volunteer project you’ve ever done? 

Baby Octopus and Frozen Hot Chocolate

Last night Juan Pablo and I had plans to go and grab a late bite to eat downtown. He made reservations for us at an upscale Sushi restaurant and by the time we showed up I was ravenous!

photo-44Right away on the appetizer menu, the baby octopus skewers stuck out to me. I looked at Juan and told him we had to try it. I will admit I felt kind of guilty eating a baby octopus, especially when they came out looking like they could go back into the ocean and swim at any moment.

photo-45They tasted really good, a lot like Korean barbeque, but the texture left much to be desired. They were very chewy, especially the head. And you could feel all the little suckers on your tongue. Next came the sushi! We got a nemo roll which had crab, salmon, avocado, and wasabi mayo and an austin roll that had salmon fish and other seasonings.

photo-46The farthest one away is the Nemo roll, and it definitely stole the show. Mmm! We took our time over dinner and then ventured into the bustling hub of downtown Austin to visit one of Juan Pablo’s favorite spots. It’s a beautiful little shop that sells gourmet appetizers, spirits, coffee, milkshakes, and desserts. They’re famous for their smores, but I’ll have to wait until after lent for that! We got bittersweet frozen hot chocolates. Mmm 🙂 We talked until 1am and then Juan Pablo paid for my cab home and I went to bed! Fun night!