Yesterday was glorious! I woke up early to get some studying out of the way since I didn’t have class until 12:30pm. I ended up taking an unplanned nap (I really shouldn’t study on my couch) but still got a lot done.

After class I went to the gym and did an intense, uphill, ten mile bike ride. I was a ball of sweat when I finished, let me tell ya!

photo-72(The resistance was only on 8 for the cool down, don’t fret). Stretching afterward felt wonderful and I realized I can still do my splits! Because that’s totally a necessary life skill…haha but I am glad for the flexibility. It keeps my back from hurting.

After my bike ride I headed to the library to shove some more bio into my brain. I zoned out into what I was doing so much that before I knew it two hours had flown by! It literally felt like five minutes. I couldn’t believe it.

confusedOnce the productive part of my day was mostly over, me and some friends’ of mine headed to a delicious dinner at pluckers! They have hands down the BEST boneless honey BBQ wings I’ve ever had in my life. I was dreaming about them all day.

Pluckers_Color-LogoThey I came home will good intentions to do some government reading, but I ended up talking on the phone instead. And this morning I slept way in! Ah!! I have some catch-up to do. Have a great Friday everybody!! ūüėÄ



Sugar Sugar How’d You Get So…Mean

Easter is almost here and do you know what that means? It means lent is over folks! I can finally sink my teeth into a delicious slice of carrot cake and sip some coffee. I’ve been looking forward to that creamy frosting, perfectly spiced, and moistly decadent cake for about a week now.

carrot-cakeBut once I savor that slice, I’m not planning to eat dessert again for about a month after that! And then a month after that!

tumblr_lpfxbgHxcl1qej55tI know, it seems cruel, but I don’t think I’m going to have a problem with it. It’s ¬†not that I¬†can’t¬†eat sugar, it’s that I don’t¬†want¬†to eat sugar. More and more compelling research has been coming out lately that white carbs (WHITE carbs like WHITE bread and CAKE. NOT whole grains) and sugar cause all sorts of nasty inflammation. Check out this article if you don’t believe me!

“…sugar and white flour cause inflammation and disease by forming AGEs.¬†AGEs are produced when a protein reacts with sugar, resulting in damaged, cross-linked proteins. As the body tries to protect you by breaking these AGEs apart, immune cells secrete large amounts of inflammatory chemicals

tumblr_inline_mf8p2f5yeG1rc3ccmAnd that inflammation makes you sad. I don’t want to be sad! Do you? haha. I have plenty of spots in my body that are susceptible to inflammation (knee surgery, broken back, oh you know…) and I have honestly noticed them feeling much better in the absence of sugar. I’ve always been very sensitive to sugar’s effects though, it used to give me headaches and stomachaches as a kid!

So here’s my plan: 1 dessert a month. A month really is nothing, those four weeks fly by at an alarming speed. It will also make me very discerning when it comes to the treats I do have! If it isn’t worth having to wait an entire month for a different dessert, than I’m not going to want to eat it.

dawson_says_no_gifUh uh. You get that neon store bought cupcake outta here. I am so not interested. 

What’s your favorite dessert? Do you think you eat a lot of sugar? Would you ever try cutting back?¬†

Blueberry Maple Breakfast Sausages

My love affair with Central Market continues. This morning I am feasting on eggs and delectable sausages stuffed with blueberries and maple syrup. It may sound like a weird combination, but I’m definitely the person who lets the maple syrup from their pancake run onto the eggs and sausage, so it’s right up my alley.

sni-maple-syrup-400x400I love syrup. So much. I think the main reason I like pancakes and french toast so much is because of the tablespoon of sweet joy I get to put on them. YUUUMM. I think buddy the elf and I could hang.

original(For those sad souls who haven’t seen the movie, he likes syrup too)

Yesterday I worked from 2-7:30 and not a single person came into the shop. I straightened racks on racks on racks and then sat around bored. Until about 7:28pm, that is. Two girls sauntered in TWO MINUTES before we were supposed to close.They stayed until 7:45 messing up my straight shelves and I just wanted to politely ask them to please get the hell out of there.

tumblr_lngn6uRRdT1qii6tmo1_500Maybe I’ll do something insanely exciting today so I have something to tell you tomorrow. But you know what I’ll probably really do? STUDY AND GO TO WORK! YAY!!! Have a good day! ūüėÄ

Bathroom Breaks

The beginning of this week has been very productive so far! Yesterday I woke up at 7 and headed to Chemistry office hours. Then my day was filled with class and studying. I did, however, sneak in a break to finally take an exercise class! We did a “deck of cards” workout.

Deck-of-CardsEach spade represented a different exercise and the number was how many reps. It was okay, I was sweating and working hard, but doing only 4 moves for almost 40 minutes gets really boring and repetitive. I didn’t feel like it was a very balanced workout.

After studying all evening and this morning, I’ve realized something. I need to cut back on my water/coffee consumption when I study. It’s really hard to focus when you have to take a break to pee every 20 minutes.

tumblr_mce0xa121C1r0lg5fo1_400I just get bored and sipping on water gives me something to do! I will try chewing gum instead. Weren’t you just dying to know that?!?

Sorry about the short post today, I’ll be back to my regular length and posting time tomorrow!

What distracts you when you’re trying to study?¬†


Motivate Yourself to Workout

I totally get it. You either work or go to school all day. You’re constantly running around from activity to activity and don’t feel like you have time to workout. Or, even when you say you’re going to, you’re just not in the¬†mood¬†to crank that heart rate up.


Here are some things that I do to get my butt to the gym (or just to my living room to do a home workout).

1. Schedule your workouts around your favorite TV shows. 

suits-season-25-posterI’m obsessed with the show suits (anybody else??) and I only allow myself to watch it when I’m doing a Nike training workout. I get so excited to find out what happens next in this show that I actually can’t wait to wake up and do a workout while watching Hulu!

2. Think how you’ll feel after.¬†

tumblr_lnm1xqEukF1qej93ko1_r1_500We’ve all experienced it. That post-workout feeling is unlike anything else. Your muscles ache, you swear you’re already skinnier, and you’re proud of yourself. That never goes away! I workout almost every day and feel like that after most workouts. I love it.

3. Use your stress as a fuel. 

tumblr_m4jcnoS2og1r573sro1_500Big test coming up? Huge project due at work? Fight with your friends? Fry your hair with a curling iron? Take it out on the bike!! Focus on that stress in your mind and pretend you’re literally burning it off as you sweat. It really works and can totally change your perspective and make you more focused. And it’s much more productive than just crying or taking a nap!

4. Just effing do it. 

tumblr_maulphJHsW1rttuotSometimes that’s how I feel when walking to the gym at 6am. I’ve tried all of the above things and I still am just not in the mood to workout. But guess what? This is life. Rarely do we get to do just what we’re in the mood for. Exercise is great for you and a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle, so unless something is off or you’re legitimately taking a rest day, sometimes you just need to suck it up and get it done.

How do you motivate yourself to workout? When is your favorite time of day to workout? 

Bar Method and Disney Auditions

I misspoke yesterday when I said I was going to a Purre Barre Class, I actually went to the Bar Method studio which I’m sure is quite similar but just a different brand! Anyway, I woke up at 7 to study at Starbucks (and enjoy some coffee and lemon bread for breakfast) and my friend Caroline picked me up at 10:30!

Press kit booklet BACKEveryone who checked us in was sweet and helpful and they were sure to ask about any injuries or things we were unable to do. I really appreciated that because instructors come around and fix your form but when I wasn’t bending backward she knew exactly why.

We did a lot¬†of isometric leg work and I was feelin’ the burn! It didn’t help that my legs were already super sore from my circuit the day before. Dumb, Georgia, so dumb. My legs were¬†quaking¬†at one point. We had to go up on pointe and hold a squat and they were literally bouncing up and down. So embarrassing. hah!

pliesquat_toesThough I think this is an incredible form of exercise, I am not planning to drop the money for a class pass. I already have a 150 dollar Texercise pass to Gregory gym and I barely have time to make it to enough of those! I am planning on getting a DVD though. I love that this workout tones without impact and incorporates stretching as well. I’m sold.


After heading back to Starbucks to pound out some bio with my study buddy Jacob, it was time to get ready for my Disney Character Auditions!

photo-67I applied for the Disney College Program a while ago which in an internship in either Disneyland or Disney World. I could be doing anything from a wide variety of jobs, but there is also the option to try out for a performing role so I thought, “Why not?!?” It was such a fun process!

photo-70I met Sheri (on the left) in line and then we ran into Scott (right) and Yohann (not pictured) a little later and we hung out for the duration of the audition. They were so fun and easygoing! I was already glad I came just because I got to meet them

photo-68The audition included a parade sequence, dance routines, and animation routines (such as pretending to plant a tree, wash a dog, ect.). I made it to the final round!! I was so happy!! That doesn’t mean I got a part as they go to many cities, but I was just so proud that after not dancing for so long I could still pull it out.

photo-69I was there from 3:30-8:30 and I hadn’t eaten since two, so once I left I made a beeline for Whole Foods and devoured¬†a lemon chicken bowl. Seriously. I considered opening it up in line as I was waiting to pay, but somehow restrained.

photo-71Once I’d eaten I picked up some groceries, came home, and went to bed! My legs are soooooore today. No workout on the agenda, just lots of studying and lunch with my dad. I hope your weekend was as great as mine!!

Have you ever auditioned for anything? What was the process like? Was it fun or scary?


Yesterday was spectacular. The weather was perfect, with highs in the 80’s and sun basking over everything. At 2pm I got a text from work saying that it was super slow and I didn’t need to come in if I didn’t want to, an opportunity I jumped on! I went back to my condo and hung out with all the girls visiting for Roundup weekend (a huge weekend of Greek parties with food, concerts, drinks, and the likes every year. It’s huge.) We sat on the couch and were lazy, just catching up on girl talk for a few hours.

tumblr_md4rw6ThDP1ql5yr7o1_400Then Juan Pablo and I went to dinner at my favorite Thai place, Madam Mam’s. I had Pad See Ew with beef and left full and happy to watch our friends’ dance performance!

They are in the Dabke group on campus. Dabke is an Arabic form of dance that originated from the creation of thatched roofs. They had to stomp on the roofs in unison to bind them together and the style of dance was born!

photo-66It’s much more intricate than that now though, of course, and this group was¬†so¬†good! I’ve heard my friend Osama talking about it several times and was super curious so the chance to see it in action was very gratifying. It’s such an upbeat, energizing form of dance and I could tell everyone in the group loved to do it. They had big smiles on their faces, energy in their movements, and made the dance seem like a true celebration.

Afterward, we all went back to Juan Pablo’s apartment and hung out and talked for a while, before I got too tired and had to head home to bed! Now I’m at Starbucks typing up this blog post before I get some chem studying under my belt and head to my first Purre Barre class.

purebarre-threepicsI’ve wanted to try Purre Barre forever! When my friend Caroline asked me to go with her I was so excited. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes! Have a great Saturday!


NTC_Logo_NBasianYep, another NTC workout. An intermediate level, 45 minute toning workout. Perfect way to start my day!