Little Things

I’ve been pretty stressed about some major things going on in my life lately, but today I realized how huge of an impact tiny positive things can have on your day! I had a lovely start to my week, and these small dorky little things were the cherries on top.

1. I came up with a clever tweet. 

photo-2This one is the dorkiest of all! I just felt pretty clever! haha, no judging 😀

2. I woke up and my Chemistry homework just clicked. 

tumblr_mdwb0s8ChJ1ry4qimI was so sleepy at the library last night that I didn’t do most of my homework. This morning I got every single problem right! Felt amazing to start the week that way.

3. My biology professor bought pizza for the few kids who come to the review sessions.

photo-81 copyDEEEELICIOUS. Such a nice gesture, I really appreciate teachers who acknowledge the students who are honestly trying their hardest.

4. I created a fun new workout!

Untitled-1I sandwiched this circuit in between two 20 minute sessions on the bike. I needed to work my biceps and triceps today but I wasn’t in the mood to stand around! This kept me moving and energized, and my mind occupied 😀

What little things make for a good day to you? 


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