Panera and Star Trek

Today was one of my favorites of the last few weeks! I got out for a super short walk this morning and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. I stopped every few minutes to lift my arms up and loosen my ab muscles, so I looked a little psycho. Or super into nature. Oh well! When I got home Alice helped me stretch out my legs and hips.

IMG_3700Around 11:30 my parents and I headed out the door to buy our movie tickets and enjoy some lunch! I picked Panera since I’ve always wanted to try it. I’m in love!


IMG_3704Well HELLO, carb heaven. I’d love to come here sometime and do my schoolwork and enjoy a breakfast treat! I’ll have to make that happen before I leave. For lunch I ordered the cuban chicken panini.

IMG_3703Which is not pictured here. This is my dad’s sandwich which I mistakenly ate a few bites of before we realized we had the wrong ones and switched! Mine had chicken, ham, cheese, spices, and pickles on it. If I had known the toppings beforehand I probably wouldn’t have ordered it but I loved it! The bread was amazing. I can see why people are so gaga over this place. I wish MIssoula had one.

IMG_3702After eating we went and saw the new Star Trek movie. Go go go go go go go!

star-trek-into-darkness-quadAwesome movie. Awesome movie. The special effects were breathtaking but didn’t supersede the plot and there was a great balance between comedy, action, and the relationships between the characters. I’d watch it again!

Once the movie ended we poked around Sprouts Farmers Market (a grocery store laid out like a farmers market with tons of organic products) and picked up some groceries. Then we came home and spent the early evening playing Yahtzee and Scrabble.

My mom cooked up a gorgeous meal and I made a side salad. Pasta puttanesca all around!


IMG_2320_2I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Sunday ❤


4 thoughts on “Panera and Star Trek

  1. panera is a staple in my life. it’s my go-to place when I need something quick but semi-healthy. their salads are soooo delicious and if you want to splurge…the mac n cheese. yum!!

    • They need to open one in Montana ASAP! The corn chowder is amazing too. I feel like I need to eat there at least a few more times before I leave to sample everything!

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