Spine anyone?

Good evening! I was out and about a lot today which felt fantastic. After breakfast I got ready and was out the door by around 10:45. You can thank my mom’s camera for the nicer pictures I’ve had the last few days! I really think it improves the look of the blog and I might buy it from her. Or use the one in Montana. Ah.

IMG_2341_2I drove to the Barnes and Noble that is super close to my house to study for several hours and it’s a beautiful location! The cafe is large and has the perfect amount of background noise for schoolwork that isn’t too challenging. While I was there I also had a light lunch.

IMG_3717It was pretty good, but kind of a rip off. It’s hard to tell but that cup of soup is very tiny and all the sandwich had on it was two tomato slices and some pesto. For 7 dollars I certainly could have gotten more for my money elsewhere, but I didn’t feel like leaving!

When I got home it was time to meal plan and then head to HEB with the family to get groceries for this week!

IMG_3718Looooove me some healthy, colorful veggies :D. When we got home I was super hungry and I whipped up a mixture of strawberry greek yogurt and organic honey grams. Sweet tooth= satisfied!

IMG_2350_2A couple hours of scrabble later, it was time to start cooking dinner! We had planned to make the salmon burgers from last week since we had some fresh dill leftover and we really liked them. When we were at the store we found canned salmon for a dollar instead of four dollars! Wowza! What a bargain.

I cracked open the salmon to start making the patties, and quickly realized why it was so cheap.


tumblr_m100whYVT81qboouyo1_250I’m all about not wasting food, but there was no way in heck that I was going to eat that stuff. Why would they even offer that as a product?? Who eats spine?? Madness!

Organic spinach sausages, peppers, and caesar salad saved the day. You don’t get a picture of that though because my computer is being silly. Good ol technology.

Have a great night!!





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