Interior Decorating (Help me)

Gavin and I put my dresser together on Monday and now that all my clothes are tucked away nicely, my room is almost functionally ready! I just need to figure out the plug-in situation and I’ll be good to go. Now I just need some help with the decorating.

Here’s what I have so far:

IMG_4084The corner to the right of my window will be my work station since it’s so bright. The room is huge so I’m actually going to scoot the table out a few feet, put the extension in, and put the chair back in the corner. Then I can sit behind the desk and tell people to “step into my office…” haha! P.S. Those two huge bags are clothes I’m ditching. Woohooo!

IMG_4085My little twin bed is tucked cozily into the little nook where the ceiling slants down. On the wall above it, I hung my umbra flowers. They sort of fan out as the wall gets bigger and it looks really pretty. All I need is a night stand and this corner of the room is done!

IMG_4087At the foot of the bed is my snazzy new dresser and my crappy plastic one (full of workout clothes and sweats). That elephant poster says, “you’re kind of a big deal” and I think that’ll be a great thing to wake up to every morning.

IMG_4088My friends in Billings are giving me a beautiful mirrored vanity that I’ll set up here so I can do my hair and make up in my own room. I’ll pair the vanity with this chair my sister found for me:

IMG_4083It’s beige with metallic gold embroidery and ornately carved legs. So beautiful! So that corner is just about done too!

Here’s an overview of the whole room so you can get an idea of how all the pieces fit together.

IMG_4090Now here’s where you come in! All the corners and walls are essentially done, with the exception of needing a few more art pieces, but I need some ideas for the middle. It’s hard to tell in this picture but the room is huge and the entire center of it is just empty.

Tap dance studio? Pool table? Put-put golf? I need your help here!!



2 thoughts on “Interior Decorating (Help me)

  1. Love the chair. LOVE the chair. And you need a big rug for the floor for those cold Missoula mornings, or you’ll freeze your tootsies off. I might have one you could use. What kind of colors do you prefer? Also in the center: a little seating area so you can entertain or watch videos on your computer together with someone (and not have to use your bed for seating)? Perhaps a tiny loveseat and a coffeetable, or two cozy little armchairs with a teatable between them? Just some thoughts…

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