What I Ate Wednesday

I told you I’d be back to posting what I eat, so here’s the first installment!


IMG_4180English muffin with a tablespoon of dark chocolate peanut butter and a banana. With a cup of coffee of course!


IMG_4182Bed of greens topped with turkey breast, carrots, hummus, apple, and grapes.

Snack: a packet of instant oatmeal


IMG_4185 IMG_4186Side salad and a piece of pizza from Mackenzie River with my grandma and grandpa!

What are you eating lately? 


Snacking and sleeping

Yesterday morning I got some great news from my doctor! He gave me a plan of action and I should be all better in a few weeks. For some reason after my appointment, though, I still had all this anxiety and nervous energy pent up!

tumblr_mekn1yFJMt1rm4qs9o1_500I called my parents and had a nice long chat with them and it really seemed to help. I’m still feeling kind of nervous and unsure but I think that it is going to take a few days for it to hit me that this isn’t going to turn into some huge deal! I’ll just be patient.

After my appointment I hit up the grocery store to load up on healthy ingredients for the next few weeks. I bought apples, grapes, a rotisserie chicken, some veggies, and a huge box of spring mix. I’m planning to fix some big salads every day for lunch to get lots of fiber and protein!

cpks-provencal-saladI have to admit my eating the past couple weeks has not been the best. I’ve been really stressed and not sleeping, so I start out with a healthy breakfast but become a snack machine as the day goes on. When I’m so tired my body craves things like sweets and simple carbs, so I really need to get back on the wagon. Now that I know what’s going on with my health and can start sleeping again it will be easier to get back to tons of fruits and veggies and only 1 or 2 snacks a day between meals.

Thank you for all your well wishes on the job interview yesterday! I think it went really well. It was pretty short and all the questions were basic so I think I presented myself in a good light. I was in a rush to get there though so I only had time for hair and not makeup.

IMG_4177Oh well! It’s too hot for makeup anyway, right? After my interview I headed off to nanny until the early evening. Two girls I used to babysit in Great Falls are staying with the family I work for this week and it’s been wonderful to see them again. They’re turning into such neat people!

Last night I went to bed super early and took some Zzzquil in order to fall asleep. It really helped me! I think when we get too exhausted our bodies have trouble letting go. All day long you’re fighting off sleep and it’s hard to make the switch to relaxation when you lie down at night. The Zzzquil helped my body realize that it was okay to sleep now and sleep it did! For almost 12 hours.

tumblr_m5y6obla3N1rt7j2bo1_500Today I have work at 1:30 and some chores to get done before then! I’m planning to start documenting my food on here again, just so that I’m being mindful of what I eat. Hope you’re having a great day!

Do you crave anything when you get too tired? 

The Mustard Seed

I’m rolling on day two here with zero hours of sleep. I can remember every moment of the last two nights, except like 20 minutes when I dozed off after my alarm went off. WTF body? I’m fighting sleep all day and then I lay down and it evades me. So dumb.

tumblr_ml1geaAc2d1rwcc6bo1_250In happier news, I met my grandpa for dinner at The Mustard Seed last night. It’s an upscale asian restaurant that recently remodeled so we wanted to check it out! The decor was gorgeous and the food was even better.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had chicken teriyaki that was perfectly moist, not too sweet, and delectable. Plus all their dishes are family style so I have enough leftovers for lunches today and tomorrow. Win!

Right before my grandpa called me I was debating whether or not to get take out from The Mustard Seed on my way home, so things couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.

I have a doctors appointment and a job interview today! Big day, wish me luck!

Do you like asian food? What dish is your favorite? 

Serene Saturday

Yesterday I actually slept in until 9am, which is really late for me! It felt good to have a peaceful, relaxing morning. After taking my time over breakfast, I headed across the bridge to Albertsons to deposit a check at the ATM. While I was there I decided to take a walk along the path that runs behind the store.

IMG_4163I walked for about 30 minutes and once I got back to my car I decided I didn’t feel like going home yet. I drove downtown, parked, and started wandering into every store on the main street.

IMG_4167I almost bought the “Be Kind to Yourself” magnet. I wish I could find a poster with that design, I think it’s so cute!

I stopped at Taco del Sol for lunch and opted for a shredded chicken taco with a side of rice and beans.

IMG_4164I didn’t realize how much food it was going to be! I ate the taco and saved most of the rice and beans for dinner. After shopping around for a couple more hours, I bought a magazine and a cup of coffee to enjoy at The Break coffee shop.

IMG_4170I got home around 3:30 and Gavin came over shortly after and we headed to a 4pm showing of “The Way Way Back.”

banner-the-way-way-back-banner-the-way-way-back-banner_1I loved this movie. Some parts had me laughing so hard I could barely stop and others had me tearing up. It’s well written, poignant, and it seems real. Not everyone is a supermodel and not every conflict comes to a perfect resolution but it’s so enjoyable to watch. Go see it!

Happy Sunday! Have a great one! 😀