The Mustard Seed

I’m rolling on day two here with zero hours of sleep. I can remember every moment of the last two nights, except like 20 minutes when I dozed off after my alarm went off. WTF body? I’m fighting sleep all day and then I lay down and it evades me. So dumb.

tumblr_ml1geaAc2d1rwcc6bo1_250In happier news, I met my grandpa for dinner at The Mustard Seed last night. It’s an upscale asian restaurant that recently remodeled so we wanted to check it out! The decor was gorgeous and the food was even better.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had chicken teriyaki that was perfectly moist, not too sweet, and delectable. Plus all their dishes are family style so I have enough leftovers for lunches today and tomorrow. Win!

Right before my grandpa called me I was debating whether or not to get take out from The Mustard Seed on my way home, so things couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.

I have a doctors appointment and a job interview today! Big day, wish me luck!

Do you like asian food? What dish is your favorite? 


3 thoughts on “The Mustard Seed

  1. Oooh, GM, the Mustard Seed IS Missoula for us – I’ve eaten there since it was over on Orange and Front St. and worked with the former owner on her advertising when I worked for the Missoulian in ad sales.

    That being said, I’ll tell you what my favorite (and Beth’s) Mustard Seed dishes are – hands down, it’s Chicken Osaka (LOVE THE SAUCE!!) and also the green beans (garlic chili paste – yum!).

    We’ll be in Missoula in a week and a half, but I’m not sure Mustard Seed is going to be a stop – such a short trip. Waaahhh.

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