New Fitness Classes

I’ve read over and over that the best way to keep exercise fun and effective is to incorporate tons of variety. Not only does this keep your brain engaged, it also works every muscle differently and produces more complete fitness and lessens the chance of injury. That being said, there are three types of workout classes I’ve read about that I’d love to try.

1. Underwater Spinning 

Bike2This is only available in a small number of studios across the world right now, but hopefully someday I’ll find myself in the vicinity. The bike provides the resistance so the faster you go, the more you work. Also, the massaging action of the water stimulates fat loss and the buoyancy you have in the water enables you to do more moves than a traditional spinning class. Maybe it would also keep my butt from getting so sore!!

2. Hot Yoga

bikram_slide2I won’t ever be this chic, but I’m interested in this class. I always feel amazing when I warm up my muscles and stretch them out, and this takes that to a whole new level. I get lightheaded pretty easily though so that makes me kind of nervous. Still, I think I need to try it!

3. Pilates Reformer

pilates3I am planning to do more Pilates since it’s such an incredible way to tone the body without impact and I’d love to try a class on one of the machines. They really intimidate me but I think once an expert showed me what to do I’d love it.


IMG_2323_2Organic Honey Grams topped with vanilla almond milk and a banana. Delicious!


Zero Points To Me

I visited the doctor again yesterday because I have still been dealing with this pain in my low abdomen. It gets much worse when I try to walk or move around and I can’t flex my muscles at all. After only getting over an injury 6 months ago, this is super frustrating!

tumblr_lmp1pvv0S71qii6tmo1_250The good news is, it’s just a very very pulled muscle. Remember a while ago when I was excited because I could do ab exercises with my legs extended out in front of me again? And then I said (jokingly) that it felt like someone had ripped my ab muscles? Well…somebody practically did. And that somebody is me.

tumblr_mm8jt5fvaJ1ql5yr7o1_r1_500It is just going to take a few weeks away from exercise, icing, heating, and taking ibuprofin. Even though this is frustrating, I also think it’s natural. I had a very serious injury (my low back stress fracture) that took me away from exercise entirely for months on end and my muscles were weakened substantially. It makes sense that as I build back into my athletic lifestyle, there are going to be some bumps and bruises along the way.

tumblr_inline_mhnim7Lc611qegw8vHowever, I’ve also realized that I desperately need to incorporate some variety into my exercise routine. I’d fallen into a rut of advanced level Nike Training Workouts 5-6 days a week because it was easier that seeking out other classes. That means I was doing full body, intense circuit workouts back to back and my abs were never getting a rest day!

For when I’m healed, I purchased a Barre Method workout to incorporate into my routine because it has no impact. I also found a yoga studio in Missoula that I’m going to join and plan to attend cycling and pilates classes. I’m going to limit the high intensity, high impact circuits to 1-2 days a week. I think I’ll actually be in better shape, I won’t be achy all the time, and I won’t re-pull my ab muscle!

tumblr_lt2svgaLMc1qafrh6Live and learn. Live and learn….

Have you ever pulled an ab muscle? Do you have any tips for it to heal faster? 

Crocs, Tacos, & A Killer Workout

I ended up staying at my parents’ house last night because my check engine light came on and I didn’t want to risk driving on the freeway if my car was going to stop working! After a delicious breakfast, my parents took my car to the shop and I (big surprise here) studied chemistry.

IMG_5341-500x375My car ended up being at the shop ALLLLL DAY long. The horn doesn’t work, the emergency blinkers don’t work, I needed new hoses in my engine, and I needed a new knock sensor. *Sigh*. At least it’s up and running now! Once the three of us got hungry I got dressed (in my new shirt!) and ready for the day.

photo-122I love the Gap, oh so much. Braid + No Makeup = Ready to go in 10 minutes. Score! We arrived at Chuy’s, an amazing Tex-Mex restaurant around 12 and only had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated! A miracle.

photo-123I opted for the fish tacos and a ton of chips and salsa. They were so good. Chuy’s never disappoints. The tortillas were hot and fresh, the fish was grilled to perfection, and they had the perfect amount of cabbage and sauce. I ate one of my tacos and saved the other for dinner!

photo-124Most of the afternoon was spent just waiting around for my car to be ready. I studied some, applied for some more jobs, and hung out with my family. I snacked on a square of dark chocolate and an apple when I got hungry and basically didn’t do much! Along with my second taco I had some chips and guac for dinner. It was a Tex-Mex day around here.

Then we took our dog Alice out for a walk. I only had my chinsy flats with me, so I borrowed some shoes that were more comfortable to walk in. And ultra-sexy.

photo-125In fourth grade I was obsessed with crocs. I had like 3 pairs and I bought a bajillion of the little decorations that you could stick in the holes. I was one hip kid, let me tell you.

This afternoon I designed a killer workout for y’all! It’s just about pool party time, and there is no better way to tone up every muscle than circuit workouts. You get the strength moves in there and then the cardio blasts away fat so those muscles can show! Do fifteen reps of each exercise two times through, then do the cardio and move onto the next circuit. I guarantee you’ll feel the burn.

Textures_wallpapers_150Enjoy!! Let me know what you think!!

Did you ever own crocs growing up? Do you ever wear them now? 

What do you think about Tex-Mex food? 

Running for exercise and running away

Remember my “cute little dream house” that I talked about yesterday?? This guy??


tumblr_ml9jp3qHJ71ql5yr7o1_400It’s only a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath house! I guess location really is everything. I figured it would be in the 3 or 4 hundred thousand range and when I looked it up my jaw about hit the floor. In fact, my favorite neighborhood in Austin is impossible to buy into without 2 million. YIKES! Good thing I have a billionnare benefactor. ha.

In other random news, I went for a run this morning!

IMG_3469Nice and easy. I know, you’re probably thinking, um this blog is called Anything BUT Running. I don’t actually have anything against running, it just seems to be a form of exercise people get obsessed with and forget about other things that are needed for balance and functional fitness!

Every spring I get the itch to get outside and usually go on a few runs before it goes out of my system again. This morning I didn’t want to do an intense workout so I figured a little jog would be nice. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I could easily have logged a couple more miles! I was barely even breathing hard when I got home, I just needed to study! I’m awesome?

tumblr_lye6ltznJy1qiw0juhaha juuuuuust kidding, don’t worry. At two I sat down to take my bio final. It was 10 free response questions and 75 multiple choice questions. Every single question had options A-B, then one option that included two or three answers, and an option for all of the above. It was ridiculous.

P1ItrTLRun away and cry. Hopefully I did well, I took my time to read and go through each problem slowly and carefully but I have zero idea if I chose the correct options. Blah. Just glad it’s over!!!!

Now I have to force myself to be motivated to study chemistry. Wish me luck!

Food and Exercise 

Running before studying and then an arm workout after my test.

IMG_3468Bad about taking pics today sorry!! Breakfast: strawberry pancakes. Lunch: Chicken curry salad sandwich. Snacks: yogurt, an apple, and a banana. Dinner: bagel thin with tuna salad, carrots and hummus.

Free Hummus

I have a burning desire in my gut to succeed in my tests the next three weeks.

Actually, I just have the worst stomach ache ever. Whoever decided it would be cool to put rocks in my stomach until they rip through my ab muscles is a big fat jerk.

tumblr_m1iakieipr1rqfhi2o1_500I kept having to crouch over at work and people were looking at me very confused. I have been drinking water like crazy to get rid of this and hopefully it’ll pass by tomorrow! So annoying!!!!!

So it’s officially end-of-semester crunch time and I spent a good 6 hours of my day sitting in the study lounge at Jester dorm reading biology until my brain felt completely loopy. I have a limit to how much I can cram in there before I go a little crazy.

computingThere was also a girl outside the room dancing to Demi Lovato. Like, completely alone, in the common area of the dorm just jamming out like she was at a party. I think dead week has broken her.

But it was all made okay again when on my walk home I was handed two free mini tubs of delicious hummus! I buy this brand occasionally and I love it!

IMG_3334I hope you enjoy this really random and blurry selfie of me with my hummus being excited. It seemed very necessary at the time. Plus I did my hair today and it’s a Tuesday which makes that a pretty big deal and you should probably not expect that again for a while.

Food and Exercise

PicMonkey CollageBreakfast: overnight oats with peanut butter. Lunch: cheese and spinach sandwich and strawberries. Snacks: bowl of raisin bran and some trail mix at work. Dinner: english muffin topped with marinara sauce and two meatballs with broccoli and peas.

I shant be working out this evening because my stomach is the spawn of satan.

Hiking and Crafting

Today was essentially my Saturday since I have to work and study all weekend. I studied Chemistry in the morning but took the rest of the day to unwind, spend time with great friends, and clear my head from all these crazy decisions I’m trying to make!

My friend David picked me up at 12:30 and we drove to the Greenbelt and hiked along a dry riverbed for a few hours. Our families have been friends for years and it’s always so great to see him, talk, and catch up. Plus the views were beautiful!

32631-BP0910LOCMIDByrdGreenbelt6_bjk(I totally did not take that photo btw. Thanks for helping me out google when I forget my camera!)

Immediately after I got home, I had to change and head out to a biology presentation. My professor offered one point of extra credit for attending, so I thought why not! I expected it to be bland, dry, and way over my head.

Wat8But he was actually a great speaker! I thought it was crazy the trials that researches have to go to. They basically have to borrow millions or billions of dollars from capitalists and promise to turn over a test or a drug before they’ve even started! Sometimes it works out, but sometimes they end up losing that money and having to start all over. I don’t think I could handle having to constantly search for grants and employment and it gave me so much respect for what they do.

I was ravenous when I came home, so I whipped up dinner while talking on the phone to Hal. Then I headed to my friend Hannah’s house to make some mother’s day crafts with a bunch of friends! I left my camera there so I’ll have to share pics tomorrow, but check out what I made!

photo-96It’s a tea shirt! I always have a blast with those ladies.

Food and Workout

PicMonkey CollageBreakfast: overnight oats with peanut butter. Lunch: turkey, cheese, and lettuce on and english muffin with an orange and carrots. Dinner: egg, onion, pepper, and broccoli wrap. Snacks: Dark chocolate honeycomb, an odwalla smoothie, and some cookies during craft night. AHHH LOTS OF SWEETS OOOOPS!!! YOLO!!! haha but I worked out hard today so it’s all good.

Yet another Nike training workout kicked my booty about 10 minutes ago. A shower and bed are in my extremely near future. Let’s hope I can sleep!

Do you like to craft? Are you an artistic person? 

3 Schools, 1 Year

Well, I’ve had a mind numbing day to say the least. I don’t even know where to begin, when I look back on the events of this last year it’s like I’m dreaming.

First, I got to Washington State University and returned to Montana 3 weeks later because of a stress fracture in my spine.

imagesThen, I ventured to University of Texas at Austin, something I never thought was a possibility, to complete a whirlwind semester that is almost coming to a close.

imagesutAnd now, in a turn of events I never could have predicted, I’ll be returning to my home state and attending school at the University of Montana.

um-logo-maroon-copy1I can’t really even describe how I’m feeling right now, mostly just numb. It isn’t easy being displaced so many times. So many goodbyes and hellos, having to reestablish myself at every place I come to, and adjusting to a brand new environment over and over takes its toll. It’s hard to really immerse yourself in the culture and activities of a place when you feel like you’ll be pulled away by situations beyond your control at any moment. I finally feel like I’m making close friends and finding my niche here, and in a few weeks I’ll be gone.

BUT. Hopefully this is my LAST school change until I graduate. The University of Montana has one of the best study abroad programs I’ve ever laid my eyes on and I can’t wait to make that dream come true. I’m excited to be in the same town as Halley and Phoebe and the rest of my family.

I’m not quite sure what God is trying to show me this year. Maybe just how tough I can be! I’m going to try my best to keep rolling with the punches, staying positive, and working hard wherever I am!

Food and Exercise

PicMonkey CollageBreakfast (Not Pictured): Whole wheat crackers topped with peanut butter and a banana. Lunch: pulled pork and spinach omelette. Snacks: half a sweet potato and a yogurt a few hours later. Dinner: split pea soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Before any of these crazy events transpired, I woke up at 5am and got in a Nike Training workout. Lately I’ve been doing the “intense” level workouts and they’re kicking my butt.

I’m going to do my best these next couple weeks to stay focused on my schoolwork here. It’s not easy when my mind is running a thousand miles an hour trying to wrap itself around this new information. AHH.