Serene Saturday

Yesterday I actually slept in until 9am, which is really late for me! It felt good to have a peaceful, relaxing morning. After taking my time over breakfast, I headed across the bridge to Albertsons to deposit a check at the ATM. While I was there I decided to take a walk along the path that runs behind the store.

IMG_4163I walked for about 30 minutes and once I got back to my car I decided I didn’t feel like going home yet. I drove downtown, parked, and started wandering into every store on the main street.

IMG_4167I almost bought the “Be Kind to Yourself” magnet. I wish I could find a poster with that design, I think it’s so cute!

I stopped at Taco del Sol for lunch and opted for a shredded chicken taco with a side of rice and beans.

IMG_4164I didn’t realize how much food it was going to be! I ate the taco and saved most of the rice and beans for dinner. After shopping around for a couple more hours, I bought a magazine and a cup of coffee to enjoy at The Break coffee shop.

IMG_4170I got home around 3:30 and Gavin came over shortly after and we headed to a 4pm showing of “The Way Way Back.”

banner-the-way-way-back-banner-the-way-way-back-banner_1I loved this movie. Some parts had me laughing so hard I could barely stop and others had me tearing up. It’s well written, poignant, and it seems real. Not everyone is a supermodel and not every conflict comes to a perfect resolution but it’s so enjoyable to watch. Go see it!

Happy Sunday! Have a great one! 😀


A to Z survey

I just love surveys!

A. Attached or single? 

ASingle. Maybe this is why.

B. Best friend?

BI’m blessed to have several people who I call my best friends, but my sister Halley and I have been thick as thieves since I was born! She’s one of the best gifts God has ever given me.

C. Cake or pie?

CCake. When there is cake in the house I literally get so excited about having it for breakfast that I can’t sleep.

D. Day of choice?

Hmm..that’s a hard one! I like the social and relaxing aspect of Saturdays and Sundays, but I like my schedule on weekdays too.

E. Essential item

eMy phone. I talk to my family all the time since they’re so far away from me right now and I love how technology these days makes it so easy to keep in touch.

F. Favorite color? 


G. Gummy bears or worms?

Neither. I don’t like candy unless it has chocolate in it.

H. Home town?

Great Falls, MT

I. Favorite indulgence? 

Taking a day to read, watch movies, and just relax after several busy weeks.

J. January or July? 

JJuly! I prefer warm, sunny weather over cold.

K. Kids? 

Not for a long, long time!

L. Life wouldn’t be complete without?

LMy puppy Alice! It’s no secret that I’m crazy in love with this dog.

M. Marriage date? 

idris-elba2Idris and I are planning a Spring wedding.

N. Number of brothers/sisters?

1 sister!

O. Oranges or apples? 

Apples, you can just grab them and eat! Oranges take a lot of work and are messy.

P. Phobias

PI don’t have any true phobias, but if I ever got kidnapped I would not be cool, calm, and collected.

Q. Quotes?

“Nothing ahead of you is bigger or stronger than the power of God behind you.”

“It will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

“Carpe that fucking diem.”

“You’re kind of a big deal.”

R. Reasons to smile? 

RI have countless, but right now I can’t believe how excited I am to be living in the same city as these two beauties!

S. Season of choice?

Spring. It’s sunny, not too hot, there are flowers, and everyone is happy.

T. Tag five people.

U. Unknown fact about me? 

I have to cut bangs periodically just to spice things up. I always hate them and get annoyed by them, but I just have to do it to reconfirm that I still don’t like them. Plus my hair kind of always looks the same so I like variety.

V. Vegetable? 

I like all vegetables except zucchini and tomato. The other day I made a zucchini and tomato gratin. Shockingly, I do not like it.

W. Worst habit? 

I forget to close cupboards and I let my gas tank get to empty before I fill it up.

X. X-ray or Ultrasound?

I’m tired of both.

Y. Your favorite food? 

YIndian food. When I go to India someday I’m going to gain 10 pounds, and I’ve already accepted that fact and made peace with it.

Z. Zodiac sign? 


Decadent French Toast Topper

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in a while! I got some work done in the morning and then my friend Gavin picked me up for lunch at 12:30. We headed to El Cazador since I’ve been craving Mexican food like crazy, and it was delicious!

ElCazador-BOM2012That guy wasn’t there though. Sad day. I had a bean enchilada on a corn tortilla with some rice, yum 😀 After lunch we walked around downtown for a while before stopping at the Big Dipper for ice cream.

BigDipper2copyrightmargaretdewilliamhorton-300x200This place has some of the best ice cream around and if you walk by around 7 or 8 on a summer night, you wouldn’t believe how long the line is. Luckily we didn’t have much of a wait at all and I got my white chocolate oreo scoop in a snap!

Around 3:30 Gavin and I met up with some of his friends from the football team along with some of their sisters/girlfriends/friends who are girls, ect. We floated on the river (I’m not sure which river it was…hmmm…) for a few hours just enjoying the sun and the cool water. There’s really no better way to spend a summer afternoon than being lazy on a river.

clarks-fork-river01All the boys had to be back for football practice at 6, so I went home to make myself dinner. Organic beef, roasted sweet potato, and peas were on the menu. I was super hungry and everything tasted great!

IMG_4055After I ate and showered, Gavin came back over and we watched “The Intouchables” on Netflix. It’s in French with subtitles so you have to pay attention, but this is an awesome movie. I was laughing SO hard at some parts and crying at others. Watch it!!

The-Intouchables-French-Movie-PosterThe fun continued today when I took the girls to the library and met them for lunch at the Tamarack with their mom, Jill. I had a salmon caesar without croutons and left happy.

lThe rest of the day has been spent doing homework, lounging around, and waiting for it to cool off a little so I can go on a walk. I wanted to share a little recipe I accidentally came up with for dinner tonight, though.

I had french toast with my gluten-free bread and was going to top it with strawberries and some marionberry syrup. Well, I over microwaved the strawberries and they got mushy and runny, so I just mixed two tablespoons of syrup right in!

IMG_4060The result was a decadent topping for my french toast. Um, yum! Just microwave 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries for 2 minutes, then stir in any fruit syrup of your choice. Pour over two slices of french toast and enjoy!

Nanny McMorrison

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were my first three days of nannying! At first I was a little nervous, wondering what we’d do all day. Luckily, the little girls I nanny are super creative and up for anything and we’ve had no trouble playing away summer afternoons.

Day one was full of outings. We went to the carousel and then to a big park with a huge play set for kids.

IMG_3934 IMG_3936We also spent a lot of time on the huge, gorgeous deck, playing in the kiddie pool, and doing crafts. A foray into tie dye was made…that was a terrible idea. Five year olds and tie dye go together about as well as a Pomeranian and espresso. Not well. No dye made it into the house, though, and the children and myself came out essentially unscathed. Success!

IMG_3937 IMG_3933My first day I wasn’t good at getting the girls to pick up what they played with. Turns out, phrasing demands as questions does not work well. The answer to “hey girls wanna go pick up your toys now?” will forever be no.

Day two was spent playing around the house. I got a bunch of laundry and cleaning done and in the morning before it got hot we walked to their school playground. I could easily see myself living in this area someday, it’s SO beautiful and there are some gorgeous houses out here.

IMG_3946 IMG_3945 IMG_3944On Wednesday the girls and I met up with their mother for ‘Lunch in the Park’. There are tons of different food items to choose from, and I  had coconut chickpea curry with naan. SO GOOD. Then I took the girls to Splash Montana. That was terrifying.

Crowds, water, hot sun blaring down, a lazy river full of commotion, and two teeny girls whose lives I am in charge of. Luckily, we all survived.

I think I’ve found myself an awesome summer job!! How’s your week going?

The Idiot

Today was a very productive day! It started bright and early with a 7am wake up call and a hearty, delicious breakfast.

IMG_3892I figured out that putting the peanut butter on top of my oatmeal while its still hot is SO much better than stirring it in while it cooks. You can taste it so much more and every bite has a little ribbon of creamy, melty deliciousness.

After breakfast I finished up my psychology research paper. It took much longer than it should have due to many breaks and general distractedness, but around lunchtime I finally finished and ran out to run some errands (after eating a bowl of quinoa and an apple).

IMG_3901I mailed Halley her climbing shoes, sent the rest of the money I owed to the people who I bought the bed from, and returned some things from Target. Then I came home and relaxed for a bit before heading to my transfer student meeting on campus.

As I was sitting outside the lecture hall before the meeting, two people walked up to me. Feeling super social, I introduced myself right away to the woman and was super smiley and sweet. I then proceeded to ask her the name of her dad.

Who turned out to be her husband.


tumblr_inline_mhrsry5e5X1qz4rgpThen we had to sit there for like ten minutes and wait for the meeting to start. That wasn’t awkward at all. Once the meeting was over, another wave of incompetence hit me and I was totally unable to find my way home. This is not a large campus. See, there is a little park across from my house that I’ve never noticed before, so when I saw that park I thought I must be going the wrong way.

rD1J7gVI wandered around the empty campus for thirty minutes getting more and more turned around and hungry. Finally, I had to call my mother and she gave me step by step instructions on how to get home (she grew up in Missoula). Yep, almost twenty years old folks and my sense of direction has refused to kick in. Sheesh.

Once I was done being an absolute moron for the day, I spent the next hour enjoying my book in the newly discovered park outside my house! After munching on some almonds and a small bowl of cereal, that is.

IMG_3902At six I walked down to my cousin, Phoebe’s, house to join her at “out to dinner”, an event held in the park by the river downtown. It was a gorgeous night and I am still blown away by how beautiful this city/state is.

IMG_3903I had a pulled pork taco and a beef taco with spinach, salsa, guac, and pepper jack cheese. Holy yum!! After dinner we walked around downtown for a bit to soak in the evening before calling it a night.

IMG_3905When I came home I had a really fun and long conversation with my roommate Madi. She’s  awesome! Now I’m off to bed, I have an entire day of orientation tomorrow. Lets see how that goes, shall we?

Panera and Star Trek

Today was one of my favorites of the last few weeks! I got out for a super short walk this morning and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. I stopped every few minutes to lift my arms up and loosen my ab muscles, so I looked a little psycho. Or super into nature. Oh well! When I got home Alice helped me stretch out my legs and hips.

IMG_3700Around 11:30 my parents and I headed out the door to buy our movie tickets and enjoy some lunch! I picked Panera since I’ve always wanted to try it. I’m in love!


IMG_3704Well HELLO, carb heaven. I’d love to come here sometime and do my schoolwork and enjoy a breakfast treat! I’ll have to make that happen before I leave. For lunch I ordered the cuban chicken panini.

IMG_3703Which is not pictured here. This is my dad’s sandwich which I mistakenly ate a few bites of before we realized we had the wrong ones and switched! Mine had chicken, ham, cheese, spices, and pickles on it. If I had known the toppings beforehand I probably wouldn’t have ordered it but I loved it! The bread was amazing. I can see why people are so gaga over this place. I wish MIssoula had one.

IMG_3702After eating we went and saw the new Star Trek movie. Go go go go go go go!

star-trek-into-darkness-quadAwesome movie. Awesome movie. The special effects were breathtaking but didn’t supersede the plot and there was a great balance between comedy, action, and the relationships between the characters. I’d watch it again!

Once the movie ended we poked around Sprouts Farmers Market (a grocery store laid out like a farmers market with tons of organic products) and picked up some groceries. Then we came home and spent the early evening playing Yahtzee and Scrabble.

My mom cooked up a gorgeous meal and I made a side salad. Pasta puttanesca all around!


IMG_2320_2I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Sunday ❤

Zero Points To Me

I visited the doctor again yesterday because I have still been dealing with this pain in my low abdomen. It gets much worse when I try to walk or move around and I can’t flex my muscles at all. After only getting over an injury 6 months ago, this is super frustrating!

tumblr_lmp1pvv0S71qii6tmo1_250The good news is, it’s just a very very pulled muscle. Remember a while ago when I was excited because I could do ab exercises with my legs extended out in front of me again? And then I said (jokingly) that it felt like someone had ripped my ab muscles? Well…somebody practically did. And that somebody is me.

tumblr_mm8jt5fvaJ1ql5yr7o1_r1_500It is just going to take a few weeks away from exercise, icing, heating, and taking ibuprofin. Even though this is frustrating, I also think it’s natural. I had a very serious injury (my low back stress fracture) that took me away from exercise entirely for months on end and my muscles were weakened substantially. It makes sense that as I build back into my athletic lifestyle, there are going to be some bumps and bruises along the way.

tumblr_inline_mhnim7Lc611qegw8vHowever, I’ve also realized that I desperately need to incorporate some variety into my exercise routine. I’d fallen into a rut of advanced level Nike Training Workouts 5-6 days a week because it was easier that seeking out other classes. That means I was doing full body, intense circuit workouts back to back and my abs were never getting a rest day!

For when I’m healed, I purchased a Barre Method workout to incorporate into my routine because it has no impact. I also found a yoga studio in Missoula that I’m going to join and plan to attend cycling and pilates classes. I’m going to limit the high intensity, high impact circuits to 1-2 days a week. I think I’ll actually be in better shape, I won’t be achy all the time, and I won’t re-pull my ab muscle!

tumblr_lt2svgaLMc1qafrh6Live and learn. Live and learn….

Have you ever pulled an ab muscle? Do you have any tips for it to heal faster?