Weekend at the lake round 2

My fourth of July weekend was incredible! Friday morning I picked up my friend Emily and drove to my friends’ the Bragets’ cabin up in Seeley. We arrived around 11am and almost immediately began to pack up all of our stuff so we could head to the lake! So exciting!!


We spent the rest of the day relaxing on the shore, reading, eating snacks, and some of us jet skied (not me). It was a blast! That night we all crashed pretty early and awoke for another day on the lake. But first, breakfast by the fire.

IMG_3965On Friday we went to Holland Lake, but Saturday we decided to actually go to Seeley since we had an early start and would be able to get a good spot on the beach. And we sure did! We were right by the water in a big grassy area. I didn’t swim but it was wonderful to be with my best friends and I got some reading in. Can’t ask for anything better! That afternoon our friends Ben, Mike, and Craig picked us up on their boat and we cruised around for a few hours before heading back to the cabin to eat and rally our energy. The boys came back over around 8 and we had a blast playing board games and hanging out until late into the evening.

PicMonkey CollageClockwise from top left: Haylee, Rachael, Craig, Christina.

friends1Emily, Mike, Danielle, Ben.

I’ve missed being around these guys so much!! Christina and Danielle are two of my very best friends and its wonderful being with people who you’re so comfortable with. This whole year I’ve made tons of new friends, which is wonderful, but old friendships are really something. I didn’t want the weekend to end!

But Sunday afternoon it was back to reality! I rolled into Missoula around 3 and decided to catch a movie since I wasn’t really sure what to do with my afternoon. I picked World War Z which was a bad choice.


There were a lot of people in zombie make up chopping their teeth like chipmunks and very little dialogue. If that’s your thing, you’ll love it!! Once the movie was over I grabbed a sandwich at Jimmy John’s and called it a night. Today I worked from 8 to 6 and now laundry is calling my name! Woot woot. Have a good one! 😀

What did you do fourth of July weekend? 


Lake Getaway

This weekend was exactly what I needed. It felt so much like summer and completely carefree and wonderful. Let’s start at the beginning! 

Saturday morning I woke up early and went to The Break, a really nice coffee shop downtown, to do some school work. Once I’d finished up, I took a long walk around my neighborhood and on the river trail. 

IMG_3912 IMG_3914Missoula is truly stunning in the summer, it doesn’t get much better than this. After my walk, I met my friend Tyler at Carver’s deli for lunch! My cousin Phoebe works there and they just opened last week. Her description of the food prompted me to get there ASAP! 

IMG_3915I had the turkey club and it was so much more than your typical sandwich. Tons of fresh turkey, thick spiced bacon, chipotle sauce, guacamole, lettuce, and tomatoes. Tyler and I both agreed it was a winner! If you’re in Missoula, check it out. 1300 S Reserve. 

Driving home from lunch, I happened to glance over at a garage sale and notice a table that would work perfectly for my desk. I pulled over quickly and made the purchase! They delivered it for me and even threw in all these nice Fiesta dishes for five bucks. 

IMG_3918I love to spread out when I work, so having a large flat surface will be perfect. A few hours later, I picked Phoebe up to head to our family cabin on Pierce lake! It’s one of my favorite places in the world. A serene, glassy lake in the woods entirely surrounded by forest and mountains. Heaven. 

IMG_3922We spent the evening talking on the deck and enjoying the view. When our tummies started to grumble, my Aunt Caroline made pasta with pesto, steaks, and corn on the cob. YUM. 

IMG_3925 IMG_3926 IMG_3927After dinner we took a walk around the lake and spent more time just relaxing. I always sleep so well at the cabin, because it gets completely dark and the hum of the forest lulls you into slumber. 

This morning I woke up around 8 to enjoy my morning coffee and cereal on the deck. 

IMG_3931I read some short stories by Wallace Stagner, dozed, sat on the dock, and enjoyed where I was. Around 11 Caroline whipped up some eggs and hash browns for hiking fuel! Phoebe, Caroline, and I were out for about an hour and a half and when we got back we were all hot and sweaty. 

Solution? Jump in the lake! We spent the rest of the day swimming and lounging on the dock. We also enjoyed the rest of the pasta and made a steak salad to fill us up for the ride home.

IMG_3930Phoebe and I left around 5 and I’m feeling tired and happy. 

Sometimes a weekend at the lake is just what the doctor ordered. Hope yours was awesome as well! 😀 


Made it to Montana

IMG_3867I am back in my home state!! 27 hours of driving later. I spent my first two nights in Billings. The first night Halley and I went to dinner with our friend Tamara and then had a Game of Thrones marathon! The next day Halley and I met up with Riley to hang out all day. We ate at the brew pub downtown, got fro yo, and hiked around in Zimmerman park.

IMG_3872 IMG_3874 IMG_3875That night Riley joined Halley, Russ (our family friend), and his kids Nick and Julia and I for dinner at Enzos. It’s a fantastic restaurant and anytime I’m in Billings I always make a point to go there. I had shallots with sweet corn risotto and it was incredible.

IMG_3877Monday morning I left for Missoula bright and early!! It is so beautiful here.

IMG_3882I’ve been doing a lot of work on my room, it started out as just a huge pile of stuff and is slowly starting to resemble a residence.

IMG_3879Today I finished up my closet and once I get a dresser most of my unpacking will be done!! I need a bed, desk, and dresser. Oy vey.

IMG_3888I’ve also eaten at Mackenzie River Pizza Company three times already. THREE TIMES. I stopped there for lunch in Bozeman, went there with my two cousins and aunt on my first night here, and then the family I’m nannying for ordered it last night.

IMG_3883No complaints over here, this is literally the best place to eat pizza that has ever existed. I have missed it so much!!

I still have a ton of work to finish up today so I’m going to head out! Have a great one! So happy to be here 😀



Since I don’t have a big trip planned for this summer (well, besides moving from Texas to Montana…) I’ve been treating Halley’s visit as a vacation for myself as well! That means taking advantage of all the fun things Austin has to offer that I sometimes take for granted when in the bustle of every day life.

We took a painting class at a homemade arts market that was a blast!

8698_10201449927993193_2088024174_n 993010_10201449925753137_1913955841_n 1002958_10201449926873165_490213148_n 1006171_10201449923473080_314737645_n 1016195_10201449922833064_1968476395_nGroupon rocks my socks off. We’ve also eaten indian food at the Clay Pit two days in a row now. IT’S JUST SO GOOD!!! I also found out that the people who own Clay Pit also own the fast food indian restaurant Tarka! No wonder it’s so good.

claypit1 imagesAfter painting and getting in touch with our ethnic sides, we came home to meet up with our parents and head to the Man of Steel movie.

man-of-steel-henry-cavill-superman-image-frontOh, hello there. I really enjoyed the movie! The fight scene could have been shortened by about 20 minutes though. After about the 35th high rise had been smashed by some invincible body I kind of started zoning out. Still a good movie though 😀 Also, when you start typing H into google images, Henry Cavil is the first suggestion to pop up. I’d say he’s pretty super duper.

After the movie we went to our friend Hannah’s graduation party! They live out in the country and it was a stunning evening. I ate so much dessert I’m surprised I didn’t explode, played darts, and laughed my booty off. So fun!

imagesIf you don’t have a vacation planned for this summer, make one where you are! Think of all the things you’d do if you were visiting from out of town and plan a few days to do them all. Eat out, have dessert, and let window shopping be your cardio. Real life will always be there when you’re ready to go back to it.

Cru Goes Camping

I have a massive headache, am exhausted, I smell like a campfire, and I had the BEST WEEKEND EVER! A bunch of friends and I went camping up at Garner State Park. I feel like I was gone for a week but it was only 24 hours! Brace yourself for lots of pictures.

After about a 3 hour drive, we arrived at lovely Garner State Park at 1pm!

IMG_1143IMG_1148 IMG_1145Everyone was eating lunch, hanging out or playing volleyball. I ate my sandwich and jumped in for a few games before we left on our afternoon hike! It was steep and  the views were beautiful!

IMG_1161 IMG_1159 IMG_1158 IMG_1157 IMG_1156 IMG_1153 IMG_1150


IMG_1163 IMG_1164Once we got back from the hike everyone gathered at the campsite for some snacks and a small bit of relaxation before running off again to the playground. There were some little kids there who coaxed us into a game of tag and we ran around like crazy!

IMG_1165 IMG_1169 IMG_1170 IMG_1173 IMG_1174I don’t have any pictures of our next activity, but it was definitely my favorite! The camp hosts a country dance for all the people at the park so we all loaded up in cars and headed over there. It was out in the warm summer night, they played classic Texas music, and we all two-stepped for hours. I felt like such a Texan haha! And some of the guys were really good at the two step!

The dance ended, but the night still was not over. Who goes camping and doesn’t have a campfire?? Not us!

IMG_1177 IMG_1179It is really starting to feel like summer 😀 Right now I’m currently curled up on my couch sucking down water because I was running around in the hot sun all day and only drank 1 bottle of water! Dumb. Dehydration is a beeotch. But it hasn’t put a damper on all the fun I had, can’t wait to go camping again!!

Have you ever gone camping? 

Bar Method and Disney Auditions

I misspoke yesterday when I said I was going to a Purre Barre Class, I actually went to the Bar Method studio which I’m sure is quite similar but just a different brand! Anyway, I woke up at 7 to study at Starbucks (and enjoy some coffee and lemon bread for breakfast) and my friend Caroline picked me up at 10:30!

Press kit booklet BACKEveryone who checked us in was sweet and helpful and they were sure to ask about any injuries or things we were unable to do. I really appreciated that because instructors come around and fix your form but when I wasn’t bending backward she knew exactly why.

We did a lot of isometric leg work and I was feelin’ the burn! It didn’t help that my legs were already super sore from my circuit the day before. Dumb, Georgia, so dumb. My legs were quaking at one point. We had to go up on pointe and hold a squat and they were literally bouncing up and down. So embarrassing. hah!

pliesquat_toesThough I think this is an incredible form of exercise, I am not planning to drop the money for a class pass. I already have a 150 dollar Texercise pass to Gregory gym and I barely have time to make it to enough of those! I am planning on getting a DVD though. I love that this workout tones without impact and incorporates stretching as well. I’m sold.


After heading back to Starbucks to pound out some bio with my study buddy Jacob, it was time to get ready for my Disney Character Auditions!

photo-67I applied for the Disney College Program a while ago which in an internship in either Disneyland or Disney World. I could be doing anything from a wide variety of jobs, but there is also the option to try out for a performing role so I thought, “Why not?!?” It was such a fun process!

photo-70I met Sheri (on the left) in line and then we ran into Scott (right) and Yohann (not pictured) a little later and we hung out for the duration of the audition. They were so fun and easygoing! I was already glad I came just because I got to meet them

photo-68The audition included a parade sequence, dance routines, and animation routines (such as pretending to plant a tree, wash a dog, ect.). I made it to the final round!! I was so happy!! That doesn’t mean I got a part as they go to many cities, but I was just so proud that after not dancing for so long I could still pull it out.

photo-69I was there from 3:30-8:30 and I hadn’t eaten since two, so once I left I made a beeline for Whole Foods and devoured a lemon chicken bowl. Seriously. I considered opening it up in line as I was waiting to pay, but somehow restrained.

photo-71Once I’d eaten I picked up some groceries, came home, and went to bed! My legs are soooooore today. No workout on the agenda, just lots of studying and lunch with my dad. I hope your weekend was as great as mine!!

Have you ever auditioned for anything? What was the process like? Was it fun or scary?