What I Ate Wednesday

I told you I’d be back to posting what I eat, so here’s the first installment!


IMG_4180English muffin with a tablespoon of dark chocolate peanut butter and a banana. With a cup of coffee of course!


IMG_4182Bed of greens topped with turkey breast, carrots, hummus, apple, and grapes.

Snack: a packet of instant oatmeal


IMG_4185 IMG_4186Side salad and a piece of pizza from Mackenzie River with my grandma and grandpa!

What are you eating lately? 


I’m Back!


tumblr_m0gmg725i11rq8dyuo1_500Hey there! Sorry my blogging has been so sporadic lately, I haven’t had internet at my house! But now I do so I’ll be back to checking in daily with tidbits about my life, fun recipes, and other random things.

Thank goodness for wifi! Talk to you later! 😀


Nanny McMorrison

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were my first three days of nannying! At first I was a little nervous, wondering what we’d do all day. Luckily, the little girls I nanny are super creative and up for anything and we’ve had no trouble playing away summer afternoons.

Day one was full of outings. We went to the carousel and then to a big park with a huge play set for kids.

IMG_3934 IMG_3936We also spent a lot of time on the huge, gorgeous deck, playing in the kiddie pool, and doing crafts. A foray into tie dye was made…that was a terrible idea. Five year olds and tie dye go together about as well as a Pomeranian and espresso. Not well. No dye made it into the house, though, and the children and myself came out essentially unscathed. Success!

IMG_3937 IMG_3933My first day I wasn’t good at getting the girls to pick up what they played with. Turns out, phrasing demands as questions does not work well. The answer to “hey girls wanna go pick up your toys now?” will forever be no.

Day two was spent playing around the house. I got a bunch of laundry and cleaning done and in the morning before it got hot we walked to their school playground. I could easily see myself living in this area someday, it’s SO beautiful and there are some gorgeous houses out here.

IMG_3946 IMG_3945 IMG_3944On Wednesday the girls and I met up with their mother for ‘Lunch in the Park’. There are tons of different food items to choose from, and I  had coconut chickpea curry with naan. SO GOOD. Then I took the girls to Splash Montana. That was terrifying.

Crowds, water, hot sun blaring down, a lazy river full of commotion, and two teeny girls whose lives I am in charge of. Luckily, we all survived.

I think I’ve found myself an awesome summer job!! How’s your week going?

Adios Lone Star State!!

Today wraps up my time in Texas! I can’t believe it. I literally feel like I just got here and it definitely has not hit me yet that I’m leaving…I’m not quite sure it ever will. This all feels sort of like a super long field trip.

But we made the last day fun!! Lunch at (where else?) the Clay Pit…again.

IMG_3787Once my belly was full of curried veggies and a few other incredible dishes, we headed to the Ransom Center on campus to look at their exhibits. Admission is free and they have some incredible things to look at!

PicMonkey CollageThey have an original Gutenberg Bible, the world’s first photograph, plus traveling exhibits. Today’s were Literature and Sports (did you know Charles Dickens walked 20 miles a day?) and modern photography. We spent over an hour perusing everything before venturing outside to spend a little bit more time on campus.

CampusUniversity of Texas is such a gorgeous school and such an impressive institution. I feel so lucky that I got to go here, even though it wasn’t for nearly as long as I thought it was going to be!

When I came home I attempted to make some peanut butter and jelly muffins. They turned out more like…muffin crumble.

IMG_3806A couple things went wrong here…1) The jam I used was more like syrup and didn’t hold its shape whatsoever and 2) it called for a marble sized amount and I went for more of a golf ball. haha! At least they taste good!!

Tomorrow morning I have to wake up early and load up my car and hit the road! The next three days are going to consist of a LOT of driving. Yipee!


Some more Texas fun! {guest post}

Hello all! This is Halley, Georgia Mae’s sister, and I am your guest writer for today. Muahahaha.

I live up in Montana, and I am down in Texas visiting my sis and the family! Mostly we’ve just been hanging out, but today we went for the gusto:

We mobbed over to West Campus to explore some of the funky shops, and (most importantly?) go to the Clay Pit for lunch. Holy smokes. Indian food = heaven.

Don’t mind the photo blur- I was aboard the struggle train in the camera department today. Just look at the purse, it’s in focus!


Then we stopped and took a few photos in front of this fun wall!Image

Then we bought some car decals (thrill a minute here- still reading??) I’m making a goofy face because I accidentally poked the woman in front of us with the camera while taking the photo.. haha whoops!


Then we got iced coffee 🙂 🙂Image

Needless to say I was pretty stoked…

Image(That’s an excited face, apparently..)

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend errrbody!! Thanks for letting me join in on the fun 🙂

Currently Survey

This survey has cropped up on several of the blogs I read this week so I thought it would be fun to give it a go!

Current book: 

The Story of a Marriage. It’s really intriguing and well written and unlike any book I’ve ever read before. So far so good!

41aT13AYYyLCurrent music: 

I’ve been listening to a lot more country lately! I found a station on Pandora that only plays the newer stuff and they’re are a ton of songs I love. Some examples are “Done” by the Band Perry and “This Summer” by Brad Paisley. Plus a lot more!

headerCurrent guilty pleasure:

My mom’s world famous chocolate cake. I had some for breakfast this morning and I was literally so excited about it that I had trouble falling asleep last night. Hmm…

IMG_3688Current nail color: 

Lilac. I finally went to target and bought another color after having them painted turquoise for six months. I didn’t bring any of my nail polish with me from Montana so I’m having to start over, but I love the new spring pastels!

IMG_3635Current drink: 

I’d have to say water on that one. It is SO much hotter and more humid here than I’m used to so I find myself needing a bajillion times more water. Literally. A bajillion. My hobbies include drinking ice water and using the restroom.

Current food: 

For some reason tuna salad has been sounding amazing at all times. And other seafood as well, like those salmon burgers.

IMG_3468Current favorite show: 

My three favorite shows will forever be New Girl, Modern Family, and Law and Order SVU.

zooey-deschanel-2af580f8e14a8e04Current wish list: 

I wish this pulled ab muscle would go away so I could workout and get back to my usual active life. I also wish that my parents’ would know what they’re doing soon so they can feel more settled.

Current needs: 

I need to take my psychology quiz today!

Current indulgence: 

I’ve been pretty lazy lately, what with having to heal and not having much to do, so I guess just taking lots of down time is an indulgence for me.

Current blessing: 

Getting to spend lots of quality time with my parents before I head to Montana and don’t see them for a long time!

IMG_0029Current outfit: 

A wrinkled dress I threw on just for the morning because it’s cool and comfortable.

Current excitement: 

My sister comes to town in a little over a week! Yay yay yay!



Current book? Current excitement? Current guilty pleasure? 


Healing and 120 Calorie Muffins

Every day my stomach muscle makes so much progress! I went from having to take 1 inch side steps everywhere about a week ago to being able to walk normally without pain! I’m still taking it easy, icing and heating, and holding off on exercise until I feel 100 percent pain free, but wowza! I forgot that most injuries really only take a few weeks to heal, our bodies are really something.

Young woman doing yoga pose, arms raised, eyes closedI put that pic up because one thing that has made me feel so much better is taking a deep breath in while stretching my arms up to the sky until I feel a slight stretch in my abs. I’ve been doing this several times a day and they’re slowly healing and releasing. It led me to a big realization.

In the last 6 months of working out, I’ve never stretched out my ab muscles. After working them extremely hard, I just let them get tighter and tighter and tighter.

tumblr_lg7qb4V3731qebseoo1_500It’s really no wonder that I pulled it then! Imagine if you did leg workouts almost every day and never stretched, you’d pull a hamstring in no time. And the thing with abs is that they’re constantly getting worked even when you’re not specifically focusing on them. I thought I couldn’t stretch them since I can’t bend backward very far, but even laying down with my legs out or raising my arms high overhead is a great stretch.

Yet another lesson learned! Yoga classes here I come.

One thing that I have learned from having to take so much time away from exercise this past year is that it is possible to ward off weight loss by being careful about what you eat. When you can’t go out and burn off extra calories, a couple bad days can take a long time to undo, so it seems like you can never eat anything indulgent.

tumblr_inline_mk543zWzp61rg4uy0Yesterday I really wanted something a little sweet, so I scoured the internet for a healthy muffin recipe! I modified  one from Dashing Dish and the results were lovely!


2.5 cups rolled oats

1  six ounce carton Chobani Greek Blueberry Yogurt

Splash of vanilla almond milk

2 large eggs

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 1/2 cups strawberries, chopped

1/2 cup sugar

Directions: 1. Put all ingredients except strawberries into a food processor and blend until smooth. 2. Pour batter into a bowl and fold in chopped strawberries. 3. Place batter into a muffin tin lined with paper liners. 4. Garnish with strawberry slice. 5. Bake at 400 degrees for 22-25 minutes or until dark golden brown.

The baking time and heat seem long and high, but trust me they come out great! Nice and moist, dense, chewy, and just sweet enough. Plus, they’re only 120 calories each. Now that’s something I can get on board with!

Muffins or cupcakes?!? Which do you prefer???