(I’m Going To) Miss Alice

I have the world’s most stubborn dog on the planet. Yesterday afternoon I took her for her usual walk around the neighborhood. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted her dream come true. A hot pink squeaky ball. She had to have it. I tried to pull her away so first she lay down on the sidewalk.


I called and coaxed and pulled and persuaded..but I only made the situation worse.


Surely she would give up in about ten more seconds right? She doesn’t even care about toys generally! I’ll just use my firm voice and make it clear we are leaving right this instant.


Victory at last.


She carried the ball all the way around the rest of our walk and brought it home with her. Sorry to the poor dog who’s ball we stole, but it was either that or spend the night on the sidewalk. Alice does, however, have her tender moments.



We had a big heart to heart this morning about how she really doesn’t think I should leave. I agree.


This break has flown by way too fast and I’m not ready to say bye to her or my mom and dive back into my crazy life, but I guess I have no choice! I’ll get in the groove again. Isn’t it crazy how time flies.

Did you have a good spring break? What all did you do? If you haven’t had it yet, what activities are you looking forward to? 


Somebody is four!

Happy happy birthday to my wonderful Puppy Alice. She is now 28 in human years and these last four years have been wonderful.

But they sure have flown by…

puppy 052I have loved when she is feeling playful…


IMG_4032And cuddly…




IMG_1260You might think it’s crazy how much I love this dog, but she has been such a blessing. She was there when my sister left for college, when I was going through my senior year with all its ups and downs, and when I had to come home from Washington State. This year has been my most challenging yet and having a companion who knows when you’re sad and will rest her head in your lap to cheer you up or do something goofy to put a smile on your face really makes a difference. Even when times AREN’T hard she is always making them even better!

For her birthday morning, she just wanted to relax and be around us while we decorate for Christmas!

IMG_2313Happy four years, Alice, here’s to many more.

What’s your favorite thing about your pet?

Local business day

Without even planning it beforehand, my mother and I had a wonderful day going from local business to local business yesterday! We started out at the consignment store “A Time or Two” where we thought we might see if she wanted my old vintage prom dress and a few coats. We walked away with fifty bucks! I was very pleasantly surprised. After running a few more errands to Goodwill and our old doctor’s office, we stopped in at Daisy’s deli for lunch.

daisysI had the 2 egg veggie omelette with rosemary onion bread on the side with a cup of hot coffee! Organic, healthy, filling, and delicious. Can’t ask for much more than that! Next time I stop by I need to try one of their fun espresso drinks.

coffeeAll three of those sound incredible! Next on our list of errands was finding a Christmas present for my cousin Phoebe. The Boutique by Studio Montage always has the most adorable clothes so we decided to see what we could find and were not disappointed! They are stocked with a boatload of glittery things for January and it was all I could do to not shop for myself.

botiqueAHHH I want I want I want. 2:30pm rolled around before we knew it and it was time to pick up our crazy dog from daycare. We have taken her to Happy Tails Daycare for a couple days the past two weeks because neither my mom nor I can walk her and it really tires her out! (Still no news from my mom’s MRI, I’ll keep you posted!) She has a boyfriend named Jethro who she followed around all day yesterday. Nevertheless, she was overjoyed to have her family back.

aliceAround this time on Tuesdays I usually tutor, but my poor buddy fell at school and banged up his knee! 😦 So we canceled for the day and I had a hot date with Law and Order SVU. It really is the best show out there is it not?! My mom, dad, and I met for dinner at Cafe Rio at 6pm and I was excited to see the nativity has been put up on the way there!

nativityAfter dinner, I ventured out into the wind for a late night tutoring session to prepare my client for his Honors Algebra test! We got a lot of work and studying done and I felt really good about it. I got home at 9 pm and preceded to get into bed and stare at the darkness until about 1am.

tumblr_mdcyp6RmUo1rwo29xWhat are your favorite Great Falls businesses, or local businesses in your home town?

I love Crooked Tree Coffee and Cakes, Daisy’s Deli, The Botique, Happy Tails, A Time or Two, and many others! Local businesses are the best because you can find unique items that really reflect the area your from and are usually much more comfortable and personable than a national chain.

And I’m Off!

…In 2 and a half hours.

I’m so excited for today. I’m going to leave at 11, stop in Helena for lunch and my daily walk, and then mosey on to Missoula. I love having time to take road trips slowly.

I’m also going to need a lot of coffee since SOMEONE woke me up every half hour last night.

I don’t know what those black scribbles are, but let’s pretend it’s my anger. First she was on the end of the bed, then she started shivering and scooted up and made me slide over so she could have some covers. Then she had to go upstairs and make sure my parents were still alive and come downstairs and tell me everything she saw (whine a lot).

“I walked all the way upstairs in the dark and it was really scary and then I opened mom and dad’s door and I was so afraid they wouldn’t be there because they like to leave in the middle of the night even though they never have and then they were still there and I was so happy so I came back downstairs and now I’m telling you and you should really scoot over”

*whine whine whine whine whine* sigh. Good thing she’s cute. Speaking of cute, look at these pictures I found of her as a baby.


It is such false advertising. Gotta love her though! I’m off to get ready. Have a good day 🙂

Do you like to drive straight through on road trips or do you stop along the way?

Bumblings in a Blizzard

Say the title of this post while wearing a tweed jacket and use a British accent. Makes a little more sense now right? Okay, glad I cleared that up.

The other day on TV my mom and I stumbled across a show called “Odd Animal Couples” while waiting for Modern Family to come one. Holy. Crap. I don’t think we’ve ever exclaimed “Oh my gooooooooooooshhhhhhhhhhh CUUUUUUTTTTTTEEEEEEE” with such high volume or frequency like ever. It shared one story of a goat that led a blind horse wherever it needed to go for sixteen years and every other story was just as adorable.

The many experts on the show also talked a lot about how it has just recently been accepted in science that animals feel emotions and form friendships. I’ve known all along that dogs can feel emotion! When my older sister, Halley, left for college our dog Alice was heartbroken. The two of them are extremely close and Alice laid under Halley’s bed for a week and just cried. There is just no way you can deny that Alice considers Halley her friend and misses her like crazy when she’s gone.

On an entirely different note, I am considering cutting my hair! I’ve had very long hair since my sophomore year of high school and I really like it but I just feel like switching things up. Maybe. My hair grows SUPER fast so I feel like I can try out something new and if I hate it I’m not stuck with it for too long! I was thinking a “lob”.

I love the slightly A-line look of the second one. But my hair is way thicker than hers so I’m afraid I might walk around looking like a giant triangle head. Riveting stuff, right? You can’t handle the problems I have to deal with. (haha!)

This is another problem I had to face when I woke up this morning…..

There is literally a BLIZZARD warning.

Although I have to say, when the weather is like this all I want to do is curl up and read books all day. Which happens to be great for my back…so maybe I should stop complaining. But will I? Um…no.

Do you think I should cut my hair? Do you like those two haircuts?

Food (I will be posting all my meals from the day before since I only post once a day) 

I already did breakfast yesterday so here’s lunch. Amy’s frozen organic burrito with salsa (350 calories)

Snacks: Popcorn (200 calories)

Dinner: Cauliflower Mac and Cheese (350 calories) and an apple (70 calories)

More pictures tomorrow as yesterday I forgot because I’m a scatterbrain. Have a great day!!

Paint the Town

I had a very nice afternoon out with Bruce and Bobbie yesterday! We started at Macaroni Grill where I had the warm spinach salad. I don’t even like spinach but I wanted to be healthy and I was happily surprised to notice that warming it up seems to take away the bitterness. Yay! Then we moseyed on over to Pier 1 and picked out a couple Christmas ornaments. That store is so fun and cute. Finally, we went to Cold Stone where I promptly undid my healthy lunch choice by eating salted caramel flavored frozen yogurt. YUM.

I managed to get enough warm layers on to be comfortable during my outings. After all that clothes-putting-on I was not going to jump on the makeup train, though. My apologies.

My back was hurting pretty badly at this point when I got home so I gave in and laid down to turn on some TV. I got all caught up on Pretty Little Liars as they were having some sort of marathon yesterday and I have to say I actually really like that show! I also had a good old fashioned cry fest. I have had a few of those this week. I really do stay mostly positive but this recovery is so up and down it really messes with your head! I think it’s healthy sometimes to just acknowledge that something sucks and you don’t like it. But that’s just me.

At least in two months I’ll be busy again! I might not be able to physically return to campus but I am definitely planning to start school online if that is the case. Then if I start to feel like a cry-baby I can just write a paper and feel like I am actually doing something with my life! Good times.

Want to know what is the absolute best comfort in the world?

That dog. Before we got Alice I never really understood how some people could be so crazy in love with their pets. I hadn’t known our first dog very long and our second dog was GREAT but I was so small when we got her as a puppy that we never really bonded I guess. She was sweet and I really liked her but she was just the dog. Now with Alice I get it! She always knows when I am sad and will come over to put her head on my knee or lay across my lap. I didn’t used to think I would have a Doberman when I grew up, but now I am fairly certain I will.

Also…look at what I am wearing. My house is 72 degrees and yet I am decked out in leggings, fuzzy socks, a maxi dress, a sweater, a huge sweatshirt, AND a hat. It’s 30 degrees outside! How have I survived in Montana my whole life?!? And what will I look like when it’s 10 below??

If you see a huge puffy mass tottering towards you, just smile and wave. I can be positive about winter just so long as I am never cold so…the amount of clothes I will be wearing will continue to grow in ridiculousness.

Do you have a pet that you love like crazy? What is their name and what kind of animal are they? 

Chewed Out

This morning I had an interesting wake up call! Alice has been coming down to my room and sleeping with me in the mornings lately, but today she went for the gusto. Around 7:00am I found myself with a Doberman laying ON MY FACE. She’s not a small dog. Though I appreciate her love, it was a little hard to breathe.

Then when my alarm went off at 7:30, I decided it would probably be a good idea to get my butt out of bed so that my sleeping pattern doesn’t totally reverse itself and turn me into some night dwelling, anti social creature. Alice thought this was a terrible idea. She was enjoying her face-pillow a whole lot apparently. She barked and barked and ran in circles on the bed, tried to tackle me, barked some more, whined, and basically made quite a show of it. I was this close to falling for it.


When I came up the stairs after her temper tantrum was over, she looked at me like, “Oh are you awake? Interesting.” That dog.

Remember when I said I was going to learn how to cook something that wasn’t a sweet?


I lied. Today I am going to bake chocolate cookies with peanut butter frosting in between them. But I will be sending them away. Far, far away where they cannot call to me from the counter.

Have a great day!! To everyone out there who is getting an iPhone 5 today…better keep a close eye on that thing. That’s all I’m saying.