In The Kitchen With Halley

My sister got home on Saturday night!! Her flight out of Billings was delayed and we didn’t think she was going to make it since her layover was cut short to only 5 minutes. Thankfully, she was able to make her flight and she arrived in Austin around 11:30pm. We were all super excited to see her, Alice included, of course.

IMG_2386_2Halley and I stayed up until 5 in the morning talking and catching up, but somehow I woke up at 8 yet again! Our mom cooked a magnificent breakfast of homemade Belgian waffles and we all sat at the table as a family. A couple hours later, the tiredness really hit me and I took an afternoon nap.

When I woke up Halley had created a fantastic lunch!

IMG_2392_2She whipped up a pasta sauce from ingredients we had on hand and it tasted delicious. Sleeping and eating, not a bad way to pass the day ūüėÄ

At one point in the afternoon we all went to HEB (our grocery store) to load up on food for the week. My favorite finds were blueberries and apricots. Fruit salad may be on the agenda for my snack today.

When we got home, the adults cracked open a few beers and we sliced up a mango to enjoy while cooking dinner.



IMG_2406_2 IMG_2397_2I’d forgotten how sweet mangos are. Fruit is amazing.

IMG_2409_2The other day in Health magazine, my mom saw an ad for Applegate Farms organic all-beef hot dogs. We hadn’t had hot dogs in years so we decided we should try them! The ingredient list is super short and only lists things like beef, onion, celery, etc. So many hot dogs are made of mystery meat, but these ones were actually pretty healthy.

IMG_2419_2I topped mine with mustard and relish and enjoyed some homemade sweet potato fries alongside. It’s crazy how you can chop up a sweet potato, top it with some seasoning, throw it in the oven, and it creates this crazy-addicting snack. YUM!

After dinner we watched game two of the Finals (what were you doing Spurs?) and I took a nice long bath. I am actually finding that I really like watching basketball. Usually I just expect to be bored so I check my computer and never know what’s going on, but when I pay attention it’s a blast!

Now we’re all caught up!


IMG_2420_2I toasted two of the leftover waffles and topped them with chocolate almond butter and a banana. It’s like eggos, but a bajillion times better.



Spine anyone?

Good evening! I was out and about a lot today which felt fantastic. After breakfast I got ready and was out the door by around 10:45. You can thank my mom’s camera for the nicer pictures I’ve had the last few days! I really think it improves the look of the blog and I might buy it from her. Or use the one in Montana. Ah.

IMG_2341_2I drove to the Barnes and Noble that is super close to my house to study for several hours and it’s a beautiful location! The cafe is large and has the perfect amount of background noise for schoolwork that isn’t too challenging. While I was there I also had a light lunch.

IMG_3717It was pretty good, but kind of a rip off. It’s hard to tell but that cup of soup is very tiny and all the sandwich had on it was two tomato slices and some pesto. For 7 dollars I certainly could have gotten more for my money elsewhere, but I didn’t feel like leaving!

When I got home it was time to meal plan and then head to HEB with the family to get groceries for this week!

IMG_3718Looooove me some healthy, colorful veggies :D. When we got home I was super hungry and I whipped up a mixture of strawberry greek yogurt and organic honey grams. Sweet tooth= satisfied!

IMG_2350_2A couple hours of scrabble later, it was time to start cooking dinner! We had planned to make the salmon burgers from last week since we had some fresh dill leftover and we really liked them. When we were at the store we found canned salmon for a dollar instead of four dollars! Wowza! What a bargain.

I cracked open the salmon to start making the patties, and quickly realized why it was so cheap.


tumblr_m100whYVT81qboouyo1_250I’m all about not wasting food, but there was no way in heck that I was going to eat that stuff. Why would they even offer that as a product?? Who eats spine?? Madness!

Organic spinach sausages, peppers, and caesar salad saved the day. You don’t get a picture of that though because my computer is being silly. Good ol technology.

Have a great night!!




Moving Out

I’ve discovered a new favorite breakfast! A bowl of organic Honey Clusters (basically an organic version of Honey Bunches of Oats) topped with a banana and vanilla almond milk. Delicious! It lasted me for a long time too.

Yesterday morning/ early afternoon was spent moving me out of my condo. The people who bought my dresser and mattress from me came and picked them up and we put a bunch of my things into bins.

IMG_3643My family has gotten super efficient at moving. We moved me into my dorm at Washington State, out of my dorm at Washington State, into my condo in Texas, and now out, and soon into my house in Missoula. Hopefully it’s my last move for a WHILE!!

I am so looking forward to having my own room! My roommate Paige and I got along great, but it’ll be nice to be able to practice my sweet dance moves in private.

tumblr_ltt7emQcM11qenumqo1_500Tehe. A place really does feel more like home when you have your own room, though. Plus I’m going to decorate it beautifully with the help of my sister! I’m so excited!

We grabbed lunch at Fuzzy’s Taco Stand which is a block away from my condo. I’m so mad at myself for never going there all semester!

IMG_3649I got two delicious breakfast tacos for four dollars. One was potato and egg and the other was chorizo and egg. YUM. I’ll be making a return visit before heading North for sure.

The scrabble board made another appearance yesterday afternoon, as did some random but delicious snacks.

IMG_3651 IMG_3650My mom and I watched the movie “Hope Springs” before dinner. It was okay…kind of awkward and slow but it had its moments. Dinner was leftovers made even better!

IMG_3652When you make those salmon burgers, caramelize the rest of the purple onion and put it on top. It brought the burger to a whole new level! That was my mom’s idea. I also used a thin layer of mayo instead of sour cream because I’m not a huge sour cream fan in the first place.

My online class starts today! My book is here, but I don’t know any of my login information or anything. I emailed my professor and hope she gets back to me quickly so I can get started!

Have you moved a lot? How many times? For what reasons? 

How To Eat Out Healthfully

I have to begin this post with a huge shout out to my incredible mother on mother’s day! I’m so blessed to have such a close-knit family that shares so much love for one another. My mom is always there for me and she dusts me off when life has knocked me down and is my support system when I’m doing well! Thanks for everything Mom!!

IMG_3488We grabbed some Amy’s ice cream as a snack today and the amount of young families waiting in line was crazy! If you want to see what pure joy looks like, visit an ice cream shop full of toddlers. Seriously.

As we were walking past restaurant after restaurant I realized how many great places there are to eat in Austin! I can see why people gain weight when they come to cities like this, but there are some steps you can take to ensure that eating out often doesn’t add inches to your waistline!

1. Have them deliver a to-go box the same time they serve your meal. 

61-to-go-box-catherine-buchananThe portions at most restaurants are crazy big, and it is so easy to keep picking at your plate even when you’re full. If you immediately put half your meal into the box for later, you can enjoy what’s on your plate and not be tempted to overindulge!

2. Avoid anything ‘crispy’.¬†

crispy chicken caesar salad 2Crispy= fried, and deep-fat frying adds a boatload of fat and calories to any food. Choose the grilled option instead.

3. If you order a salad, ask for the dressing on the side. 

French Salad DressingDressing is delicious, but it’s very high in fat and calories. A little is delicious and good for you, but restaurants tend to drench their salads and the calorie count shoots up into the 700-1000 range. If you dress your own salad, you can use a tablespoon or two and not turn a healthy meal into an indulgence!

4. Ask for light cheese. 

pza_tuscan_cheeseThis is along the same lines as the salad dressing thing. Cheese is awesome, but it’s more of a flavoring than a main course and restaurants tend to pile it on. Half the amount is usually plenty and it’ll save you a ton of calories.

5. Take it easy on the bread basket 

breadThis one is the hardest one for me. I LOVE bread. I crave bread more than I do sweet things, and when somebody sets a bowl of fresh, hot, buttery rolls in front of me I always want to dive right in. But filling up on rolls and then eating a meal is just way too much food. I sip water and tear my roll into pieces, eating it slowly. Or if you’re really tempted, just ask them to take it away!

There are so many amazing restaurants to try! Get out there and enjoy them and maintain your healthy lifestyle as well, it’s totally possible. ūüėÄ

Food and Exercise

PicMonkey CollageBreakfast: French toast. Lunch: Noosa Yogurt. Snack: Amy’s ice cream. Dinner: tuna sandwich and broccli.

I’m taking a week off from working out, so if you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting my workouts that’s why!

Crocs, Tacos, & A Killer Workout

I ended up staying at my parents’ house last night because my check engine light came on and I didn’t want to risk driving on the freeway if my car was going to stop working! After a delicious breakfast, my parents took my car to the shop and I (big surprise here) studied chemistry.

IMG_5341-500x375My car ended up being at the shop ALLLLL DAY long. The horn doesn’t work, the emergency blinkers don’t work, I needed new hoses in my engine, and I needed a new knock sensor. *Sigh*. At least it’s up and running now! Once the three of us got hungry I got dressed (in my new shirt!) and ready for the day.

photo-122I love the Gap, oh so much. Braid + No Makeup = Ready to go in 10 minutes. Score! We arrived at Chuy’s, an amazing Tex-Mex restaurant around 12 and only had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated! A miracle.

photo-123I opted for the fish tacos and a ton of chips and salsa. They were so good. Chuy’s never disappoints. The tortillas were hot and fresh, the fish was grilled to perfection, and they had the perfect amount of cabbage and sauce. I ate one of my tacos and saved the other for dinner!

photo-124Most of the afternoon was spent just waiting around for my car to be ready. I studied some, applied for some more jobs, and hung out with my family. I snacked on a square of dark chocolate and an apple when I got hungry and basically didn’t do much! Along with my second taco I had some chips and guac for dinner. It was a Tex-Mex day around here.

Then we took our dog Alice out for a walk. I only had my chinsy flats with me, so I borrowed some shoes that were more comfortable to walk in. And ultra-sexy.

photo-125In fourth grade I was obsessed with crocs. I had like 3 pairs and I bought a bajillion of the little decorations that you could stick in the holes. I was one hip kid, let me tell you.

This afternoon I designed a killer workout for y’all! It’s just about pool party time, and there is no better way to tone up every muscle than circuit workouts. You get the strength moves in there and then the cardio blasts away fat so those muscles can show! Do fifteen reps of each exercise two times through, then do the cardio and move onto the next circuit. I guarantee you’ll feel the burn.

Textures_wallpapers_150Enjoy!! Let me know what you think!!

Did you ever own crocs growing up? Do you ever wear them now? 

What do you think about Tex-Mex food? 

Snapchats of Friday

My new obsession is Magnolia Cafe.

July-21-Magnolia-Cafe-2Ferris, Natalia, and I went there for dinner on Friday. “Everybody knows, everybody goes” because they are open 24 hours and serve up delicious and homemade cheap food like GIANT pancakes or this reuben that knocked it out of the park. YUM.

IMG_3284A shower, a change, and a few hours later I found myself on the rooftop of Love Goat, a bar in West Campus.

IMG_3290 IMG_3289A group of friends and I headed downtown and danced the night away. We weren’t ready to wrap up the festivities when they bars closed so we all headed to our friend Fasil’s apartment to hang out for a bit longer. I ended up going to bed around 4:30 am.

IMG_3291Who doesn’t need a good arm wrestling competition in their life? I worked for 9 hours today on 4 hours of sleep so I was a little loopy! I’ll be hitting the sack soon that’s for sure.

But first. I’m obsessed with this haircut and I want it so badly.

IMG_3294Cute right?!?

Food and Exercise

PicMonkey CollageBreakfast: English muffin with banana and peanut butter. Lunch: Chicken soulvaki sandwich from pita pit. Snack: pecan muffin from Coffee Bean. Dinner: tuna, broccoli, and sweet potato.

The Day I Conquered the Bagel

I went to Cru (a fun church service for college students) last night with several of my friends. It was a blast and I’m definitely going to go back next week. But, as I walked in after eating completely clean all day, I noticed 5 HUGE bags of fresh Einstein Bros Bagels.

tumblr_m9on3v7RbD1rdtv8to1_500I could smell them around me as people munched on them the entire service. OMG I wanted one so badly, but I wasn’t hungry and I had already brushed my teeth. So at then end of the evening I took one to eat the next day. It was beautiful.

einstein-brothers-farragutThe 20 minute walk home carrying that deliciously soft bagel about killed me. I then planned to give it to a homeless person since I usually get accosted by about 8 million on my walk to class, but suddenly there were none to be found.

7a97be3b8f4513ef02d0dd8323c28c28Where are you when I need you?!? Miraculously, I made it home with none of the bagel missing and stuck it in a plastic bag for later. I plan to make my basil, tomato, and mozzarella sandwich with it tonight for dinner.


I completed a 30 minute nike training workout yesterday since I was a little pressed for time. Today I go straight from class to a pharmacy luncheon and then a library seminar and then to work. Not sure when I’m going to squeeze in studying or a workout, but hopefully it happens. That’s the problem with work. You have to look good.

tumblr_inline_mgqrxr10j61qbv1y4Have a good one!  Hopefully nobody throws fresh and free bagels into your healthy day!