Tex Mex

This afternoon I wanted to take my dad out for his birthday lunch! We looked up a bunch of different places, but I just couldn’t get Chuys out of my mind. I’ve been there SO many times but it always sounds good. The food is fresh, hot, and delicious. I snacked on an apple before we left so I wouldn’t be too hungry and end up stuffing myself.

IMG_2422_2My mom and sister looked gorgeous but I didn’t get the memo. Or maybe I did and ignored it. Tehe!

There was a 20 minute wait for a table! On a Monday afternoon. You know a place is good when it’s always busy! We waited outside to enjoy the sun 😀

IMG_2423_2Halley and I split the combo fajitas (beef and chicken). Fajitas are one of the healthiest things to get at a Mexican place since it’s protein, veggies, and it isn’t smothered in cheese or a heavy cream sauce. I ate two taco sized fajitas along with a small portion of rice and beans.

IMG_2425_2 IMG_2427_2The tortillas at Chuys are homemade and have a wonderful doughy texture. I got some to go and am looking forward to making a peanut butter and banana taco for breakfast. After lunch us girls went to target to look around. I found a new summer dress that I love! Plus nail polish to match.

photo-128Around 6:30, the Tex Mex fiesta continued when we made some incredibly creamy guacamole for dinner.

IMG_2429_2The avocados here are the best I’ve ever had and I can’t get enough! We wanted to highlight them so instead of incorporating them into a dish we decided chips and guac would make a darn good dinner.

Tonight we’re watching Pitch Perfect. I love that movie!

Do you like avocados? Have you ever left target without buying anything?


The Day That Made My Life Awesome

That might be a bit of an overstatement, but yesterday was a pretty great day. Let’s recap some of the amazingness that happened shall we?

1. I got a job. I decided I really do need some cash flow and I actually do have time, so I showed up to my interview and was offered a position about five minutes later! I’m the greeter/order taker at Noodles and Company. Not glamourous, but everyone there seems so nice and I’m really excited! It’s my first job I’ve gotten on my own and not through friends, so I feel good about it.

noodles_oval2. I began the process to change my major. I’m still taking all the pre-med classes I need, but I’ve decided to change my major from Biology to English. Writing is my greatest academic strength and even though papers are hard work, I enjoy doing it. I want to take some time to study what I love before I get to medical school and am fully immersed in science. It is much easier than I expected and everyone has been so helpful! woop whoop!

01v/11/arve/G2582/0163. I finally claimed my AP credits and got three full classes covered. My tests were taking forever to show up on my resume so I went to the office to ask them about it. The woman who helped me was pretty clipped at first, probably because college students go in there all day every day demanding for their tests to be recognized w hen she gets about 3,000 a day. So I was super nice and understanding and she helped me through the whole process. Be nice people!

4. I applied for an internship and have an interview set up for next week. I don’t want to say what it is yet since it’s a very long interview process and nothing may come of it, but if I get this internship I’d be blown away with excitedness and the fact that I already have an interview is AWESOME.

tumblr_mifuouVw0W1ql5yr7o1_4005. I spend my first night on my new memory foam mattress topper. Now I have a comfy mattress, a regular mattress topper, and five inches of blessed memory foam. My bed might be 12 feet high but it cradles you like a baby and I don’t remember ever sleeping so well in my life. 


Ummm…..uhhh…none. 😦 I didn’t workout yesterday, boo! AND I ate deep dish pizza for dinner. I’ll be torching some calories today that’s for sure!!! Right now I’m off to an elementary school where I’ve volunteered to do some science demonstrations.

I miss your feedback!! What do you remember as being your best day ever? What are you hoping comes to be in the future? 

Indian Food and Sunshine

Since I slept through my usual blogging time on Monday, I want to go back to Sunday and let you know the fun times my dad and I had! First we went to central market to do some grocery shopping. You have no idea how obsessed I am with that store. It’s incredible. Then, around 3pm we were both starving so we went to an Indian restaurant near my house called “The Clay Pit.”

photo-40 photo-41It was delicious. Honestly probably some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had and the restaurant was classy and tasteful. The giant Sunday buffet was only 12 dollars! Indian food buffets are the only kind I can stand because 1) all the flavors meld together beautifully so I want to try a little (or a lot) of each and 2) you don’t tend to see as much waste as at other buffets. Once our bellies were full, we were craving some sunshine so we moseyed over to the Hike and Bike trail.

photo-43 photo-42Gosh, Austin. Why are you such an ugly city? NOT. You should have seen how many people were out with their dogs. I wanted to pet them all, but it wasn’t physically possible. If you see a slightly sad looking college student petting your animal, just let me be. I won’t hurt them, I just miss my dog. haha! After our walk we went to Target where I got new UT gear and and exercise video. It was a great day and I love getting to spend time with my dad while in college.


To give this blog more of a fitness feeling again, I’m going to start sharing my daily workouts again. Yesterday’s was…a bit of a dud. Sorry to start out on a down note! Remember how I said I got a Jillian Michaels video?

519hqop8mJL._SS365_“Extreme Shed and Shred” brings to mind a pretty intense workout. Now, it’s partially my fault that I didn’t like it because I didn’t read the back at all and just figured it was like her other circut workouts. Super intense, quick, varied, and effective.

In this workout, however, she uses some moves from Brazilian jujitsu that are very flowy and have a lot of arm waving but not a lot of cardio or strength. Then, in the middle of the video she stops and begins doing some yoga. I can’t do her yoga because she’s all about arching the back (which is bad for normal people too!! Don’t do it!!) so I kind of just awkwardly did my own thing during this part.

I will try level two and see if I like it better. Though I appreciate her branching out and trying new things, I think she’s best with the basics.

L is for the way you look at me

big_red_heartHappy Valentine’s Day y’all! Thank you for being awesome and reading my little blog when you get the chance. It’s been a fun project for me and hopefully for you too!

In order to be a stereotypical blogger this morning, I finally tried overnight oats! I used Kath‘s recipe and modified it. In the bowl last night I threw 1/3 cup organic vanilla yogurt, 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/3 cup almond milk, and one banana. This morning I awoke with breakfast done!

photo-35When I first woke up, I thought “blah what have I done? I hate yogurt for breakfast. And I want something warm.” Plus, it looks pretty nasty so I tried the teeniest bite. It is so good. The bananas make it taste like banana pudding and when you throw some peanut butter in there its like heaven in your mouth. Plus it’s crazy healthy. Try it out!!

I’m feeling alllllmost all better and I’m debating whether or not to workout or to give it one more day. Eek! Regardless, my day shall be full of tons of calc studying and a club meeting tonight.

What is your favorite breakfast? Do you like sweet or savory things in the morning? 

For me, sweet all the way. I tried to make scrambled eggs with peppers the other day and was gagging while eating them. TMI, I know, sorry. Guess I’ll stick with egg tacos for dinner!


Today is an awesome day so far. I went to my Calculus and Chemistry office hours and now understand concepts I was lost on before, I already have a ton of my homework done, and I got a 90% on a Calculus quiz I thought I failed. Go Monday!!

Another thing that was awesome was Mekong on Saturday night with my girls. It’s basically a war themed party and I just danced and danced. We had a ton of people over at our place beforehand and it was a blast meeting so many new people.

52528_10151450561643478_1973942194_o 148772_10200434109760256_891428939_n 602968_10151450563743478_1038805495_n IMG_1128Next week I have a Chemistry exam, a Biology exam, and an essay due for my US-Latin American relations class. I better start working now! Seems like next weekend will probably be a pretty low key one for this girl.

What’s your favorite theme party you’ve ever gone to?

I pretty much like any excuse to dress up! 🙂

I Made It!

I just got my computer back yesterday when Halley and her boyfriend David showed up with my car loaded up with tons of stuff.

My room is a huge work in progress because I still need a bed frame, a dresser, and a desk. It’s kind of an unorganized pile of bags and boxes with a mattress on the floor. All in good time.

I need to pull my camera out of the rubble today and show you guys (soon I can say ya’ll!) what I’ve been up to.

upshotI explored campus a little yesterday and it is huge. This picture is only a small section. It’s a little overwhelming I won’t lie, but I’ll get it figured out and my roommate Paige is giving me a tour tonight. Plus, the University has an app for my phone that shows you exactly where to walk to get to specific buildings. I’ll be fine!

Orientation tomorrow 🙂