Summer Leisure

Yesterday was a great day! Nannying was a blast as the girls were super excited for the big BBQ they were having at their house later that night. I had to make sure the house and yard stayed shiny and clean, so we did lots of crafts and also some baking!

IMG_4040That was messy, but it was so much fun I didn’t mind cleaning it up. The girls got to mix the dough with their hands which they thought was pretty much the best thing ever. I managed to finish the cookies without eating the majority of the batter…win!

My ‘work’ day ended around 4pm and I swung by the Good Food Store to pick up a goodie that Food Farm doesn’t offer.

IMG_4041My friend Faith suggested I try going gluten free for a while and see what happens with my stomach. Her daughter, Hannah, had very similar symptoms to me that were completely resolved when she gave up gluten. I have to admit I’ve been a little judge-y of the vast amounts of people swearing off gluten, but if there’s a chance it will work I have to try! For 5.99 a loaf this stuff is bound to do something.

At six I picked up my grandmother and we drove to Bonner Park to enjoy some opening night concerts of the international choral festival.

IMG_4044The festival boasts choirs from Australia to Japan and everywhere in between, and is designed as a way for different cultures to bond over music. It was a perfect evening to be outside, listening to great music, and enjoying summer.

IMG_4045Once the concert ended, I planned to meet up with my friend Jordan at Starbucks before catching a late showing of White House Down. However, we didn’t know there were two Starbucks in town so we sat alone and enjoyed beverages while waiting for the other to show up.

IMG_4047I finally texted her and asked if there were two..haha! Oops! At least I got some fancy water out of it.

White House Down was really really good! So much better than I expected it to be.

white-house-down-poster07It wasn’t just 2 minutes of back story followed by 2 hours of shooting. There was a lot of suspense, behind the scenes action, family relationships, and a great script. If you wrote this movie off as a cheesy action movie and haven’t seen it, I’d suggest giving it a try!

Do you know anyone who is gluten free? Has it eliminated any negative symptoms for them? 

What is your favorite type of movie? 


Scrabble Saturday

I slept in on Saturday! 8:30 instead of 7:30, going crazy over here! I made myself eggs and toast for breakfast and topped them with salsa. I underestimated how spicy the salsa was though. Hot hot hot!

When my parents seized a break in the rain as an opportunity to take my dog on a walk, I decided to do some playing in the kitchen. I’ve made these cookies before and I love them to pieces!

IMG_36151 cup rolled oats + 2 ripe bananas + a heavy sprinkle of cinnamon + 1.5 minutes in the microwave = heaven! The bananas get soooo sweet when you cook them, they really taste like cookies. At fifty calories a pop, they’re hardly a guilty pleasure, and all the ingredients have  been shown to help burn stomach fat. A cookie that will make my tummy flatter? Sign me UP!

Two cookies wasn’t exactly enough lunch, so I continued my sweet streak with Chobani Greek Yogurt topped with Honey Bunches of Oats. Mmmm.

IMG_3618We finally went and saw the new Iron Man yesterday!

IMG_3621loved it! Robert Downy Jr. is just incredible, you can’t not watch him. And Gwyneth Paltrow’s abs?!? What the what?!?

When we came home, I had the brilliant idea to pull out some board games! Gosh, I”m just such a genius.

IMG_3627After coming in at last place in our first game of scrabble, we made some popcorn in our whirly pop and then played another game. Which I also got the lowest score in. Guess I’m not such a genius after all! 😉

IMG_3623I sipped on an iced “latte” while we played. If you take coffee and pour it over ice and then add a couple inches of vanilla almond milk, it really tastes like an iced vanilla latte from starbucks! Plus it’s healthy. I loooove them.

IMG_3620Dinner was a small portion of our leftover Pea and Bacon pasta with a side caesar salad. I went to bed happy after a lovely day!

Also, the swelling on my stomach is down significantly! It’s nice to know I didn’t spontaneously gain 47 pounds or swallow a watermelon in my sleep. On the mend!

Have you seen Iron Man 3? What are your plans for your extra weekend day? 

Traveling Days

Today is my 3 month blog-aniversary! OMG. If my blog and I were a middle school couple we would get each other a candy bar and have an awkward face-to-face conversation.

Last night the photographer from the Tribune came over to photograph me cooking dinner. I didn’t realize the dish I was making basically just sits there for an hour and then it’s done, so I did all the prep work beforehand. Then I pretended to cook a lot and ran around in my yoga pants and fuzzy socks. Luckily he had good ideas because I sure didn’t! I was planning on looking cute for the picture but then my hair kept getting in the way of my face and my feet were freezing so….I looked like an 89 year old woman. Who cares? Not me! Moving on.

Tomorrow I head to Missoula! I can spend quality time with my sister, cousins, and other awesome family for four days and have a jolly good time. Then I have one day back at home before I leave for Billings next Tuesday. I’ll be living life wild and free on the highways of Montuckey.

Of to shower and head to the mall before I tutor today! Have a great one 🙂

What’s your favorite city in the state where you live?

Mine would probably be…hmmm that’s tricky! I think each city has it’s perks. Probably Missoula though.

Exciting News

I have a super exciting announcement!!! Next semester, meaning January 28th, I will be attending school at the University of Montana!!

I am just dying to be back on a college campus meeting people, taking classes, and working hard. The University of Montana has a very small, flat campus so I know my back can handle it and still finish up the healing process. Plus, my sister, aunt, uncle, grandma, and cousins all live there so I have a wonderful support system if I’m having a rough week!

This was a huge decision for me to make. If you would have told me a year ago I’d be going to the University of Montana I would have called you crazy. I’ve always wanted to go out of state but right now this just makes the most sense! It is better to go in state than to sit in the same town while I wait to heal. So, I’ll see you in 3 months Missoula!!

I’ll also be doing their 10 week summer session during which you can take up to 18 credits. That way, wherever I start school next fall, I’ll be starting as a sophomore and it will be like this whole thing never happened! It’s crazy how crooked my college path has turned out to be but I know I’ll still end up in the same place 🙂


Breakfast: Greek yogurt pancakes (480 calories)

Lunch: Cauliflower Mac and Cheese (250 calories) + Apple with chocolate cream cheese (120 calories)

Dinner: Mackenzie River Willow Creek Sandwich (?? This is my “cheat meal” for the week so I didn’t look up the calories) + Apple Cider (200)

Dessert of the Week: Homemade Fudgey Brownies (mmmmm)

Sleepy Saturday

Last night was not as relaxing as I had planned it to be. I stayed up pretty late watching movies, reading, and talking to my sister on the phone. I was planning to get a long night’s sleep and stay in bed pretty late, but the dog of the house had other plans.

She got up to go out at two in the morning. Then again at three. Then again at four. Then again at 7:30 at which point I just gave up and made myself a bunch of coffee. I think I am going to need a serious nap sometime this afternoon!

I watched the movie “Moonrise Kingdom” and I am so in love with it. It’s the most original, heartwarming, and quirky movie I have seen in a long time. It’s really strange but it doesn’t seem like it’s trying hard to be weird for no reason. I would suggest watching it for sure!

I also did a lot of browsing on Pinterest and Foodgawker. Does anyone else think this “salted” trend is getting a little out of hand? Almost every dessert you see now is super classy because someone threw some extra sodium in the batter. You could take a tub of jello and stir some twinkies and cool whip in and as long as you salted it you’d have a gourmet dessert on your hands. Sheesh.

You best believe that Arnold is loving the salt that I’m sure is in that ice cream.

What is your favorite salted dessert? 

Chewed Out

This morning I had an interesting wake up call! Alice has been coming down to my room and sleeping with me in the mornings lately, but today she went for the gusto. Around 7:00am I found myself with a Doberman laying ON MY FACE. She’s not a small dog. Though I appreciate her love, it was a little hard to breathe.

Then when my alarm went off at 7:30, I decided it would probably be a good idea to get my butt out of bed so that my sleeping pattern doesn’t totally reverse itself and turn me into some night dwelling, anti social creature. Alice thought this was a terrible idea. She was enjoying her face-pillow a whole lot apparently. She barked and barked and ran in circles on the bed, tried to tackle me, barked some more, whined, and basically made quite a show of it. I was this close to falling for it.


When I came up the stairs after her temper tantrum was over, she looked at me like, “Oh are you awake? Interesting.” That dog.

Remember when I said I was going to learn how to cook something that wasn’t a sweet?


I lied. Today I am going to bake chocolate cookies with peanut butter frosting in between them. But I will be sending them away. Far, far away where they cannot call to me from the counter.

Have a great day!! To everyone out there who is getting an iPhone 5 today…better keep a close eye on that thing. That’s all I’m saying.