Somebody is four!

Happy happy birthday to my wonderful Puppy Alice. She is now 28 in human years and these last four years have been wonderful.

But they sure have flown by…

puppy 052I have loved when she is feeling playful…


IMG_4032And cuddly…




IMG_1260You might think it’s crazy how much I love this dog, but she has been such a blessing. She was there when my sister left for college, when I was going through my senior year with all its ups and downs, and when I had to come home from Washington State. This year has been my most challenging yet and having a companion who knows when you’re sad and will rest her head in your lap to cheer you up or do something goofy to put a smile on your face really makes a difference. Even when times AREN’T hard she is always making them even better!

For her birthday morning, she just wanted to relax and be around us while we decorate for Christmas!

IMG_2313Happy four years, Alice, here’s to many more.

What’s your favorite thing about your pet?

Birthday Recap

Here’s a sample of what my birthday on Saturday consisted of


















































All in all it was a pretty great day. My dad cooked french toast for breakfast, then I got ready and relaxed a while before we headed to Macaroni Grill for a late lunch. Then I opened some presents and relaxed some more while my mom cooked a her AMAZING lasagna! After dinner we had champagne and watched a movie before eating some homemade ginger cremes and heading to bed. It may not have been the birthday I was expecting for this year, but nevertheless it was a wonderful day!

I’ve got a few projects on my radar this week. Of course, the seemingly never ending one of getting my back healed (it’ll all be over soon, right?!?), and editing a manuscript for my aunt! Hope you have a lovely week!