Happy Birthday Dad!

I won’t get all mushy, but my dad is honestly the best man I know! I look up to him and love him so much and I’m so glad he’s always there!

30720_1509977672470_2475163_n 30720_1509977792473_634481_n 30720_1510113555867_7411759_n 291639_4311299903775_600632786_o 305779_2589420697871_1610170743_n 530440_10151300919193389_1635608068_n 736374_10151320630603389_1280814252_o 996681_10151610746458389_1250181385_n IMG_0154 IMG_0528 IMG_0682Our family is a blessing and we wouldn’t be what we are without you! I love you, have a great birthday!! 😀


Final Calgary Post

Day three of Calgary was a blast as well! Full of shopping at the mall, visiting “Heritage Park” which is a replica of a town many years ago, drinks at the James Joyce, and lots of delicious food.

IMG_0111 IMG_0113 IMG_0117 IMG_0120 IMG_0128 IMG_0116

And a wonderful New Years Eve of course 🙂 Overall, it was a GREAT vacation!


Back to the present! Today I did another fantastic workout that I hope you do. I am feeling like a noodle!! It’s another bike circut workout but it works the whole body. Switching from upper body to lower body between bursts of cardio makes your heart work like crazy and you’ll feel the burn!!


Be sure to do lots of stretching afterwards and drink tons of water!

What is your favorite type of workout? 

Mine is circuts by far. You can work every muscle and get cardio in such a short amount of time! Plus, switching exercises quickly makes the time fly by and I don’t get bored which motivates me to push myself super hard.

Calgary Getaway: Day 2

The second day of our mini-vacation was jam packed! We all woke up at 7:30 and got ready to hit the ground running. We were all shocked my dad slept in that late, he wakes up at 4 every weekday and rarely sleeps in past 5:30 or 6. Good for him!

IMG_0004Stripes and boots, unplanned matching for the win! We began our day with a light breakfast from Good Earth Cafe. I had an egg and pesto sandwich and it did the trick! Halley chose better than I did and had the seed roll.

IMG_0007We spent some time exploring the center that the cafe is located in, called the Eau Claire. It’s an interesting place because it’s right in the heart of downtown but it seems to kill off every business that tries to open there! They do have Schwarma though (any Avengers fans out there???)


IMG_0010Some more downtown shopping ensued as well as a trip back to the room to “freshen up” and rest our feet. I didn’t buy anything because I want to wait until I get down to Texas to see what type of clothing I need more of.

Our next stop was the Glenbow Museum, which is an art museum downtown that always has the most fascinating special exhibits. I wish I could have taken pictures for you guys because this show was incredible. It was called “Fairy Tales, Monsters, and the Genetic Imagination”. It had all styles of art and took the viewer through the times as fairy tales have evolved and changed and how now some might even be possible through genetic modification. I loved it!

After the museum trip we parked ourselves at Milestone Grille for lunch.

IMG_0014I had the Brie flatbread and a side salad. Ever since trying Brie for the first time on Thanksgiving, I can’t get enough! After filling our bellies, we were off again! This time to Kensington, a delightful neighborhood that seems smaller and funkier than downtown. We always stop by Crave, a cupcake bakery, and made no exception this trip as we walked in to pick out breakfast for the next morning.

IMG_0026Crave makes hands down the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Even better than my homemade ones! I don’t know how they do it. More wandering and shopping and enjoying each other’s company and then of course…a stop in another Brew Pub to get out of the cold! Bailey’s and coffee for all the girls and Guinness for the father.

IMG_0027 IMG_0028The warm stop appealed to us and we wanted to keep the temperature up, so our next stop was hot tubbing at the hotel! They have a huge hot tub right in the middle of their spa so it’s nice and peaceful. A few hours of soaking and we were content and happy.

We got dried off and decided to head to dinner at a restaurant my dad discovered. They’ve won all sorts of awards since their opening including “Best Overall Restaurant in Calgary”, and when we arrived they were packed! But it was worth the wait. We split the kale salad and meatballs to start and ordered a mushroom pizza with truffle oil.

IMG_0102 IMG_0103Deeeeeeelicious. There’s nothing else to say. The final stop of the evening took us back to the James Joyce for some after dinner drinks! I had a Nutty Irish which is vanilla vodka, Baileys, creme de cacao, and something else…it was quite boozy and I couldn’t finish it. It sure did taste good though!

IMG_0106 IMG_0110It was a packed and yet simultaneously relaxing day.

Final Calgary recap to come! 🙂

Calgary Day 1

I have some catching up to do! This weekend my family and I went to Calgary, Alberta to celebrate the New Year. On Saturday morning we got all packed up and hit the road around 9 am.

IMG_0101 IMG_0102A few hours later we arrived in Lethbridge for a break from the drive to enjoy some delicious Indian food.

IMG_0112 IMG_01114pm finally rolled around and we were finally in Calgary! I love love love this city. It is so clean and safe. Also, they really know how to do winter and every place you go is cozy and warm. Unlike Great Falls, I actually take my coat off in restaurants. Also, the drinking age is 18 so when you see pictures of me partaking with my family don’t be alarmed! First stop was to get checked into our hotel, the Fairmont.

IMG_0120Once we were unpacked and settled in our tummies were grumbling! We ventured into the cold and found solace in a wonderful Irish pub called the James Joyce. Dude wrote a boring ass book, but the pub named after him couldn’t have been better. A round of Guinness for everyone to start!

IMG_0001_2 copyIt was fresh, the perfect temperature, and essentially flawless. Then came my meal… the apple brie burger. I can’t even describe how good it was. The beef was juicy and flavorful and it was topped with brie, apples, and a cinnamon chutney all on a sourdough bun. Heaven!!!!

Stay tuned for day two of our weekend getaway! 🙂