Nanny McMorrison

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were my first three days of nannying! At first I was a little nervous, wondering what we’d do all day. Luckily, the little girls I nanny are super creative and up for anything and we’ve had no trouble playing away summer afternoons.

Day one was full of outings. We went to the carousel and then to a big park with a huge play set for kids.

IMG_3934 IMG_3936We also spent a lot of time on the huge, gorgeous deck, playing in the kiddie pool, and doing crafts. A foray into tie dye was made…that was a terrible idea. Five year olds and tie dye go together about as well as a Pomeranian and espresso. Not well. No dye made it into the house, though, and the children and myself came out essentially unscathed. Success!

IMG_3937 IMG_3933My first day I wasn’t good at getting the girls to pick up what they played with. Turns out, phrasing demands as questions does not work well. The answer to “hey girls wanna go pick up your toys now?” will forever be no.

Day two was spent playing around the house. I got a bunch of laundry and cleaning done and in the morning before it got hot we walked to their school playground. I could easily see myself living in this area someday, it’s SO beautiful and there are some gorgeous houses out here.

IMG_3946 IMG_3945 IMG_3944On Wednesday the girls and I met up with their mother for ‘Lunch in the Park’. There are tons of different food items to choose from, and I ┬áhad coconut chickpea curry with naan. SO GOOD. Then I took the girls to Splash Montana. That was terrifying.

Crowds, water, hot sun blaring down, a lazy river full of commotion, and two teeny girls whose lives I am in charge of. Luckily, we all survived.

I think I’ve found myself an awesome summer job!! How’s your week going?