Raisin Bran Crack

After my fun Friday evening dinner, the rest of the weekend was filled with work, studying, and relaxing. For some reason last night I came home from the store after a 7 hour shift and was dead. It always feels good to sit down after standing all day, but I plopped myself down into a recliner and couldn’t get up! I ended up going to bed around 9:30 with plans to wake up early, workout, and get started studying bio. I guess I needed the rest!

tumblr_inline_mkskipLEHF1qz4rgpI was excited to wake up this morning because Saturday night I purchased the most beautiful breakfast creation I’ve had the pleasure of eating. Raisin Bran Crunch.

RaisinBranCrunch182ozI had never tried raisin bran until a few weeks ago when it was my only option because I thought it sounded pretty cardboard-y. Who decided it was a good idea to put bran in the title? They should call it Raisin Honey Balls of Ultimate Deliciousness. I’m a pretty happy camper this morning.

Also, I think I’m breaking up with Central Market. Or at least giving myself some space.

tumblr_m7qalghJUC1r2ej51I couldn’t believe how little I spent on groceries at HEB this weekend. Normally my tally is between 60 or 70 bucks, but I only spent 39!! I just can’t justify that extreme price difference just because I like to shop in a pretty store. Urgh. Can’t wait until I’m rich beyond belief and can just have my chauffeur Charles drop me off there all day to buy overpriced produce to my heart’s content.

What is your favorite cereal? 

My new on is obviously Raisin Bran Crunch, but I’m a HUGE sucker for Reese’s Puffs. I can’t buy those, though, they’ll be gone in a day.


Workin’ Woman

Yesterday was another jam packed day for me, but it was all wonderful things! First of all, I got another new job! I’m not working at two places, but a clothing boutique called Manjus called me for an interview. I went in at one, walked out at 1:15, quit my job at Noodles and Company and I start today! I’m so pumped. Retail is a little more up my alley than foodservice, and all the girls that work there seem super sweet.

273DSCN1340It’s also a two minute walk from my condo! Score. I went shopping for groceries at Central Market last night and I cannot tell you how much I love grocery shopping. It’s like going to disneyland or something. I love walking through the aisles, picking out new fruits and veggies to try, and I always pick one item from their dip station. Yesterday it was organic mango and corn salsa that I plan to put on black bean and egg tacos for dinner this week! Mmmm.

tumblr_lpw64ivOtc1qle6h7After grocery shopping, Natalia picked me up and we headed to Mozart’s and studied until midnight. Then I came home, packed my lunch, put my backpack together, and picked out my outfit. I have to start looking good at school because I go straight to work after class and I can’t really sell people clothes looking like I don’t own any decent ones myself. Woe is me.




I did a 40 minute interval workout on the bike. It wasn’t as challenging at the hill workout, but it still got my heart pumping! Then I went into the weight room to do chest, shoulders, abs, and stretching. Stretching out when my muscles are really warm feels sooo good and it definitely keeps my back from getting sore too. Yay stretching!!

My Mojo Fell Asleep

Yesterday was one of those days that starts off with super great intentions, and then goes downhill from there. My plans were to wake up at 7am, study calculus and do my biology readings before class at eleven, and then pound out my chem work between classes and spend the evening studying more calc and doing housework.

tumblr_m8odt6MAdV1r5ljt4So my alarm goes off at 7 and I sleep through it for an hour. Or at least I think that’s what happened, neither my roommate nor I can remember who actually turned the alarm off, or if anyone did. I came downstairs an hour later than planned feeling insanely tired. It didn’t really make sense since I had gotten 9 hours of sleep, but I honestly felt drugged. I got coffee, sat down with my bio, and passed out for two more hours.

tumblr_m0f2y3bWEZ1qhpcl4I woke up really confused, threw my stuff together and headed to class. That feeling of disorganization and sleepiness stuck with me throughout the day and I was just not productive yesterday. I would sit down to do homework and just stare at problems.  Don’t you hate it when you know you have to get something done but you just cannot bring your body and brain together to do it? So frustrating.

Thankfully this morning I feel like my usual, alert self. I think my fatigue yesterday may have been my cold’s final legs or something, but today I plan to pound the pavement and get stuff done!

photo-18I have a meeting with my advisor at 10:30 to make some exciting changes, I hope it goes smoothly! It is my same advisor who created the testing debacle for me though, so I’m fully prepared to have to get someone else’s help and opinion. Oy vey.

Another thing helping with my mojo? Bagels and smoked salmon herb spread from central market. Holy hellballs. Dense chewy bagel, creamy, flavorful spread? You need to get to a central market ASAP and try this stuff. I’m in heaven.

Do you ever have days where you just feel unproductive? What causes it?