Figuring This Out

I’m supposed to be giving up inflammatory foods, so first up on the chopping block (to see if it works) are coffee and grains. However…there have been some major stumbling blocks.

I tried quitting coffee cold turkey, but my body is used to 3-5 cups per day. That’s a lot. I almost fell asleep driving to work and now I’m starting with 1 cup a day and going to ween off from there. I’m still feeling pretty sluggish though.

tumblr_moecop4HiL1rg91j0o1_500Grains are easily 20x harder. I have three bagels and an entire batch of pasta in my fridge that I can’t decide if I should throw away or keep….

Plus, tonight, after swearing I was done with carbs for a while, I opened up the cabinet and…

tumblr_ltp2cdShTF1qacyf8o1_500I was starving. It was hot. There was cereal. Lord help me.

This is going to be a challenge.


Cold Breakfasts

I always wake up hungry and immediately walk to the kitchen, toes cracking like little firecrackers, to fix myself something to eat. My favorite breakfast meals are pancakes, french toast, or anything warm and sweet to accompany a hot cup of joe. However, when you wake up and it’s already 80 degrees outside, starting the day off sweating just doesn’t sound so great.

Bring on the cold breakfasts!

IMG_2371_2I asked my dad to pour a cup of coffee for me when he woke up super early so it was cool enough to pour over ice by the time I rolled out of bed. I mixed together a big bowl of cereal and a Chobani greek yogurt. It was cool and sweet. Perfect.

After breakfast I crawled right back into bed! I didn’t sleep well at all last night and I ┬ádecided to get in an hour more rather than fight through drowsiness all day long.

tumblr_mm3nvlzXu41qet1emo1_500When I woke up, again, I got ready (ish) for the day and began to tackle some of my schoolwork. I’m got about halfway through taking notes on the chapter before taking a lunch break.

IMG_2372_2I topped a piece of whole grain toast with chocolate almond butter and paired it with two hard boiled eggs! Whole grain, fats, fruit, and protein. Deeeelicious.

Off to keep plugging away at this chapter! Catch ya later ­čśÇ

My Mojo Fell Asleep

Yesterday was one of those days that starts off with super great intentions, and then goes downhill from there. My plans were to wake up at 7am, study calculus and do my biology readings before class at eleven, and then pound out my chem work between classes and spend the evening studying more calc and doing housework.

tumblr_m8odt6MAdV1r5ljt4So my alarm goes off at 7 and I sleep through it for an hour. Or at least I think that’s what happened, neither my roommate nor I can remember who actually turned the alarm off, or if anyone did. I came downstairs an hour later than planned feeling insanely tired. It didn’t really make sense since I had gotten 9 hours of sleep, but I honestly felt drugged. I got coffee, sat down with my bio, and passed out for two more hours.

tumblr_m0f2y3bWEZ1qhpcl4I woke up really confused, threw my stuff together and headed to class. That feeling of disorganization and sleepiness stuck with me throughout the day and I was just not productive yesterday. I would sit down to do homework and just stare at problems. ┬áDon’t you hate it when you know you have to get something done but you just cannot bring your body and brain together to do it? So frustrating.

Thankfully this morning I feel like my usual, alert self. I think my fatigue yesterday may have been my cold’s final legs or something, but today I plan to pound the pavement and get stuff done!

photo-18I have a meeting with my advisor at 10:30 to make some exciting changes, I hope it goes smoothly! It is my same advisor who created the testing debacle for me though, so I’m fully prepared to have to get someone else’s help and opinion. Oy vey.

Another thing helping with my mojo? Bagels and smoked salmon herb spread from central market. Holy hellballs. Dense chewy bagel, creamy, flavorful spread? You need to get to a central market ASAP and try this stuff. I’m in heaven.

Do you ever have days where you just feel unproductive? What causes it? 

Early daze of Texas

The last few days have felt kind of surreal. Did I really move to Texas three days ago? Did I really set my time forward an hour without any notion of the next time I’ll set it back? I did! And it’s awesome. We’ve been furniture shopping (so far unsuccessfully), eating delicious food, and just hanging out.

IMG_2557 IMG_2558My back is feeling fantastic. It gets somewhat tight if I walk or sit for a long time without stretching, but that’s the only symptom I’ve really noticed. Yes!

IMG_2562I have only met one of my roommates, Paige, and she is a total sweetheart. I can’t wait to meet the rest of them! She’s been crazy busy but we have plans to hang out on Tuesday evening which will be great!

It’s been such a blessing having Halley and David here the last few days. They’ve been a┬áhuge┬áhelp and I don’t feel like a little lost child set in a big city. haha!

IMG_2573Like the toilet? Sexayyyy. I have to run to orientation after a big french toast breakfast. I am excited to tackle today and really become a longhorn ­čÖé

Song turning points

Yesterday was such a fun Saturday! I woke up right at 8 am. Lately I don’t even need to set an alarm, I guess 8 is just the time my body has chosen to get started on the day. I got ready quickly and headed to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for a chicken marinade I was making.

After cooking up a storm, I headed to lunch with my aunt Susie at “The Suki Cafe”. They serve Thai food and sushi and never disappoint!

california_roll-20335217With a full belly, I drove around completing some little errands like returning the movie we watched last night and grabbing an Americano from Starbucks. The holiday cups are so festive! I need to have my annual Christmas drink, but I think I’ll wait until it gets a little cooler outside.

photo-18Driving home, sipping my hot coffee, Miranda Lambert’s song “Over You” came on the radio. I had a flashback to the first time I heard the lyric “It really sinks in, you know, when I see it in stone.”

tumblr_lt56xjyfbO1qdz3dz“What?!? He’s dead?!? Here I was thinking he was a big jerk!! WAAAA!!” Was basically what went flying through my mind. There are quite a few songs that do that, actually, have a big twist. It’s usually very funny or very sad. Brad Paisly’s “I’m going to miss her” song cracked me up the first time I heard it.

I can only think of country songs for some reason but I know there are others!

What’s your favorite “twist” song? Did it make you laugh or cry?

Walk it Out

Yesterday was probably the “busiest” Saturday I’ve had since coming home and it was a blast! In the morning I walked for an hour listening to my audiobook, which just keeps getting better and better. Although, the woman who reads it had a British accent for the first two chapters but at chapter 3 she starts switching back and forth between Irish and British.


Now I know you’re faking it to sound more pleasant, woman. Pick an accent.

Then I came home and made myself look not like a homeless person to run some errands with my family. We got the infamous IPAD at Target which I already am in love with. I found this sweet app that allows you to take notes and record the lecture at the same time. It synchronizes the sound with what you are writing so you can be reading through your notes and if a topic confuses you, all you do is go over to the end of that line and press play and the lecture starts playing from there.


Bring it on college. I can already take rad notes from HGTV, you’ll be a piece of cake.

After all the errand running and nerdiness, I met up with my friend Noah at the River’s Edge Trail for even more walking. Facing away from our cars was great and the scenery was beautiful and we had a great conversation. Coming back, the wind pounded us but it was still fun. Being outside so much felt amazing!


Noah and I finished up our walk at Crooked Tree. I went for some green tea and it was awesome. I’m not a fan of the cold, but there really is something great about getting a little chilly and then warming up with a mug of something hot.

I got home around six for some homemade pizza and Captain America with my dad.


Oh hi there…

We both agreed it is probably the best out of all the Superhero movies that lead up to “The Avengers”. Ironman is my favorite character but Robert Downy is the only reason that the Ironman movies are good. To me.

My back is a little angry at me for walking two and a half hours yesterday, so I’ll probably forgo my walk this afternoon to make it happy. I don’t want to risk any setbacks!

Happy Sunday!