A to Z survey

I just love surveys!

A. Attached or single? 

ASingle. Maybe this is why.

B. Best friend?

BI’m blessed to have several people who I call my best friends, but my sister Halley and I have been thick as thieves since I was born! She’s one of the best gifts God has ever given me.

C. Cake or pie?

CCake. When there is cake in the house I literally get so excited about having it for breakfast that I can’t sleep.

D. Day of choice?

Hmm..that’s a hard one! I like the social and relaxing aspect of Saturdays and Sundays, but I like my schedule on weekdays too.

E. Essential item

eMy phone. I talk to my family all the time since they’re so far away from me right now and I love how technology these days makes it so easy to keep in touch.

F. Favorite color? 


G. Gummy bears or worms?

Neither. I don’t like candy unless it has chocolate in it.

H. Home town?

Great Falls, MT

I. Favorite indulgence? 

Taking a day to read, watch movies, and just relax after several busy weeks.

J. January or July? 

JJuly! I prefer warm, sunny weather over cold.

K. Kids? 

Not for a long, long time!

L. Life wouldn’t be complete without?

LMy puppy Alice! It’s no secret that I’m crazy in love with this dog.

M. Marriage date? 

idris-elba2Idris and I are planning a Spring wedding.

N. Number of brothers/sisters?

1 sister!

O. Oranges or apples? 

Apples, you can just grab them and eat! Oranges take a lot of work and are messy.

P. Phobias

PI don’t have any true phobias, but if I ever got kidnapped I would not be cool, calm, and collected.

Q. Quotes?

“Nothing ahead of you is bigger or stronger than the power of God behind you.”

“It will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

“Carpe that fucking diem.”

“You’re kind of a big deal.”

R. Reasons to smile? 

RI have countless, but right now I can’t believe how excited I am to be living in the same city as these two beauties!

S. Season of choice?

Spring. It’s sunny, not too hot, there are flowers, and everyone is happy.

T. Tag five people. 


U. Unknown fact about me? 

I have to cut bangs periodically just to spice things up. I always hate them and get annoyed by them, but I just have to do it to reconfirm that I still don’t like them. Plus my hair kind of always looks the same so I like variety.

V. Vegetable? 

I like all vegetables except zucchini and tomato. The other day I made a zucchini and tomato gratin. Shockingly, I do not like it.

W. Worst habit? 

I forget to close cupboards and I let my gas tank get to empty before I fill it up.

X. X-ray or Ultrasound?

I’m tired of both.

Y. Your favorite food? 

YIndian food. When I go to India someday I’m going to gain 10 pounds, and I’ve already accepted that fact and made peace with it.

Z. Zodiac sign? 



June 4.1

Yesterday I saved all my photos under June 4 because I had the date wrong, so today is unofficially June 4.1! Welcome to our brand new day!

I love making To-Do lists, as you probably know by now, because they set the tone for my day and give me a feeling of accomplishment when it is over.

I'm_Awesome!!!Here’s my To-Do list for today:

Re-read chapter two in my psychology book and take notes

Read chapter 3 in my psychology book

Study psychology flashcards

Take two walks

Bake blueberry macadamia nut muffins for breakfasts this week

Go grocery shopping

What do you need to get done today? 


IMG_2338_2Banana whole-wheat pancakes with maple syrup and hot coffee!

Survive Your First Semester Of College

Looking back over the last semester, it’s crazy how much I learned in a few short months. Not only in my classes, but just about college in general and how to be successful in such a competitive atmosphere. Here are 10 tips that will help all those new high school grads out there who might be feeling uneasy about heading off to school!

10. Study every. single. day. 

tumblr_mhzcq9595H1rv8tvro1_500And study every subject every day. This seems intimidating, but the amount of information that you’ll be flying through in college is substantial. Cramming is simply stressful and ineffective. In high school, as long as you do your homework and look over the info before the test you’ll be okay, but not in college. Do you homework and also map out an hour or two a day for studying every subject on your own. You’ll feel on top of everything and not stressed!

9. Map out your time 

HT2513_01-mac-101-ical_id-001-enI used iCal on my iPad and had a color coded plan for my week, every week. Each class was a different color and I put in the times I’d be in class, the times I’d study for each class, my workouts, my work schedule, my volunteer schedule, and social events too! Knowing that you’ve made time for everything allows you to focus on what you’re doing without thinking about all the other things you need to get done.

8. Make To-Do lists 

to-do-listSitting down to study is ineffective unless you have a clear goal of what you want to accomplish during this study session. Do you need to re-read the chapter, do 20 practice problems, memorize the powerpoint slides? Write it down and cross it off when you finish it, you’ll feel so good getting to cross it off the list!

7. Set a timer when you study

timer1There are so many things to distract you from getting what you need to get done, done. I would put my phone in a drawer on “do not disturb” mode and set a timer for 1 hour. When the timer went off I’d take a 10 minute break to check texts, maybe see what’s up on twitter, ect. It was easier to focus in when I knew there was a break coming.

6. Find a new place to study every couple days 

Belo_interiorThere are hundreds of tiny study spaces tucked away on campus and even more coffee shops and bookstores available for you to get your work done. Having a different place to go makes homework a little more exciting and keeps each day from seeming mundane.

5. Go to office hours with every question

tumblr_lr0l8oKOjv1qii6tmo1_500If you don’t know how to do something, don’t put it off until right before the test. Chances are you’ll need to know how to do it in order to understand the next things you’ll be learning in lecture. I would even go in if I got all the answers right but just wasn’t 100 percent sure why! Not only does this improve your understanding of the material, but it also shows your professor that you care and are working hard. They are willing to work with you and will sometimes give you tips you wouldn’t have known otherwise.

4. Learn from every test, figure out what you missed and why

tumblr_m3s1ybzcKz1qgblnaDid you miss the problem because you don’t understand that material? Go in to a tutor and figure it out so it doesn’t mess you up again on the final. However, a lot of the questions I missed on early tests weren’t because I didn’t know the material, but because I was so nervous that I wasn’t thinking clearly and made a silly mistake. You not only need to learn how to do the class, but also how to take the tests. Go slow, don’t be nervous, and skip problems you don’t know and come back to them. Once I stopped getting so nervous, my grades improved substantially.

3. Nourish your body to improve your mind 

dep_1039002-Healthy-lifestyleLet’s face it, studying is about the last thing you want to do when you’re in a sugar coma, hungover, exhausted, or feeling crappy. Eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting enough sleep improve brain function and give you the energy you need to succeed in all your activities. Plus, a healthy lifestyle banishes a lot of stress from you life.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

There will always be those people that the class comes easily to, and sometimes they just can’t help but share. Oh, you just cannot believe that people actually have to study for chemistry?

happyendingsshot_zps6734773aIt’s easy to look at people like that and feel stupid. You can get just as good of a score as them, so what if it takes more work for you? They are the exception, and everyone has talents. It doesn’t have anything to do with your chances for success.

1. Allow yourself to be a beginner

tumblr_mcz50qUpAw1qih393o1_500This one was the biggest realization for me. No matter how many AP classes you took in high school, college is a whole new ball game. Especially a rigorous university like UT. I had so much self doubt at the beginning of the semester because I felt completely out of my league and I didn’t know if I could hack it. When I did poorly on my first tests, I called my mom crying and told her I wasn’t sure if I could be a doctor because I did not think I was smart enough.

But then I decided that I wasn’t going to get “weeded out” by the classes that cause so many people to change their major. I buckled down, learned from my mistakes, worked hard, and ended up getting straight A’s!

Remember that everyone before you had to figure all of this out too. One test isn’t the end of the world. You’ll continue to make mistakes, you’ll continue to learn from them, and you’ll continue to grow as a person. Isn’t that the point of college in the first place? Have faith in yourself!!

I hope these tips help you in some small way!!

World’s Best Salsa

I am in the BEST mood right now because I got an A on my chemistry and history finals! Still waiting to hear back about biology…but dang, the feeling of hard work paying off cannot be beat. My giant breakfast was a contributor to my success this morning, I’m just sure of it. 😀

IMG_3504Scrambled eggs and banana pancakes. Delicious!! Once I finished my test I came home and enjoyed an apple cider I’ve had in the fridge for weeks, along with some peas and meatballs. Random lunch but it did the job.



It’s so weird to be done with school! This afternoon I had no clue what to do with myself. I didn’t have to study, do homework, go to work, or be anywhere! Most of my friends have headed out of town so I spent some time doing random chores, applying for volunteer positions in Missoula, and twiddling my thumbs.

tumblr_ma88rdiVL01ry937io1_500In elementary and middle school and the first few years of high school, the workload gradually decreases as you get closer and closer to summer. The anticipation builds as each day seems more like summer, and by the time it finally arrives you explode into freedom as a giant ball of excitedness and happiness.

But then senior year and in college…something changes. Professors begin to bury you in tests and projects, smothering out any vision of summer with computer screens and dark study rooms. You are suddenly thrust into summer, blinking in the sun, with no clue how to spend your suddenly free hours.

One thing you can do, however, is eat incredible salsa! I went to my parents’s for dinner and my mom whipped up one of my favorite meals ever. 

IMG_3514Black bean, corn, and avocado salad! This stuff is like crack. Tostitos has also created the most incredible chips on the planet, and when paired together…I can’t even.

IMG_3515 IMG_3516This recipe is 100 percent healthy and easy. Go make it. Now.

Textures_wallpapers_150Serves 16 or….1. No judging here!!

Do you like salsa? What is your favorite summer food? 

Crocs, Tacos, & A Killer Workout

I ended up staying at my parents’ house last night because my check engine light came on and I didn’t want to risk driving on the freeway if my car was going to stop working! After a delicious breakfast, my parents took my car to the shop and I (big surprise here) studied chemistry.

IMG_5341-500x375My car ended up being at the shop ALLLLL DAY long. The horn doesn’t work, the emergency blinkers don’t work, I needed new hoses in my engine, and I needed a new knock sensor. *Sigh*. At least it’s up and running now! Once the three of us got hungry I got dressed (in my new shirt!) and ready for the day.

photo-122I love the Gap, oh so much. Braid + No Makeup = Ready to go in 10 minutes. Score! We arrived at Chuy’s, an amazing Tex-Mex restaurant around 12 and only had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated! A miracle.

photo-123I opted for the fish tacos and a ton of chips and salsa. They were so good. Chuy’s never disappoints. The tortillas were hot and fresh, the fish was grilled to perfection, and they had the perfect amount of cabbage and sauce. I ate one of my tacos and saved the other for dinner!

photo-124Most of the afternoon was spent just waiting around for my car to be ready. I studied some, applied for some more jobs, and hung out with my family. I snacked on a square of dark chocolate and an apple when I got hungry and basically didn’t do much! Along with my second taco I had some chips and guac for dinner. It was a Tex-Mex day around here.

Then we took our dog Alice out for a walk. I only had my chinsy flats with me, so I borrowed some shoes that were more comfortable to walk in. And ultra-sexy.

photo-125In fourth grade I was obsessed with crocs. I had like 3 pairs and I bought a bajillion of the little decorations that you could stick in the holes. I was one hip kid, let me tell you.

This afternoon I designed a killer workout for y’all! It’s just about pool party time, and there is no better way to tone up every muscle than circuit workouts. You get the strength moves in there and then the cardio blasts away fat so those muscles can show! Do fifteen reps of each exercise two times through, then do the cardio and move onto the next circuit. I guarantee you’ll feel the burn.

Textures_wallpapers_150Enjoy!! Let me know what you think!!

Did you ever own crocs growing up? Do you ever wear them now? 

What do you think about Tex-Mex food? 

Running for exercise and running away

Remember my “cute little dream house” that I talked about yesterday?? This guy??


tumblr_ml9jp3qHJ71ql5yr7o1_400It’s only a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath house! I guess location really is everything. I figured it would be in the 3 or 4 hundred thousand range and when I looked it up my jaw about hit the floor. In fact, my favorite neighborhood in Austin is impossible to buy into without 2 million. YIKES! Good thing I have a billionnare benefactor. ha.

In other random news, I went for a run this morning!

IMG_3469Nice and easy. I know, you’re probably thinking, um this blog is called Anything BUT Running. I don’t actually have anything against running, it just seems to be a form of exercise people get obsessed with and forget about other things that are needed for balance and functional fitness!

Every spring I get the itch to get outside and usually go on a few runs before it goes out of my system again. This morning I didn’t want to do an intense workout so I figured a little jog would be nice. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I could easily have logged a couple more miles! I was barely even breathing hard when I got home, I just needed to study! I’m awesome?

tumblr_lye6ltznJy1qiw0juhaha juuuuuust kidding, don’t worry. At two I sat down to take my bio final. It was 10 free response questions and 75 multiple choice questions. Every single question had options A-B, then one option that included two or three answers, and an option for all of the above. It was ridiculous.

P1ItrTLRun away and cry. Hopefully I did well, I took my time to read and go through each problem slowly and carefully but I have zero idea if I chose the correct options. Blah. Just glad it’s over!!!!

Now I have to force myself to be motivated to study chemistry. Wish me luck!

Food and Exercise 

Running before studying and then an arm workout after my test.

IMG_3468Bad about taking pics today sorry!! Breakfast: strawberry pancakes. Lunch: Chicken curry salad sandwich. Snacks: yogurt, an apple, and a banana. Dinner: bagel thin with tuna salad, carrots and hummus.

All Kinds of Tests

Three hours of this kind:

IMG_3429And then over 7 hours of this kind!



WfkM1AaExcept for the fact that there are 50,000 students all around me who totally do! haha. We’ve got this guys.

Food and Exercise

PicMonkey CollageBreakfast: strawberry pancakes with yogurt. Lunch: hummus, caramelized onions, and kale sandwich. Snacks: Raisin bran with yogurt, strawberries, and a square of dark chocolate. Dinner: apple, banana, and crackers with tuna.

No workout for me today, my stomach is still being way too funky!