Out To Eat Series

Have you ever found yourself feeling so hungry that you just couldn’t decide what to eat? Or wishing that you had tried more restaurants in your area, but you just always stick with a few basics? Missoula has a huge variety of fantastic local restaurants, and I don’t want to miss out on any, so I have a fun new craft/blog series for y’all!

First: find a cute box or jar that’s laying around your house somewhere.

IMG_4114Then, grab some card stock. Cut it up and write down every restaurant in your town that you want to make sure to try. I used yelp to help me so that I didn’t forget anything.

IMG_4116Then, fold them all up and put them in the box!

IMG_4117Once a week, probably on Thursdays, I will draw out one of these pieces of paper right when I wake up! That way if it’s a breakfast place, I can head there right away, or I can plan on breakfast or lunch. I’ll review the food on here and it’ll be such a fun way to sample all the places I want to go!

I can hardly wait to get started 😀

What is your favorite local restaurant? 


Tips to Get Out of a Funk

Even if it’s only temporary!

1. Find a TON of old magazines. Lucky, Glamour, Seventeen, Vogue, Fitness…any of the froofy (yep it’s a word) ones you like to read on airplanes.

2. Blast Taylor Swift. ONLY Taylor Swift will do for this. Sorry.

3. Cut out each and every positive or funny phrase you see in all the magazines you found!

4. Ignore all the stick-thin bodies, photoshopped faces, and diet tips. This is about taking the GOOD out of the magazine!

5. Sing at the top of your lungs to the happy songs and cry to the sad ones, even the sad ones that have NOTHING to do with your situation.

6. Take all these positive sayings and glue them on to a glittery board. As you glue each one, read it carefully and really THINK about it. Apply it to your life and watch how you slowly start to feel a bit more positive.

7. Drink a hot cup of tea with way too much honey and eat a square of raspberry dark chocolate.

8. Hug your dog/mom/pillow/self. Just hug something!!

9. Remember that NOTHING lasts forever!

10. Text  or call your best friends to see how they are doing and just to catch up! Don’t talk about the craptastic parts of your life, focus on the positive and help them if they need to vent. It helps keep your mind off you.

11. Whalah! You just had a decent afternoon.