Out To Eat Series

Have you ever found yourself feeling so hungry that you just couldn’t decide what to eat? Or wishing that you had tried more restaurants in your area, but you just always stick with a few basics? Missoula has a huge variety of fantastic local restaurants, and I don’t want to miss out on any, so I have a fun new craft/blog series for y’all!

First: find a cute box or jar that’s laying around your house somewhere.

IMG_4114Then, grab some card stock. Cut it up and write down every restaurant in your town that you want to make sure to try. I used yelp to help me so that I didn’t forget anything.

IMG_4116Then, fold them all up and put them in the box!

IMG_4117Once a week, probably on Thursdays, I will draw out one of these pieces of paper right when I wake up! That way if it’s a breakfast place, I can head there right away, or I can plan on breakfast or lunch. I’ll review the food on here and it’ll be such a fun way to sample all the places I want to go!

I can hardly wait to get started 😀

What is your favorite local restaurant? 



Yesterday I felt like an official “Austinite”. I ate another delicious batch of oats in a jar with cinnamon, a banana, and a few dark chocolate chips before heading out to enjoy a few Austin institutions. Yum!

My friend David and I met at Magnolia Cafe, one of my favorite restaurants here. Right as I sat down, our waitress said “trust me, you want the green chili chicken enchiladas.” I thought it sounded fantastic so I ordered it!

IMG_3599It was a great recommendation. The beans and rice were spicy and flavorful and the green chili sauce on the enchiladas was on point. I ate half and can’t wait to enjoy the leftovers for lunch today!

Once lunch was over, we ventured to gourdoughs. I’ve been hearing about this place since the second I moved here and finally decided I needed to get in on the action. Gourdough’s is a food trailer that sells giant “Gourmet Donuts”.

bhf_13_tour_gourdoughsThe have a variety of over the top creations including a donut topped with chocolate frosting, fudge, and chocolate chips.

Razzle-Dazzle-sRGBTheir flying pig donut is very popular, boasting lots of maple syrup and bacon.

Porkeys-sRGBI opted for the donut topped with cream cheese frosting and crumbled heath bars.

thumb_600David and I split one, and I ate half of my half and brought the rest home for my mom to enjoy! It was SO good, but super intense. I could never eat more than 1/4 of one of their creations without feeling sick! But if you are ever in Austin, I highly suggest you pick up one of these babies to share with your friends.

I did some more reading when I got home and tried to send in my rental application. When dinner rolled around I wanted something light and full of veggies, so my mom had the brilliant idea to make a chicken caesar salad!

IMG_3602We ate around 5:30 and then drove to my condo in town to meet some people who bought my twin bed. They got it all moved out of there for me and someone is coming to pick up my dresser on Monday. It’s so nice that my furniture is all out of the way so all I have are clothes and little things to move.

My dad was in San Antonio for the day and when we arrived home we chatted with him for a long time. Around 10pm my salad was completely gone, so I ate a toasted English muffing with peanut butter to prevent myself from waking up in the middle of the night hungry. I’m looking forward to another great day!

Have you ever eaten a deluxe dessert? What was it? 

When you move do you keep your furniture or sell and buy more when you get there? 

How To Eat Out Healthfully

I have to begin this post with a huge shout out to my incredible mother on mother’s day! I’m so blessed to have such a close-knit family that shares so much love for one another. My mom is always there for me and she dusts me off when life has knocked me down and is my support system when I’m doing well! Thanks for everything Mom!!

IMG_3488We grabbed some Amy’s ice cream as a snack today and the amount of young families waiting in line was crazy! If you want to see what pure joy looks like, visit an ice cream shop full of toddlers. Seriously.

As we were walking past restaurant after restaurant I realized how many great places there are to eat in Austin! I can see why people gain weight when they come to cities like this, but there are some steps you can take to ensure that eating out often doesn’t add inches to your waistline!

1. Have them deliver a to-go box the same time they serve your meal. 

61-to-go-box-catherine-buchananThe portions at most restaurants are crazy big, and it is so easy to keep picking at your plate even when you’re full. If you immediately put half your meal into the box for later, you can enjoy what’s on your plate and not be tempted to overindulge!

2. Avoid anything ‘crispy’. 

crispy chicken caesar salad 2Crispy= fried, and deep-fat frying adds a boatload of fat and calories to any food. Choose the grilled option instead.

3. If you order a salad, ask for the dressing on the side. 

French Salad DressingDressing is delicious, but it’s very high in fat and calories. A little is delicious and good for you, but restaurants tend to drench their salads and the calorie count shoots up into the 700-1000 range. If you dress your own salad, you can use a tablespoon or two and not turn a healthy meal into an indulgence!

4. Ask for light cheese. 

pza_tuscan_cheeseThis is along the same lines as the salad dressing thing. Cheese is awesome, but it’s more of a flavoring than a main course and restaurants tend to pile it on. Half the amount is usually plenty and it’ll save you a ton of calories.

5. Take it easy on the bread basket 

breadThis one is the hardest one for me. I LOVE bread. I crave bread more than I do sweet things, and when somebody sets a bowl of fresh, hot, buttery rolls in front of me I always want to dive right in. But filling up on rolls and then eating a meal is just way too much food. I sip water and tear my roll into pieces, eating it slowly. Or if you’re really tempted, just ask them to take it away!

There are so many amazing restaurants to try! Get out there and enjoy them and maintain your healthy lifestyle as well, it’s totally possible. 😀

Food and Exercise

PicMonkey CollageBreakfast: French toast. Lunch: Noosa Yogurt. Snack: Amy’s ice cream. Dinner: tuna sandwich and broccli.

I’m taking a week off from working out, so if you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting my workouts that’s why!