Yesterday was spectacular. The weather was perfect, with highs in the 80’s and sun basking over everything. At 2pm I got a text from work saying that it was super slow and I didn’t need to come in if I didn’t want to, an opportunity I jumped on! I went back to my condo and hung out with all the girls visiting for Roundup weekend (a huge weekend of Greek parties with food, concerts, drinks, and the likes every year. It’s huge.) We sat on the couch and were lazy, just catching up on girl talk for a few hours.

tumblr_md4rw6ThDP1ql5yr7o1_400Then Juan Pablo and I went to dinner at my favorite Thai place, Madam Mam’s. I had Pad See Ew with beef and left full and happy to watch our friends’ dance performance!

They are in the Dabke group on campus. Dabke is an Arabic form of dance that originated from the creation of thatched roofs. They had to stomp on the roofs in unison to bind them together and the style of dance was born!

photo-66It’s much more intricate than that now though, of course, and this group was so good! I’ve heard my friend Osama talking about it several times and was super curious so the chance to see it in action was very gratifying. It’s such an upbeat, energizing form of dance and I could tell everyone in the group loved to do it. They had big smiles on their faces, energy in their movements, and made the dance seem like a true celebration.

Afterward, we all went back to Juan Pablo’s apartment and hung out and talked for a while, before I got too tired and had to head home to bed! Now I’m at Starbucks typing up this blog post before I get some chem studying under my belt and head to my first Purre Barre class.

purebarre-threepicsI’ve wanted to try Purre Barre forever! When my friend Caroline asked me to go with her I was so excited. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes! Have a great Saturday!


NTC_Logo_NBasianYep, another NTC workout. An intermediate level, 45 minute toning workout. Perfect way to start my day!


Carpe Diem

Yesterday was a fun day! I woke up bright and early, did a workout, got ready, and headed out to Dripping Springs to pick up Halley and head to the outlet malls. I got a new Banana Republic dress and a Gap maxi skirt. Success!

photo-21I have copious amounts of orange clothing. I looked for furniture at the Pottery Barn outlet but didn’t realize how expensive that place was. $1,000 dollars for a dresser when I can get one for $60 at Ikea? Pretty obvious choice for a budget conscious college student.

We got into town around 6pm and had dinner at Chipotle. Mmmmm. Then we walked around the neighborhoods around my condo and did some shopping as I picked up applications at the stores we went into. I GOT THE COOLEST SIGN AT URBAN OUTFITTERS. Please excuse the curse word!

photo-18I just thought this was so awesome. I’m going to put in on the wall opposite my bed so every morning when I wake up it’ll be there to get me jazzed about life. (notice how I’m wearing the same outfit as yesterday? Oh dresser how I miss you so).

When we got back to my place I filled out my job applications for a few hours while we waited for our friends David and Travis to come over.

photo-19 photo-20This morning I went and introduced myself to a few of the managers of the stores I applied to and had breakfast tacos with David! Now it’s off to the dry cleaners and to find my classes on campus.

What’s your favorite motivational saying? When do you find yourself repeating it? 

I think my new one is definitely “carpe that f**cking diem”. I don’t swear very often but it’s just so hardcore and awesome! When I have a crazy busy day it’ll help me to power through.


Orientation confusion

Yesterday I had my orientation for UT…it was interesting. 99.9% of the folks there were transfer students who had gone through this whole college thing before and so they just kind of started whipping through information. I sat there while a bombardment of data crashed into my skull and through the madness I could make out bits like “study 1,000,000 hours a week” and “join student organizations” and “get enough sleep”. I calculated the hours and realized I’ll be working round the clock with no sleep for the next fifteen weeks.


Once that meeting was over (I just tried to spell meeting as meading if anyone wants to know, I need college) I cleared my head at lunch and realized that college students always have lives and I’m used to a busy schedule so I’ll keep up, stay organized and be fine. Phew…crisis averted. Then came the meeting with my advisor.

They didn’t have my AP scores. Why? She doesn’t know. I have to take a math and a chemistry placement exam today. By when? Oh tonight, she was supposed to tell me a long time ago but it slipped her mind. I laid out a schedule but some of the classes could be full, so which classes should I take instead if that’s the case? She isn’t sure. Something freshman can take. It’s pretty clear that I’ll be having to search for the answers to my own questions and pray registration goes smoothly. But I shall prevail.

CLZ9yDespite feeling a little overwhelmed and having a crappy advisor, it was a pretty great day. I met some awesome people at orientation who I’m looking forward to getting to know more, and Halley and I got to spend time with our second family, the Olsons, out in Dripping Springs, TX.

IMG_2579Say hello to Steve, Faith, Halley of course, Hannah and their son David isn’t pictured here. We ate an incredible meal that faith cooked full of veggies and deliciousness before heading out to an Italian restaurant to grab some dessert. After stuffing my face with Italian cream cake we stopped by an art gallery close to the movie theatre we were going to.

IMG_2581This is as big as my hand. This is five hundred dollars. Sometimes I don’t get art.

There were some amazing pieces and I found a cool, huge pillow that said “Life is Good” in a funky font but I can’t shell out fifty dollars for a pillow at this point so we walked out empty handed to see the Life of Pi.

loved it! I’m so glad I caught it before it went out of theaters. It was stunning to to look and but didn’t rely on just visuals as it kept you engaged the entire time. I want to watch it again.

I’m off to register! Wish me luck!

Early daze of Texas

The last few days have felt kind of surreal. Did I really move to Texas three days ago? Did I really set my time forward an hour without any notion of the next time I’ll set it back? I did! And it’s awesome. We’ve been furniture shopping (so far unsuccessfully), eating delicious food, and just hanging out.

IMG_2557 IMG_2558My back is feeling fantastic. It gets somewhat tight if I walk or sit for a long time without stretching, but that’s the only symptom I’ve really noticed. Yes!

IMG_2562I have only met one of my roommates, Paige, and she is a total sweetheart. I can’t wait to meet the rest of them! She’s been crazy busy but we have plans to hang out on Tuesday evening which will be great!

It’s been such a blessing having Halley and David here the last few days. They’ve been a huge help and I don’t feel like a little lost child set in a big city. haha!

IMG_2573Like the toilet? Sexayyyy. I have to run to orientation after a big french toast breakfast. I am excited to tackle today and really become a longhorn 🙂

Jakers and the Griswolds

Last night my family and I went out to a nice dinner at Jaker’s. It was a lovely evening!

IMG_0068We started with some Gorgonzola fries. I had a couple of them and they were delicious!

IMG_0069Then I ate about 1/3 of my side caesar salad that came with my meal. It was a little too lemon-y for me!

IMG_0071My entree was the “smart plate” salmon with a miso glaze and steamed broccoli on the side. It was a small serving and it tasted delicious. I was full and happy!


IMG_0082After dinner I headed to my friend Jack’s house and watched the Griswold’s Christmas movie. It was hilarious! It was so great to see him and catch up. Overall it was just a super fun night!

What is your favorite Holiday movie?

I have several! “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “White Christmas”, and “Family Stone” are probably my top three. Oh, and Elf of course!!


Mah body hurts!! In a good way! Yesterday was workout number two and I incorporated some very light weightlifting with some cardio and lots of stretching. It’s amazing how much better my back feels since I’ve been stretching consistently. Flexibility is key!

I completed this arms workout and rounded it off with ten minutes on the bike. Gosh I missed weight lifting! I got into it when my knee was injured and I love the definition it gives you. Since I use low weights and high reps I’m able to do it without bothering my back in the least. I see so many people lifting weights that are too heavy for them and throwing their backs into deep arches to get the weight up. SO BAD!! Be safe!! I’m taking today off since I’m quite sore.

After a workout and some down time, Halley and I went to Old Navy to look around. I picked up a bunch of cute stuff but when I brought it to the changing room I was too lazy to try it on.

Probably for the best…I should be leaving room for things on my Christmas list anyway!

After a delicious dinner with my family, my friends and I got together to watch a movie and hang out before they head back to Bozeman tomorrow. It was fun! I got home a little after 10 and by then the soreness in my muscles was really beginning to set in so I laid down on our guest bed to watch some New Girl with Halley and Alice.

Alice came into my room last night and jumped on the bed whining. She laid down and stood up several times and then went and opened my parents door. Then she needed to go outside and she finally settled in my sister’s room. It’s a hard life for her when everyone is home, she is just needed everywhere.

At least SOMEONE is well rested this morning.

Lucky Day

Yesterday was jam packed of three of my favorite things!

To start off the day I did a super intense Crossfit workout with tons of running and weights. HA! No I didn’t, my back is broken! I DID do 10 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the bike though. As well as tons of stretching and some abs. Felt so incredibly amazing to get a light workout in without pain!

Then my mom and I went to JoAnn fabrics because she needed just a little backing for a pillow she made. It was overflowing with crafters in there! The line wove throughout the store and almost everyone in it had shopping carts stuffed with bolts of fabric. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We left without waiting.

After our fabric store adventure we took crazy Alice on a 40 minute walk. I was very active yesterday! Go me. And I didn’t even hurt myself. Go me AGAIN.

At 2pm we headed back over to the Purpurras’ house (because we like to make them have us over) to watch the Apple Cup. That’s the rivalry game between Washington State and University of Washington and even though I am only an honorary Coug, I wanted to support those guys!

The facebook feed was so funny:

Before the game: “Win or lose Cougs we still love you!!” (the fans have great enthusiasm despite low expectations)

During the game: “Oh wow sorry we gave up on you keep going!!” (The Cougs got a little lead early in the game)

Later in the game: “Really Cougs? We thought you had this. This is depressing.” (They were behind 18 points in the third quarter)

Overtime: “GOOOOOOOOO COUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!” They managed to come back and tie the game and then win in overtime!! I’m not a huge football fan but we were all screaming at the TV. What an amazing game and I was so so happy for the team! Go. Cougs.

When the jubilation began to simmer down a bit we headed out to dinner at Mackenzie River Pizza with my grandpa and my aunt.

So, three favorite things: exercise, Washington State Football, and Mackenzie River Pizza. I’m loving this long streak of great days! Gotta keep it going 🙂

What did you do the day after Thanksgiving? 

Any shoppers out there? I’d rather pay the money and not have to wait in line for 8 years!