Rainy Memorial Day Weekend

I feel like Snoopy from Charlie Brown, “it was a dark and stormy night…” except that it was daytime. All day yesterday was dark and pouring down rain. It never fails that the weather is drizzly on memorial day weekend. Waffles seemed appropriate for the dreary day.

IMG_3605I topped each of them with a dollop of blueberry Noosa and a big pile of chopped strawberries. It tasted summery and delicious!

I finished the book “Under My Skin” yesterday.

62215It was just okay. The writing wasn’t really my style and I wasn’t a huge fan of any of the characters. It didn’t have much suspense, when things took a twist it was usually pretty predictable. However, it was a semi-entertaining and light read.

Lunch was the leftovers of my green chili chicken enchiladas from yesterday. Yummm! Leftovers are one of my favorite parts about eating out. Two microwavable minutes away from deliciousness.

IMG_3599To be honest, I really didn’t do much the rest of the day. My stomach was hurting and it was super rainy so staying in and being lazy seemed like a pretty good option. I snacked on an orange, read, watched some TV, and then helped my mom assemble a delicious dinner.

What do you get when you combine parmesan, mint, turkey bacon, peas, and a bunch of flavorful seasonings?

PicMonkey CollageAn incredible pasta dish, that’s what!!

IMG_3613This recipe is from Jamie Oliver’s cookbook and it’s a huge favorite in our family. Simple and delicious. And when you use organic turkey bacon and whole wheat pasta, it’s very healthy! We devoured our pasta at the dining room table with a cool breeze from the rain pouring in.

IMG_3614It’s looking to be another dark and drizzly day, some healthy baking may be on the agenda. Have a great one!

What are your favorite rainy-day activities? 


Yoga Dog

Early this morning I was woken up by the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life! The lightning came through my window and lit up my entire bedroom, followed by cracks of thunder that practically shook the house!

tumblr_m5y7apLjOC1rqfhi2o1_250My dad had a flight this morning so the lightning made me kind of nervous, but luckily the storm was wrapping up before he left and he made it safe and sound. Phew!

I had a pretty thrilling afternoon of walking the dog, sleeping, reading, and watching TV. I took about a 3 hour nap to kill off a headache I woke up with. It’s slowly going away but it’s hanging on for dear life! Annoying! This afternoon when my mom got home, Alice helped her get some yoga in.

IMG_3525 IMG_3523 IMG_3532When we took her on her walk, our neighbor called out “Hey Alice!”, and we met a Russian couple who wanted to pet her and ask us all about Dobermans. Wherever Alice goes, she is famous. Probably because she’s such a goon.

Modern family on tonight!! Tomorrow I’m getting a haircut and hopefully can workout. I can’t wait to get back to it!!


PicMonkey CollageBreakfast: oatmeal with banana, cinnamon, and dark chocolate. Lunch: scrambled eggs and peppers with carrots and hummus. Snacks: apple, strawberries, bagel thin with peanut butter. Dinner: black bean and corn salad with tortilla chips.

Sausage and Peppers

Last night I was in the mood for a real dinner. Not eggs and veggies or a sandwich, but something that actually required a little effort and was delicious. I had bell peppers and chicken paremsean organic sausage on hand, so my favorite pasta recipe Sausage and Peppers came to mind! After a quick run to whole foods I was all set to go.

photo-60Here’s the recipe for you to try at home!!

Sausage and Peppers pastaIt’s traditionally made with italian sausage and less parmesan cheese, but I  changed it up a bit. Also, if you can find it, I really recommend Delverde brand rigatoni pasta. It was so chewy and dense, I loved every last bite. I can’t wait to have this on hand for dinner this week!


I found a Jillian Michael’s video online that I used to love to do at home. It was a great combination of abs, cardio, and strength. My legs are so sore from this week! Phew!