Alone Time

I’m a very social person. I can go to a party and introduce myself to people over and over and have an amazing time, I love meeting new people, and the my favorite part of every job I’ve ever had has been talking to the customers. But I definitely enjoy my time alone, too. I really need it sometimes, just a day to think about and go where I want and do what I want. As I ate a delicious pancake breakfast this morning, I decided I needed one of those days.

IMG_3438I wanted to go see something new, so I figured a walk sounded perfect. I discovered such an amazing trail only a 10 minute walk from my house! I can’t wait to go back again and again!



IMG_3448The trail cuts in and out between woodsy brush and an adorable neighborhood. I found my DREAM house, and it’s for sale!

IMG_3449The gated area is a little courtyard and it’s right across the street from a cute little coffee shop. As I continued along the trail after seeing this place, I was day dreaming about waking up and enjoying my iced coffee in the courtyard before walking my dog along the trail. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?!? I can’t wait to be an adult living in this city!

I walked for an hour and a half, enjoying some great music and taking in the sights.

IMG_3451 IMG_3454 IMG_3455When I got home I was hot, hungry, and thirsty! I sipped some lime sparkling water and whipped up a plate of scrambled eggs and veggies.

IMG_3456What to do next? I needed to get a little studying done and I wanted a coffee shop to go to! I always used to love studying at Barnes and Noble in Great Falls and there is a gigantic one here in a complex called the Arboretum. 15 minutes later, I was there! I treated myself to a caramel ribbon crunch frap, and HOLY YUM.

IMG_3457I always have one Christmas drink and one summer drink from Starbucks, they are just so dang good! They’re very intense though, so one each season satisfies my craving. My mom popped into the cafe for about an hour and we chatted as I semi-studied. When she left I reviewed some bio notes, applied for a couple jobs, and ate a bagel when my stomach started grumbling!

IMG_3459When dinner time rolled around, I was ready for a study break. There’s an Alamo Drafthouse 2 miles from Barnes and Noble so I looked up movie times and saw that Oblivion was showing at six! I rolled in at 5:45, ordered a chicken caesar salad, and prepared to enjoy my movie.

IMG_3462I still have absolutely no clue what happened. There were a bunch of gun fights, Tom Cruise was running around everywhere and there were a bunch of clones of him. His love interest was too busy making sure her face looked pretty to actually show expression and Morgan Freeman had some weird leotard on the entire time.

Now I am home for the evening and plan to read for an hour or so and head to bed so I can squeeze in some last minute studying before my first final! Today was exactly what I needed. I was starting to get so caught up in the stress of finals and not knowing where I’m going to be in the near future. Taking a step back to enjoy the moment and collect my thoughts made a world of difference.

Do you like being alone sometimes? What types of things do you prefer to do alone/with others? 



Hiking and Crafting

Today was essentially my Saturday since I have to work and study all weekend. I studied Chemistry in the morning but took the rest of the day to unwind, spend time with great friends, and clear my head from all these crazy decisions I’m trying to make!

My friend David picked me up at 12:30 and we drove to the Greenbelt and hiked along a dry riverbed for a few hours. Our families have been friends for years and it’s always so great to see him, talk, and catch up. Plus the views were beautiful!

32631-BP0910LOCMIDByrdGreenbelt6_bjk(I totally did not take that photo btw. Thanks for helping me out google when I forget my camera!)

Immediately after I got home, I had to change and head out to a biology presentation. My professor offered one point of extra credit for attending, so I thought why not! I expected it to be bland, dry, and way over my head.

Wat8But he was actually a great speaker! I thought it was crazy the trials that researches have to go to. They basically have to borrow millions or billions of dollars from capitalists and promise to turn over a test or a drug before they’ve even started! Sometimes it works out, but sometimes they end up losing that money and having to start all over. I don’t think I could handle having to constantly search for grants and employment and it gave me so much respect for what they do.

I was ravenous when I came home, so I whipped up dinner while talking on the phone to Hal. Then I headed to my friend Hannah’s house to make some mother’s day crafts with a bunch of friends! I left my camera there so I’ll have to share pics tomorrow, but check out what I made!

photo-96It’s a tea shirt! I always have a blast with those ladies.

Food and Workout

PicMonkey CollageBreakfast: overnight oats with peanut butter. Lunch: turkey, cheese, and lettuce on and english muffin with an orange and carrots. Dinner: egg, onion, pepper, and broccoli wrap. Snacks: Dark chocolate honeycomb, an odwalla smoothie, and some cookies during craft night. AHHH LOTS OF SWEETS OOOOPS!!! YOLO!!! haha but I worked out hard today so it’s all good.

Yet another Nike training workout kicked my booty about 10 minutes ago. A shower and bed are in my extremely near future. Let’s hope I can sleep!

Do you like to craft? Are you an artistic person? 

Cru Goes Camping

I have a massive headache, am exhausted, I smell like a campfire, and I had the BEST WEEKEND EVER! A bunch of friends and I went camping up at Garner State Park. I feel like I was gone for a week but it was only 24 hours! Brace yourself for lots of pictures.

After about a 3 hour drive, we arrived at lovely Garner State Park at 1pm!

IMG_1143IMG_1148 IMG_1145Everyone was eating lunch, hanging out or playing volleyball. I ate my sandwich and jumped in for a few games before we left on our afternoon hike! It was steep and  the views were beautiful!

IMG_1161 IMG_1159 IMG_1158 IMG_1157 IMG_1156 IMG_1153 IMG_1150


IMG_1163 IMG_1164Once we got back from the hike everyone gathered at the campsite for some snacks and a small bit of relaxation before running off again to the playground. There were some little kids there who coaxed us into a game of tag and we ran around like crazy!

IMG_1165 IMG_1169 IMG_1170 IMG_1173 IMG_1174I don’t have any pictures of our next activity, but it was definitely my favorite! The camp hosts a country dance for all the people at the park so we all loaded up in cars and headed over there. It was out in the warm summer night, they played classic Texas music, and we all two-stepped for hours. I felt like such a Texan haha! And some of the guys were really good at the two step!

The dance ended, but the night still was not over. Who goes camping and doesn’t have a campfire?? Not us!

IMG_1177 IMG_1179It is really starting to feel like summer 😀 Right now I’m currently curled up on my couch sucking down water because I was running around in the hot sun all day and only drank 1 bottle of water! Dumb. Dehydration is a beeotch. But it hasn’t put a damper on all the fun I had, can’t wait to go camping again!!

Have you ever gone camping?