I’m Back!


tumblr_m0gmg725i11rq8dyuo1_500Hey there! Sorry my blogging has been so sporadic lately, I haven’t had internet at my house! But now I do so I’ll be back to checking in daily with tidbits about my life, fun recipes, and other random things.

Thank goodness for wifi! Talk to you later! 😀



Spine anyone?

Good evening! I was out and about a lot today which felt fantastic. After breakfast I got ready and was out the door by around 10:45. You can thank my mom’s camera for the nicer pictures I’ve had the last few days! I really think it improves the look of the blog and I might buy it from her. Or use the one in Montana. Ah.

IMG_2341_2I drove to the Barnes and Noble that is super close to my house to study for several hours and it’s a beautiful location! The cafe is large and has the perfect amount of background noise for schoolwork that isn’t too challenging. While I was there I also had a light lunch.

IMG_3717It was pretty good, but kind of a rip off. It’s hard to tell but that cup of soup is very tiny and all the sandwich had on it was two tomato slices and some pesto. For 7 dollars I certainly could have gotten more for my money elsewhere, but I didn’t feel like leaving!

When I got home it was time to meal plan and then head to HEB with the family to get groceries for this week!

IMG_3718Looooove me some healthy, colorful veggies :D. When we got home I was super hungry and I whipped up a mixture of strawberry greek yogurt and organic honey grams. Sweet tooth= satisfied!

IMG_2350_2A couple hours of scrabble later, it was time to start cooking dinner! We had planned to make the salmon burgers from last week since we had some fresh dill leftover and we really liked them. When we were at the store we found canned salmon for a dollar instead of four dollars! Wowza! What a bargain.

I cracked open the salmon to start making the patties, and quickly realized why it was so cheap.


tumblr_m100whYVT81qboouyo1_250I’m all about not wasting food, but there was no way in heck that I was going to eat that stuff. Why would they even offer that as a product?? Who eats spine?? Madness!

Organic spinach sausages, peppers, and caesar salad saved the day. You don’t get a picture of that though because my computer is being silly. Good ol technology.

Have a great night!!




Running for exercise and running away

Remember my “cute little dream house” that I talked about yesterday?? This guy??


tumblr_ml9jp3qHJ71ql5yr7o1_400It’s only a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath house! I guess location really is everything. I figured it would be in the 3 or 4 hundred thousand range and when I looked it up my jaw about hit the floor. In fact, my favorite neighborhood in Austin is impossible to buy into without 2 million. YIKES! Good thing I have a billionnare benefactor. ha.

In other random news, I went for a run this morning!

IMG_3469Nice and easy. I know, you’re probably thinking, um this blog is called Anything BUT Running. I don’t actually have anything against running, it just seems to be a form of exercise people get obsessed with and forget about other things that are needed for balance and functional fitness!

Every spring I get the itch to get outside and usually go on a few runs before it goes out of my system again. This morning I didn’t want to do an intense workout so I figured a little jog would be nice. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I could easily have logged a couple more miles! I was barely even breathing hard when I got home, I just needed to study! I’m awesome?

tumblr_lye6ltznJy1qiw0juhaha juuuuuust kidding, don’t worry. At two I sat down to take my bio final. It was 10 free response questions and 75 multiple choice questions. Every single question had options A-B, then one option that included two or three answers, and an option for all of the above. It was ridiculous.

P1ItrTLRun away and cry. Hopefully I did well, I took my time to read and go through each problem slowly and carefully but I have zero idea if I chose the correct options. Blah. Just glad it’s over!!!!

Now I have to force myself to be motivated to study chemistry. Wish me luck!

Food and Exercise 

Running before studying and then an arm workout after my test.

IMG_3468Bad about taking pics today sorry!! Breakfast: strawberry pancakes. Lunch: Chicken curry salad sandwich. Snacks: yogurt, an apple, and a banana. Dinner: bagel thin with tuna salad, carrots and hummus.

Little Things

I’ve been pretty stressed about some major things going on in my life lately, but today I realized how huge of an impact tiny positive things can have on your day! I had a lovely start to my week, and these small dorky little things were the cherries on top.

1. I came up with a clever tweet. 

photo-2This one is the dorkiest of all! I just felt pretty clever! haha, no judging 😀

2. I woke up and my Chemistry homework just clicked. 

tumblr_mdwb0s8ChJ1ry4qimI was so sleepy at the library last night that I didn’t do most of my homework. This morning I got every single problem right! Felt amazing to start the week that way.

3. My biology professor bought pizza for the few kids who come to the review sessions.

photo-81 copyDEEEELICIOUS. Such a nice gesture, I really appreciate teachers who acknowledge the students who are honestly trying their hardest.

4. I created a fun new workout!

Untitled-1I sandwiched this circuit in between two 20 minute sessions on the bike. I needed to work my biceps and triceps today but I wasn’t in the mood to stand around! This kept me moving and energized, and my mind occupied 😀

What little things make for a good day to you? 

Easter Weekend

This weekend was completely fantastic! I wish I had more/better pictures to show you but my point and shoot camera is a P.O.S. and my iPhone just isn’t cutting it. I’m in the market for an affordable camera that takes nice, clear pictures! Any suggestions?

Anyway, Friday night I went downtown with Madison, Cheyenne, and Cheyenne’s brother and boyfriend.

photo-73 photo-74HAHAHAHAHAHA. Madison and Cheyenne have the carefree/dancing face down. Me? I look like a creepy cartoon henchman. Sexy.

After sleeping in on Saturday, I joined Madison and Laura for lunch at the Clay Pit! My fav!

photo-75Verdict: Egg curry is fantastico. Following lunch, I drove out to Juan and Margo’s house to meet my dad and GO SEE OUR NEW HOUSE!!!!! I love love love it. I cannot express to you how excited I am about it.

photo-76This is one of my favorite rooms. The whole house has a ton of cool detailing like that ceiling. Once the hardwood is in, the walls aren’t beige and my mom gets to decorate it’s going to be nice. I have a feeling I’ll be heading out there a lot.

Once we were doing going through the house (and my dad was tired of hearing “OMG I LOVE IT!!! EEEEEE I LOVE THIS ROOM IT’S MY FAVORITE!! NO THIS ONE IS!!! OOOOO THE TUB!!!!!” I was pretty pumped) we ventured to “The Arboretum” for some window shopping.

photo-77This is what my future living room is going to look like. I can’t wait. I want to have a small house so that I can afford to outfit it with high end furniture, wood floors, decorations, and art. That to me seems so much more classy and high end than a huge house filled with lazy-boys because it would cost way too much to fill it with nice things.

We stopped at Whole Foods to pick up my groceries and grab some chicken enchiladas for my potluck on Saturday night!

photo-78 photo-1By the way, on the bottom left, that is BLAKE. Not Scott, as I previously introduced him to you. They just sound so similar…haha! We ate enchiladas, pasta, pastries, and watched one of my favorite movies of all time! Tangled! So, so good. We’re all getting together again next weekend and I’m so excited.

I spent the night at Juan and Margo’s with my dad since we had plans to go to an Easter brunch on Sunday. After several hours of studying on Easter morning, we left around 1pm to go to our friends’ Faith and Steve’s house!

photo-79We had Rudy’s BBQ, lemon bars, brownies, salad, chips…I was SO STINKING FULL. Then we hid eggs and played a round of darts! It was such a wonderful Easter afternoon spent with friends who truly feel more like family.

Even though the weekend is over, the good times are still coming! My mom, puppy, and sister are trekking their way here RIGHT NOW and will be here by Tuesday evening! I’M SO EXCITED!!! I just need to focus until Wednesday, take my chem test, and then I can just hang with Halley. Woop Woop!

Did you have a good Easter? What did you do? 

Pretty Petals

Yesterday as my mom and I were loading the car to head to Missoula, we noticed the first flower poking it’s head through the frost in our front bed!

photo-9So pretty. I love Spring. The drive to Missoula was stunning as well.

photo-8We had pizza and salad with my family last night and it was so great to catch up with everyone. Today I need to go shopping for some new sports bras, normal bras, and tennis shoes! WAHOOOOOO.

tumblr_mfd4gi0cpc1rm62hfo1_500I’m also going to my sister’s Zumba class tonight. I rarely ever go to Zumba, but when I do it always cracks me up and I have a good time. Off to enjoy my break and try to stay warm!!


I took a rest day yesterday since my legs were so sore from my circut workout and I knew I’d be working out today. Woop woop!

It’s All Over (So Let’s Carbo Load)

Yesterday was the last day of my tests, thank the LORD. I think I rocked my biology test. We covered 6 full chapters from the textbook and my teacher throws in very specific lab examples and we are expected to know the components of every structure we learn about. I made a huge binder full of notes that I frantically filled in during his lectures, looked up info on my own, and went in to get help a lot and have him explain things to me.

Picture 17After all that work it was such an amazing feeling to look at the test and think “I know this, I know that, I’m done!” I walked out into the rain feeling like a champ. It really was raining..I’m not being melodramatic.

rocky-training-oThis week I haven’t bought any groceries because I knew I was leaving so I didn’t want any to go bad while I spend seven days up north. That means I had no fresh fruit or vegetables or any type of dinner food of any kind. My diet yesterday was shockingly lacking in variety.

Breakfast was toast with jam. Lunch was one of the only things left in my cupboard, pancakes. Then, before work I was hungry so what do I grab from a coffee shop? A muffin. And I wrapped it up with a pizza dinner. Judas.

tumblr_mim1xdHN5P1qk0n3jo1_500Haha I’m apparently loading up for the marathon I now need to run today. Nah, I’ll get back on track today and eat a more varied nutritious diet as usual starting today when my options are more plentiful!


At five am I was up and ready for my 45 minute bike interval workout. I really need to start going to more workout classes since I paid for the pass, but they don’t offer them at great times! Woe is me.