Walk it Out

Yesterday was probably the “busiest” Saturday I’ve had since coming home and it was a blast! In the morning I walked for an hour listening to my audiobook, which just keeps getting better and better. Although, the woman who reads it had a British accent for the first two chapters but at chapter 3 she starts switching back and forth between Irish and British.


Now I know you’re faking it to sound more pleasant, woman. Pick an accent.

Then I came home and made myself look not like a homeless person to run some errands with my family. We got the infamous IPAD at Target which I already am in love with. I found this sweet app that allows you to take notes and record the lecture at the same time. It synchronizes the sound with what you are writing so you can be reading through your notes and if a topic confuses you, all you do is go over to the end of that line and press play and the lecture starts playing from there.


Bring it on college. I can already take rad notes from HGTV, you’ll be a piece of cake.

After all the errand running and nerdiness, I met up with my friend Noah at the River’s Edge Trail for even more walking. Facing away from our cars was great and the scenery was beautiful and we had a great conversation. Coming back, the wind pounded us but it was still fun. Being outside so much felt amazing!


Noah and I finished up our walk at Crooked Tree. I went for some green tea and it was awesome. I’m not a fan of the cold, but there really is something great about getting a little chilly and then warming up with a mug of something hot.

I got home around six for some homemade pizza and Captain America with my dad.


Oh hi there…

We both agreed it is probably the best out of all the Superhero movies that lead up to “The Avengers”. Ironman is my favorite character but Robert Downy is the only reason that the Ironman movies are good. To me.

My back is a little angry at me for walking two and a half hours yesterday, so I’ll probably forgo my walk this afternoon to make it happy. I don’t want to risk any setbacks!

Happy Sunday!


Cinnamon Heaven

This morning I made cinnamon roll pancakes.

The delicious taste of a cinnamon roll with cream cheese glaze + the ease of pancakes =

one happy, full family.

These were seriously so good and easy! I’ve been trying a lot of recipes off Pinterest lately. Some were great, some were…not. (a no-calorie pumpkin spice latte?? way too good to be true. bleh)

There are a few exciting things on the agenda today…number one is to ORDER AN IPAD!!!

I really want to be able to return to school in the Spring and one of the things that made my back feel like a fiery pit of hellish death was having to carry around a backpack full of heavy books. Since all my books come with free online editions I can leave those suckers in my dorm room and just take my ipad if I want to study in a coffee shop or get some help from a professor! I can’t take my laptop because pre-broken back Georgia Mae went for the 17 inch Macbook pro. Cool big screen…pretty damn heavy. Thus, iPad.

Another exciting thing?!? (a little less exciting…but roll with it) I bought an audiobook! I have been taking hour long walks everyday for some exercise and to build my strength back up and even though my neighborhood has been called the 8th wonder of the world, there are only so many times I can stare at it aimlessly before getting a wee bit bored.

I love Kate Morton’s books and so far this one is right up my alley. For 27 dollars it better be! I was kidding earlier when I said I was going to give all my money to Apple but now I think I might really be in the process….oy vey.

I hope you have an awesome Saturday!!