Indian Food and Sunshine

Since I slept through my usual blogging time on Monday, I want to go back to Sunday and let you know the fun times my dad and I had! First we went to central market to do some grocery shopping. You have no idea how obsessed I am with that store. It’s incredible. Then, around 3pm we were both starving so we went to an Indian restaurant near my house called “The Clay Pit.”

photo-40 photo-41It was delicious. Honestly probably some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had and the restaurant was classy and tasteful. The giant Sunday buffet was only 12 dollars! Indian food buffets are the only kind I can stand because 1) all the flavors meld together beautifully so I want to try a little (or a lot) of each and 2) you don’t tend to see as much waste as at other buffets. Once our bellies were full, we were craving some sunshine so we moseyed over to the Hike and Bike trail.

photo-43 photo-42Gosh, Austin. Why are you such an ugly city? NOT. You should have seen how many people were out with their dogs. I wanted to pet them all, but it wasn’t physically possible. If you see a slightly sad looking college student petting your animal, just let me be. I won’t hurt them, I just miss my dog. haha! After our walk we went to Target where I got new UT gear and and exercise video. It was a great day and I love getting to spend time with my dad while in college.


To give this blog more of a fitness feeling again, I’m going to start sharing my daily workouts again. Yesterday’s was…a bit of a dud. Sorry to start out on a down note! Remember how I said I got a Jillian Michaels video?

519hqop8mJL._SS365_“Extreme Shed and Shred” brings to mind a pretty intense workout. Now, it’s partially my fault that I didn’t like it because I didn’t read the back at all and just figured it was like her other circut workouts. Super intense, quick, varied, and effective.

In this workout, however, she uses some moves from Brazilian jujitsu that are very flowy and have a lot of arm waving but not a lot of cardio or strength. Then, in the middle of the video she stops and begins doing some yoga. I can’t do her yoga because she’s all about arching the back (which is bad for normal people too!! Don’t do it!!) so I kind of just awkwardly did my own thing during this part.

I will try level two and see if I like it better. Though I appreciate her branching out and trying new things, I think she’s best with the basics.


Jam Packed Morning

This morning has been an intense one around here, let me tell you.

First: I woke up at 7:30am as opposed to 12pm. This is because I FINALLY found a method of pain relief that gets me to sleep before 6am. My wild and crazy all nighters have come to an end.

Second: I cooked my self a gourmet breakfast. This included an omelette made with two eggs, carrots, and spinach, along with a ginger creme cookie on the side. Deeeelicious! (Sorry I forgot to snap a picture!)

Third: I did a super intense workout. I walked…ALL THE WAY AROUND THE BLOCK. Ohemgee. Jillian Michaels has nothing on me.

Fourth: Oh wait, there is not fourth. That’s all I’ve done so far today. BUT after this I will color code that manuscript I’ve been working on, study some Spanish, and read my book! I’m just so crazy busy it’s hard to wrap your head around it huh?


No? I know. I can’t wait to get back to school but I know this is something I’ll be so glad I handled early in the future! I think I will have had enough of a break to last me a lifetime though. In many years when someone asks me if I’ve thought about retirement I might have to say…