Weekend at the lake round 2

My fourth of July weekend was incredible! Friday morning I picked up my friend Emily and drove to my friends’ the Bragets’ cabin up in Seeley. We arrived around 11am and almost immediately began to pack up all of our stuff so we could head to the lake! So exciting!!


We spent the rest of the day relaxing on the shore, reading, eating snacks, and some of us jet skied (not me). It was a blast! That night we all crashed pretty early and awoke for another day on the lake. But first, breakfast by the fire.

IMG_3965On Friday we went to Holland Lake, but Saturday we decided to actually go to Seeley since we had an early start and would be able to get a good spot on the beach. And we sure did! We were right by the water in a big grassy area. I didn’t swim but it was wonderful to be with my best friends and I got some reading in. Can’t ask for anything better! That afternoon our friends Ben, Mike, and Craig picked us up on their boat and we cruised around for a few hours before heading back to the cabin to eat and rally our energy. The boys came back over around 8 and we had a blast playing board games and hanging out until late into the evening.

PicMonkey CollageClockwise from top left: Haylee, Rachael, Craig, Christina.

friends1Emily, Mike, Danielle, Ben.

I’ve missed being around these guys so much!! Christina and Danielle are two of my very best friends and its wonderful being with people who you’re so comfortable with. This whole year I’ve made tons of new friends, which is wonderful, but old friendships are really something. I didn’t want the weekend to end!

But Sunday afternoon it was back to reality! I rolled into Missoula around 3 and decided to catch a movie since I wasn’t really sure what to do with my afternoon. I picked World War Z which was a bad choice.


There were a lot of people in zombie make up chopping their teeth like chipmunks and very little dialogue. If that’s your thing, you’ll love it!! Once the movie was over I grabbed a sandwich at Jimmy John’s and called it a night. Today I worked from 8 to 6 and now laundry is calling my name! Woot woot. Have a good one! 😀

What did you do fourth of July weekend? 


Lake Getaway

This weekend was exactly what I needed. It felt so much like summer and completely carefree and wonderful. Let’s start at the beginning! 

Saturday morning I woke up early and went to The Break, a really nice coffee shop downtown, to do some school work. Once I’d finished up, I took a long walk around my neighborhood and on the river trail. 

IMG_3912 IMG_3914Missoula is truly stunning in the summer, it doesn’t get much better than this. After my walk, I met my friend Tyler at Carver’s deli for lunch! My cousin Phoebe works there and they just opened last week. Her description of the food prompted me to get there ASAP! 

IMG_3915I had the turkey club and it was so much more than your typical sandwich. Tons of fresh turkey, thick spiced bacon, chipotle sauce, guacamole, lettuce, and tomatoes. Tyler and I both agreed it was a winner! If you’re in Missoula, check it out. 1300 S Reserve. 

Driving home from lunch, I happened to glance over at a garage sale and notice a table that would work perfectly for my desk. I pulled over quickly and made the purchase! They delivered it for me and even threw in all these nice Fiesta dishes for five bucks. 

IMG_3918I love to spread out when I work, so having a large flat surface will be perfect. A few hours later, I picked Phoebe up to head to our family cabin on Pierce lake! It’s one of my favorite places in the world. A serene, glassy lake in the woods entirely surrounded by forest and mountains. Heaven. 

IMG_3922We spent the evening talking on the deck and enjoying the view. When our tummies started to grumble, my Aunt Caroline made pasta with pesto, steaks, and corn on the cob. YUM. 

IMG_3925 IMG_3926 IMG_3927After dinner we took a walk around the lake and spent more time just relaxing. I always sleep so well at the cabin, because it gets completely dark and the hum of the forest lulls you into slumber. 

This morning I woke up around 8 to enjoy my morning coffee and cereal on the deck. 

IMG_3931I read some short stories by Wallace Stagner, dozed, sat on the dock, and enjoyed where I was. Around 11 Caroline whipped up some eggs and hash browns for hiking fuel! Phoebe, Caroline, and I were out for about an hour and a half and when we got back we were all hot and sweaty. 

Solution? Jump in the lake! We spent the rest of the day swimming and lounging on the dock. We also enjoyed the rest of the pasta and made a steak salad to fill us up for the ride home.

IMG_3930Phoebe and I left around 5 and I’m feeling tired and happy. 

Sometimes a weekend at the lake is just what the doctor ordered. Hope yours was awesome as well! 😀 


The Idiot

Today was a very productive day! It started bright and early with a 7am wake up call and a hearty, delicious breakfast.

IMG_3892I figured out that putting the peanut butter on top of my oatmeal while its still hot is SO much better than stirring it in while it cooks. You can taste it so much more and every bite has a little ribbon of creamy, melty deliciousness.

After breakfast I finished up my psychology research paper. It took much longer than it should have due to many breaks and general distractedness, but around lunchtime I finally finished and ran out to run some errands (after eating a bowl of quinoa and an apple).

IMG_3901I mailed Halley her climbing shoes, sent the rest of the money I owed to the people who I bought the bed from, and returned some things from Target. Then I came home and relaxed for a bit before heading to my transfer student meeting on campus.

As I was sitting outside the lecture hall before the meeting, two people walked up to me. Feeling super social, I introduced myself right away to the woman and was super smiley and sweet. I then proceeded to ask her the name of her dad.

Who turned out to be her husband.


tumblr_inline_mhrsry5e5X1qz4rgpThen we had to sit there for like ten minutes and wait for the meeting to start. That wasn’t awkward at all. Once the meeting was over, another wave of incompetence hit me and I was totally unable to find my way home. This is not a large campus. See, there is a little park across from my house that I’ve never noticed before, so when I saw that park I thought I must be going the wrong way.

rD1J7gVI wandered around the empty campus for thirty minutes getting more and more turned around and hungry. Finally, I had to call my mother and she gave me step by step instructions on how to get home (she grew up in Missoula). Yep, almost twenty years old folks and my sense of direction has refused to kick in. Sheesh.

Once I was done being an absolute moron for the day, I spent the next hour enjoying my book in the newly discovered park outside my house! After munching on some almonds and a small bowl of cereal, that is.

IMG_3902At six I walked down to my cousin, Phoebe’s, house to join her at “out to dinner”, an event held in the park by the river downtown. It was a gorgeous night and I am still blown away by how beautiful this city/state is.

IMG_3903I had a pulled pork taco and a beef taco with spinach, salsa, guac, and pepper jack cheese. Holy yum!! After dinner we walked around downtown for a bit to soak in the evening before calling it a night.

IMG_3905When I came home I had a really fun and long conversation with my roommate Madi. She’s  awesome! Now I’m off to bed, I have an entire day of orientation tomorrow. Lets see how that goes, shall we?