Spine anyone?

Good evening! I was out and about a lot today which felt fantastic. After breakfast I got ready and was out the door by around 10:45. You can thank my mom’s camera for the nicer pictures I’ve had the last few days! I really think it improves the look of the blog and I might buy it from her. Or use the one in Montana. Ah.

IMG_2341_2I drove to the Barnes and Noble that is super close to my house to study for several hours and it’s a beautiful location! The cafe is large and has the perfect amount of background noise for schoolwork that isn’t too challenging. While I was there I also had a light lunch.

IMG_3717It was pretty good, but kind of a rip off. It’s hard to tell but that cup of soup is very tiny and all the sandwich had on it was two tomato slices and some pesto. For 7 dollars I certainly could have gotten more for my money elsewhere, but I didn’t feel like leaving!

When I got home it was time to meal plan and then head to HEB with the family to get groceries for this week!

IMG_3718Looooove me some healthy, colorful veggies :D. When we got home I was super hungry and I whipped up a mixture of strawberry greek yogurt and organic honey grams. Sweet tooth= satisfied!

IMG_2350_2A couple hours of scrabble later, it was time to start cooking dinner! We had planned to make the salmon burgers from last week since we had some fresh dill leftover and we really liked them. When we were at the store we found canned salmon for a dollar instead of four dollars! Wowza! What a bargain.

I cracked open the salmon to start making the patties, and quickly realized why it was so cheap.


tumblr_m100whYVT81qboouyo1_250I’m all about not wasting food, but there was no way in heck that I was going to eat that stuff. Why would they even offer that as a product?? Who eats spine?? Madness!

Organic spinach sausages, peppers, and caesar salad saved the day. You don’t get a picture of that though because my computer is being silly. Good ol technology.

Have a great night!!





Workin’ Woman

Yesterday was another jam packed day for me, but it was all wonderful things! First of all, I got another new job! I’m not working at two places, but a clothing boutique called Manjus called me for an interview. I went in at one, walked out at 1:15, quit my job at Noodles and Company and I start today! I’m so pumped. Retail is a little more up my alley than foodservice, and all the girls that work there seem super sweet.

273DSCN1340It’s also a two minute walk from my condo! Score. I went shopping for groceries at Central Market last night and I cannot tell you how much I love grocery shopping. It’s like going to disneyland or something. I love walking through the aisles, picking out new fruits and veggies to try, and I always pick one item from their dip station. Yesterday it was organic mango and corn salsa that I plan to put on black bean and egg tacos for dinner this week! Mmmm.

tumblr_lpw64ivOtc1qle6h7After grocery shopping, Natalia picked me up and we headed to Mozart’s and studied until midnight. Then I came home, packed my lunch, put my backpack together, and picked out my outfit. I have to start looking good at school because I go straight to work after class and I can’t really sell people clothes looking like I don’t own any decent ones myself. Woe is me.




I did a 40 minute interval workout on the bike. It wasn’t as challenging at the hill workout, but it still got my heart pumping! Then I went into the weight room to do chest, shoulders, abs, and stretching. Stretching out when my muscles are really warm feels sooo good and it definitely keeps my back from getting sore too. Yay stretching!!

House Sitting

This weekend I house sat again for one of my mom’s friends who was out of town. It was the same person as last time except she bought a brand new puppy.

And it is the tiniest animal I have ever laid eyes on.

photo-21 copyHer name is Leila and she’s such a sweetheart. Some little dogs can be really yappy and mean, dive bombing for your ankles and running in manic circles, but not Leila. She rarely ever barks, is super cuddly, and gets along with their other dog just fine. However, neither of the dogs enjoy to sleep at night. Leila likes to be entertained and spent the hours between 12 and 7 am voicing her lovely opinion…loudly.

tumblr_me6m72yq2X1ryjwc0An hour of yelping/whining would commence and then she would gradually drift off to sleep. So then I did too, right? Wrong again. Around the time Leila would stop moaning pitifully, Lily would decide she had to get up and go outside or to the living room. She did this about every hour. Why does she need up? I have no idea!

tumblr_m5jjwsRyBK1ro2d43But it’s not my dog and it’s not my house so I didn’t want to risk mass destruction if I ignored her. Every time Lily woke up, so did Leila, and she would realize her plight all over again and begin complaining anew. Thus, my Saturday night was spent.

It wasn’t all bad news though, I actually had a really good time. Some friends came over Saturday evening and we played card games and hung out. Then on Sunday night I watched “Step Up: Revolution” with Christina and Danielle (horrible acting, good dancing) before coming home and passing out in my lovely bed.

I also discovered Amy’s Organic frozen meals. The Indian Vegetable Korma was on sale so I bought it earlier this week to try Saturday night and it was delicious! It was so good I went back for another meal for Sunday’s dinner, this time buying the cheese enchilada meal.

300px-VegetarianDinnerAmysThey don’t have any funky ingredients and honestly do not taste like a frozen meal. The only downside is they are really small for a dinner (300-350 calories each meal) so you usually need an additional side, and they’re really expensive. I won’t eat them often but for a fun treat every once in a while when pizza sounds boring, they’re great!


I also want to take this time to express my heartbreak over the victim’s of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. We hear tragic news from around the world all the time, but I have never felt so hollowed out and ill than when I heard that news. We can imagine what their lives were like before this, they were our countrymen and our nation’s children. 20 parent’s lives will never be the same and I am so sad for them. This Christmas I feel so blessed to have a family to spend it with and I’ll be praying for theirs.

Monday funday

Yesterday was a hard day! I tried to do a Pilates video and my back was not happy about that. I stopped 10 minutes into it but my back was achy the rest of the day and it had me pretty worried. It’s so frustrating having to quit the things you want to do and wait and I think I let out a little pent up disappointment yesterday!

tumblr_mcl5kb6yW11rzssmco1_250This morning my back feels normal though so I came back from it. I’ll stick to the things I know I can do at the gym for a while and give myself a long time before I try anything twisty like Pilates! I can do this 🙂

This week is a fun one! I have 3 tutoring jobs and a babysitting gig. Always nice to make a little extra cash before the holidays. Plus I love tutoring and babysitting so I enjoy the time spent!

tumblr_m7zwncBYn41qalk92Yesterday was a serious carb loading day. Gotta get prepped for my marathon later in the week right…? I wasn’t planning on eating bread all day but my dad made delicious french toast for breakfast and I was not about to turn that down. Then, at the exact moment I walked into the kitchen to find myself a nutritious lunch, my mom pulled two steaming loaves of delicious zucchini bread out of the oven. I was powerless.

regeretnothingI did make up for it slightly by having fajitas for dinner. We had to drive to 3 different stores to find organic chicken! Come on, Great Falls, organic is not a new thing. If your store is always out of something you should probably buy more of it.

serouslyWell I’m off on a hot date with my recumbent bicycle and free weights! I hope you had a fantastic weekend that left you rejuvenated for the next five days 🙂

What did you do this weekend? Did you go to the parade of lights?

I didn’t go but I heard it was fabulous! I might have to hit up the Christmas stroll.