Spoke Too Soon

Well, unfortunately physical therapy hasn’t turned out to be a quick, magical cure for all the pain I’ve been feeling. After Tuesday last week when I was feeling pretty okay, I’ve been on a sharp decline ever since. Last night I didn’t sleep for more than 20 minutes or so all together and today the pain feels just as bad as it did a few weeks ago when I was climbing hills at Washington State.

It’s a real bummer getting your hopes up over and over and over.

My physical therapist (who is WONDERFUL by the way, if you ever need physical therapy go to the Clinic. I’ve gone to two therapists there who are both so sweet, attentive, and genuinely invested in your recovery. That’s not very easy to come by I’ve found) told me that if I’m not starting to see some forward progress by next week I should probably consult with a surgeon. I wasn’t really scared by her saying that. At this point I will do anything it takes to quit feeling like this. It’s really exhausting.

Sorry that this is kind of a downer post. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, I’m just having trouble being funny or positive about this anymore. Hope your day is going better than mine 🙂


Great Information

My physical therapy session yesterday went better than I ever could have imagined!


I learned some GREAT tips to reduce the pain and how to live my life from now on without hurting my back again. The first thing she did was check out my posture while I was standing and while I was sitting. It turns out I have a very hyper-mobile back and because of years of dance training and my own natural tendencies, what I thought was “sitting up straight” was really arching my spine backwards.


I was sitting like the person on the right. When she adjusted my spine to neutral position, I told her, “I feel like I’m slouching!” She said it’s very common to feel like that for the first few weeks while my brain adjusts to my new normal, but that I’ll get it figured out. I may feel like I’m sitting like the woman on the left, but I’m really right in the middle!

All this postural work applies to my standing and walking as well. I have to focus on my core muscles pulling my pelvis forward instead of allowing that swayback, because that puts all the pressure from every activity I do right where the defect in my spine is.

I am so relieved to know all this information!! I ALREADY feel so much less pain and my attitude has flipped 180 degrees. When doctors told me this problem was something I’d have to manage my whole life I though they meant it would always hurt and I’d just have to deal with it. What this therapist explained is that isn’t true, I CAN do everything I did before this but I just have to always be aware of my posture and make sure my core is always strong.

PSH. That’s nothing!! Of COURSE I can do that!! I’m going to do all the exercises she gave me exactly how she tells me to, keep focusing on my posture, and do everything she tells me to get rid of this pain.

She’s also going to teach me how to do my workouts with this new posture so that I can still push myself really hard without pushing myself into an injury.

Sorry if this is a word heavy post, I just feel so happy and relieved and I’m finally 100% confident that I will get my old life back. Or rather, I’ll get a new and improved life with better posture, a stronger core, and no more back pain! I’d say that’s a pretty good deal. Hope your week is going as well as mine!

Call Me Regina

Yesterday evening I was transported back to middle school when the movie “Mean Girls” came on TV. I remembered loving this movie and watching it over and over and over but I guess I had forgotten why I liked it so much!

It is so FETCH. (haha see what I did there).

Anyway, one thing I had completely forgotten about was that Regina George fractures her spine too!! You have no idea how happy this made me.

I honestly have no idea why, but I was sitting in front of the TV like:

“Oh, Regina Gurrrrl I feel ya. I. feel. YOU.” haha I think I’m  a little sleep deprived. For some reason in my head I was thinking, if Regina George’s spine healed and she could play sports then mine will too in no time! Solid logic. The thing that brought me the most comfort was not the very real doctors telling me this, but the fictional movie character.


I know, Regina. Sorry.

I start physical therapy today! I’m so excited. I’m going to ask her what exercise I can do that won’t make the injury worse and then  hopefully I’ll be able to be up and about more and more. Gradually.