In The Kitchen With Halley

My sister got home on Saturday night!! Her flight out of Billings was delayed and we didn’t think she was going to make it since her layover was cut short to only 5 minutes. Thankfully, she was able to make her flight and she arrived in Austin around 11:30pm. We were all super excited to see her, Alice included, of course.

IMG_2386_2Halley and I stayed up until 5 in the morning talking and catching up, but somehow I woke up at 8 yet again! Our mom cooked a magnificent breakfast of homemade Belgian waffles and we all sat at the table as a family. A couple hours later, the tiredness really hit me and I took an afternoon nap.

When I woke up Halley had created a fantastic lunch!

IMG_2392_2She whipped up a pasta sauce from ingredients we had on hand and it tasted delicious. Sleeping and eating, not a bad way to pass the day 😀

At one point in the afternoon we all went to HEB (our grocery store) to load up on food for the week. My favorite finds were blueberries and apricots. Fruit salad may be on the agenda for my snack today.

When we got home, the adults cracked open a few beers and we sliced up a mango to enjoy while cooking dinner.



IMG_2406_2 IMG_2397_2I’d forgotten how sweet mangos are. Fruit is amazing.

IMG_2409_2The other day in Health magazine, my mom saw an ad for Applegate Farms organic all-beef hot dogs. We hadn’t had hot dogs in years so we decided we should try them! The ingredient list is super short and only lists things like beef, onion, celery, etc. So many hot dogs are made of mystery meat, but these ones were actually pretty healthy.

IMG_2419_2I topped mine with mustard and relish and enjoyed some homemade sweet potato fries alongside. It’s crazy how you can chop up a sweet potato, top it with some seasoning, throw it in the oven, and it creates this crazy-addicting snack. YUM!

After dinner we watched game two of the Finals (what were you doing Spurs?) and I took a nice long bath. I am actually finding that I really like watching basketball. Usually I just expect to be bored so I check my computer and never know what’s going on, but when I pay attention it’s a blast!

Now we’re all caught up!


IMG_2420_2I toasted two of the leftover waffles and topped them with chocolate almond butter and a banana. It’s like eggos, but a bajillion times better.



Quiet House

This morning after breakfast, I had planned to finish my school work for the week. I budgeted around 3-4 hours, looking forward to having work to do to make the day pass quickly and feel productive.

It took me twenty minutes.

tumblr_lyfxgfklvQ1ql5yr7o1_400My professor sends us emails every week reminding us what our assignments are. She always warns that they may be challenging and we should be sure to take enough time to do them, so I always assume they’re going to take me a while. But today all I had to do was answer one discussion question! Hmm. I guess I should be glad!

A few hours of reading and hanging out later, it was time for lunch!

IMG_2374_2Egg salad and spinach on whole wheat bread. My love affair with egg salad continues 😀 For snacks in the afternoon I had an apple and a small bowl of cereal.

This house has been a pretty quiet place the last few days! My mom caught a bug on Wednesday and was laid out on the couch, feeling crappy. Today my dad caught the same thing and took my mom’s spot on the couch, and is now in bed. Our family is a wreck! haha

tumblr_lx9hhtVag81qdfcdto1_250Luckily, there is yet another Law and Order SVU marathon on today. SVU to the rescue yet again! For dinner we cooked up a California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza and had a salad. Plus, these are currently in the oven:

IMG_2376_2Peanut butter cookies for Friday dessert, have a great night! Hopefully everyone around here will be back in action super soon!

Cold Breakfasts

I always wake up hungry and immediately walk to the kitchen, toes cracking like little firecrackers, to fix myself something to eat. My favorite breakfast meals are pancakes, french toast, or anything warm and sweet to accompany a hot cup of joe. However, when you wake up and it’s already 80 degrees outside, starting the day off sweating just doesn’t sound so great.

Bring on the cold breakfasts!

IMG_2371_2I asked my dad to pour a cup of coffee for me when he woke up super early so it was cool enough to pour over ice by the time I rolled out of bed. I mixed together a big bowl of cereal and a Chobani greek yogurt. It was cool and sweet. Perfect.

After breakfast I crawled right back into bed! I didn’t sleep well at all last night and I  decided to get in an hour more rather than fight through drowsiness all day long.

tumblr_mm3nvlzXu41qet1emo1_500When I woke up, again, I got ready (ish) for the day and began to tackle some of my schoolwork. I’m got about halfway through taking notes on the chapter before taking a lunch break.

IMG_2372_2I topped a piece of whole grain toast with chocolate almond butter and paired it with two hard boiled eggs! Whole grain, fats, fruit, and protein. Deeeelicious.

Off to keep plugging away at this chapter! Catch ya later 😀

June 4.1

Yesterday I saved all my photos under June 4 because I had the date wrong, so today is unofficially June 4.1! Welcome to our brand new day!

I love making To-Do lists, as you probably know by now, because they set the tone for my day and give me a feeling of accomplishment when it is over.

I'm_Awesome!!!Here’s my To-Do list for today:

Re-read chapter two in my psychology book and take notes

Read chapter 3 in my psychology book

Study psychology flashcards

Take two walks

Bake blueberry macadamia nut muffins for breakfasts this week

Go grocery shopping

What do you need to get done today? 


IMG_2338_2Banana whole-wheat pancakes with maple syrup and hot coffee!

New Fitness Classes

I’ve read over and over that the best way to keep exercise fun and effective is to incorporate tons of variety. Not only does this keep your brain engaged, it also works every muscle differently and produces more complete fitness and lessens the chance of injury. That being said, there are three types of workout classes I’ve read about that I’d love to try.

1. Underwater Spinning 

Bike2This is only available in a small number of studios across the world right now, but hopefully someday I’ll find myself in the vicinity. The bike provides the resistance so the faster you go, the more you work. Also, the massaging action of the water stimulates fat loss and the buoyancy you have in the water enables you to do more moves than a traditional spinning class. Maybe it would also keep my butt from getting so sore!!

2. Hot Yoga

bikram_slide2I won’t ever be this chic, but I’m interested in this class. I always feel amazing when I warm up my muscles and stretch them out, and this takes that to a whole new level. I get lightheaded pretty easily though so that makes me kind of nervous. Still, I think I need to try it!

3. Pilates Reformer

pilates3I am planning to do more Pilates since it’s such an incredible way to tone the body without impact and I’d love to try a class on one of the machines. They really intimidate me but I think once an expert showed me what to do I’d love it.


IMG_2323_2Organic Honey Grams topped with vanilla almond milk and a banana. Delicious!

Scrabble Saturday

I slept in on Saturday! 8:30 instead of 7:30, going crazy over here! I made myself eggs and toast for breakfast and topped them with salsa. I underestimated how spicy the salsa was though. Hot hot hot!

When my parents seized a break in the rain as an opportunity to take my dog on a walk, I decided to do some playing in the kitchen. I’ve made these cookies before and I love them to pieces!

IMG_36151 cup rolled oats + 2 ripe bananas + a heavy sprinkle of cinnamon + 1.5 minutes in the microwave = heaven! The bananas get soooo sweet when you cook them, they really taste like cookies. At fifty calories a pop, they’re hardly a guilty pleasure, and all the ingredients have  been shown to help burn stomach fat. A cookie that will make my tummy flatter? Sign me UP!

Two cookies wasn’t exactly enough lunch, so I continued my sweet streak with Chobani Greek Yogurt topped with Honey Bunches of Oats. Mmmm.

IMG_3618We finally went and saw the new Iron Man yesterday!

IMG_3621loved it! Robert Downy Jr. is just incredible, you can’t not watch him. And Gwyneth Paltrow’s abs?!? What the what?!?

When we came home, I had the brilliant idea to pull out some board games! Gosh, I”m just such a genius.

IMG_3627After coming in at last place in our first game of scrabble, we made some popcorn in our whirly pop and then played another game. Which I also got the lowest score in. Guess I’m not such a genius after all! 😉

IMG_3623I sipped on an iced “latte” while we played. If you take coffee and pour it over ice and then add a couple inches of vanilla almond milk, it really tastes like an iced vanilla latte from starbucks! Plus it’s healthy. I loooove them.

IMG_3620Dinner was a small portion of our leftover Pea and Bacon pasta with a side caesar salad. I went to bed happy after a lovely day!

Also, the swelling on my stomach is down significantly! It’s nice to know I didn’t spontaneously gain 47 pounds or swallow a watermelon in my sleep. On the mend!

Have you seen Iron Man 3? What are your plans for your extra weekend day? 


Yesterday I awoke at 7:30am sharp, just like I do every day, and was craving a classic breakfast. Peanut butter and jelly!

IMG_3575I finished my book “Defending Jacob” during the midmorning, and it blew me away! The ending is a complete surprise and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all afternoon. If you get the chance, I highly recommend you read this book.

IMG_3576I also registered for my classes yesterday at University of Montana! It was quite the frustrating process. First the internet system was down and nobody knew why and then I found out that the science classes I need are not offered in the fall. I filled up my schedule with General Ed’s that I need and a statistics class.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 8.18.17 AMI’m taking Entertainment Management, Introduction to Acting, Culture and Ethics, Statistics, and am auditing the chemistry class I already took since I don’t want to forget anything by the Spring! I’m not totally pumped about my schedule, but at least it all counts toward my degree. I’m also registered for an online psychology class this summer, but I have no idea when it starts or what website to go to! haha. Better call today.

Once I was all set to go, lunch was calling my name! My friend Faith told me that pineapple helps rebuild muscle so I had a big bowl of pineapple chunks alongside a plate of tortilla chips and hummus.

IMG_3579I hope that pineapple works quickly because I have a new workout DVD to try!!

IMG_3581I have a feeling I’m going to like this more than the last workout DVD I bought. It’s a 55 minute total body workout that can be broken into three sections (legs, arms, core) if you don’t have much time. I watched a little of the workout and the instructor isn’t annoyingly excited and it seems like a challenging routine. I can’t wait!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent with a new book, an episode of Law and Order SVU, and tons of icing and heating.  I snacked on a small square of dark chocolate and an apple. Yum! My mom made a simple and delicious dinner of whole wheat pasta with a touch of olive oil, roasted garlic, and grilled peppers.

IMG_3582I was so sleepy last night that falling asleep was a piece of cake! I’m hoping to get out of the house today, but I don’t want to move around too much.

What is your favorite workout DVD? 

Do you think registering for classes is frustrating?