Bad Day vs. Good Day mash up

When you think about it, there are very few truly bad days. Even on some of the worst ones, there are good moments or fun things that happened after or before the crap snuck in. Yesterday was one of those! Let’s start with the bad because it’s so much better to end on a positive note, dontcha think?


1) Signing into blackboard to turn in my online paper and realizing I missed one of the tests while I was moving across the country, and I can’t make it up. Insert minor heart attack.

tumblr_m4016qhlHg1rolvqk2) Meeting with my advisor and finding out that my credits from University of Texas only count as electives so I have to re do the entire semester. I went to the head of the pre-med department and the registrar’s office, but nobody could help me. 16 grand and months of studying flushed down the toilet. Insert full blown panic attack and lots and LOTS of tears.

tumblr_lfrq1sdfm11qdzjnpI’d say that’s enough bad for one day.


1). I went to a pre-med meeting and left feeling like I have such a great support system here that really wants me to succeed. I also went to a “getting involved on campus” workshop and won a cool water bottle!

IMG_39072) I had an amazing lunch in the sun that consisted of whole wheat bread, avocado, and a super sweet apple.

IMG_39093) I had an incredible dinner with my aunt Caroline, uncle Fred, Phoebe, and Tobin and had a really great night talking with all of them. Then Phoebe and I went grocery shopping and I have some great meals planned for this week!

IMG_3911 IMG_3910Today I’m having lunch with my friend Tyler and then heading up to my cabin for the night! I’m still kind of sad but every day will keep being great and everything will turn out okay in the end 😀 Have a great one!


Test Day

I was up before 8 today which was a nice change of pace. Usually I wake up around 8:15 so having a little extra time in the morning felt nice! Even though it was already hot outside, the blueberries in the freezer and the banana on the counter were just begging to be incorporated into a bowl of oatmeal.

IMG_2430_2Two cups of coffee and this oatmeal later…I was already sweating. Then we took the dog out for a walk and I got even hotter! Yay for ice water! It really cools you right back down. Summer here is sort of like winter in Montana in that you really can’t go outside a lot of the day. The nice thing about summer, though, is that it’s still cool in the morning and at night. In winter it’s just 100 percent cold 100 percent of the time. Boo.

I have to take a psychology test today. It opened up yesterday at 10 am and is due tomorrow at midnight. I don’t think it’s going to be hard and it’s all open book but I’m just completely unmotivated to start. I’ll get it done this afternoon! Starting is the hardest part.

tumblr_inline_mn6exubNFz1rnvwt1Have a great afternoon!! 😀

Of possible interest: 

This is your brain on coffee.

I found this article really interesting! Drinking three cups of coffee a day (small cups) is actually proven to be very beneficial for your health. Keep in mind that Starbucks fancy drinks do not count, it needs to be plain coffee with a splash of skim milk or almond milk. I knew there was a reason I loved coffee so much! 😀

Quiet House

This morning after breakfast, I had planned to finish my school work for the week. I budgeted around 3-4 hours, looking forward to having work to do to make the day pass quickly and feel productive.

It took me twenty minutes.

tumblr_lyfxgfklvQ1ql5yr7o1_400My professor sends us emails every week reminding us what our assignments are. She always warns that they may be challenging and we should be sure to take enough time to do them, so I always assume they’re going to take me a while. But today all I had to do was answer one discussion question! Hmm. I guess I should be glad!

A few hours of reading and hanging out later, it was time for lunch!

IMG_2374_2Egg salad and spinach on whole wheat bread. My love affair with egg salad continues 😀 For snacks in the afternoon I had an apple and a small bowl of cereal.

This house has been a pretty quiet place the last few days! My mom caught a bug on Wednesday and was laid out on the couch, feeling crappy. Today my dad caught the same thing and took my mom’s spot on the couch, and is now in bed. Our family is a wreck! haha

tumblr_lx9hhtVag81qdfcdto1_250Luckily, there is yet another Law and Order SVU marathon on today. SVU to the rescue yet again! For dinner we cooked up a California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza and had a salad. Plus, these are currently in the oven:

IMG_2376_2Peanut butter cookies for Friday dessert, have a great night! Hopefully everyone around here will be back in action super soon!

June 4.1

Yesterday I saved all my photos under June 4 because I had the date wrong, so today is unofficially June 4.1! Welcome to our brand new day!

I love making To-Do lists, as you probably know by now, because they set the tone for my day and give me a feeling of accomplishment when it is over.

I'm_Awesome!!!Here’s my To-Do list for today:

Re-read chapter two in my psychology book and take notes

Read chapter 3 in my psychology book

Study psychology flashcards

Take two walks

Bake blueberry macadamia nut muffins for breakfasts this week

Go grocery shopping

What do you need to get done today? 


IMG_2338_2Banana whole-wheat pancakes with maple syrup and hot coffee!

Moving Out

I’ve discovered a new favorite breakfast! A bowl of organic Honey Clusters (basically an organic version of Honey Bunches of Oats) topped with a banana and vanilla almond milk. Delicious! It lasted me for a long time too.

Yesterday morning/ early afternoon was spent moving me out of my condo. The people who bought my dresser and mattress from me came and picked them up and we put a bunch of my things into bins.

IMG_3643My family has gotten super efficient at moving. We moved me into my dorm at Washington State, out of my dorm at Washington State, into my condo in Texas, and now out, and soon into my house in Missoula. Hopefully it’s my last move for a WHILE!!

I am so looking forward to having my own room! My roommate Paige and I got along great, but it’ll be nice to be able to practice my sweet dance moves in private.

tumblr_ltt7emQcM11qenumqo1_500Tehe. A place really does feel more like home when you have your own room, though. Plus I’m going to decorate it beautifully with the help of my sister! I’m so excited!

We grabbed lunch at Fuzzy’s Taco Stand which is a block away from my condo. I’m so mad at myself for never going there all semester!

IMG_3649I got two delicious breakfast tacos for four dollars. One was potato and egg and the other was chorizo and egg. YUM. I’ll be making a return visit before heading North for sure.

The scrabble board made another appearance yesterday afternoon, as did some random but delicious snacks.

IMG_3651 IMG_3650My mom and I watched the movie “Hope Springs” before dinner. It was okay…kind of awkward and slow but it had its moments. Dinner was leftovers made even better!

IMG_3652When you make those salmon burgers, caramelize the rest of the purple onion and put it on top. It brought the burger to a whole new level! That was my mom’s idea. I also used a thin layer of mayo instead of sour cream because I’m not a huge sour cream fan in the first place.

My online class starts today! My book is here, but I don’t know any of my login information or anything. I emailed my professor and hope she gets back to me quickly so I can get started!

Have you moved a lot? How many times? For what reasons? 


Yesterday I awoke at 7:30am sharp, just like I do every day, and was craving a classic breakfast. Peanut butter and jelly!

IMG_3575I finished my book “Defending Jacob” during the midmorning, and it blew me away! The ending is a complete surprise and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all afternoon. If you get the chance, I highly recommend you read this book.

IMG_3576I also registered for my classes yesterday at University of Montana! It was quite the frustrating process. First the internet system was down and nobody knew why and then I found out that the science classes I need are not offered in the fall. I filled up my schedule with General Ed’s that I need and a statistics class.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 8.18.17 AMI’m taking Entertainment Management, Introduction to Acting, Culture and Ethics, Statistics, and am auditing the chemistry class I already took since I don’t want to forget anything by the Spring! I’m not totally pumped about my schedule, but at least it all counts toward my degree. I’m also registered for an online psychology class this summer, but I have no idea when it starts or what website to go to! haha. Better call today.

Once I was all set to go, lunch was calling my name! My friend Faith told me that pineapple helps rebuild muscle so I had a big bowl of pineapple chunks alongside a plate of tortilla chips and hummus.

IMG_3579I hope that pineapple works quickly because I have a new workout DVD to try!!

IMG_3581I have a feeling I’m going to like this more than the last workout DVD I bought. It’s a 55 minute total body workout that can be broken into three sections (legs, arms, core) if you don’t have much time. I watched a little of the workout and the instructor isn’t annoyingly excited and it seems like a challenging routine. I can’t wait!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent with a new book, an episode of Law and Order SVU, and tons of icing and heating.  I snacked on a small square of dark chocolate and an apple. Yum! My mom made a simple and delicious dinner of whole wheat pasta with a touch of olive oil, roasted garlic, and grilled peppers.

IMG_3582I was so sleepy last night that falling asleep was a piece of cake! I’m hoping to get out of the house today, but I don’t want to move around too much.

What is your favorite workout DVD? 

Do you think registering for classes is frustrating? 

Survive Your First Semester Of College

Looking back over the last semester, it’s crazy how much I learned in a few short months. Not only in my classes, but just about college in general and how to be successful in such a competitive atmosphere. Here are 10 tips that will help all those new high school grads out there who might be feeling uneasy about heading off to school!

10. Study every. single. day. 

tumblr_mhzcq9595H1rv8tvro1_500And study every subject every day. This seems intimidating, but the amount of information that you’ll be flying through in college is substantial. Cramming is simply stressful and ineffective. In high school, as long as you do your homework and look over the info before the test you’ll be okay, but not in college. Do you homework and also map out an hour or two a day for studying every subject on your own. You’ll feel on top of everything and not stressed!

9. Map out your time 

HT2513_01-mac-101-ical_id-001-enI used iCal on my iPad and had a color coded plan for my week, every week. Each class was a different color and I put in the times I’d be in class, the times I’d study for each class, my workouts, my work schedule, my volunteer schedule, and social events too! Knowing that you’ve made time for everything allows you to focus on what you’re doing without thinking about all the other things you need to get done.

8. Make To-Do lists 

to-do-listSitting down to study is ineffective unless you have a clear goal of what you want to accomplish during this study session. Do you need to re-read the chapter, do 20 practice problems, memorize the powerpoint slides? Write it down and cross it off when you finish it, you’ll feel so good getting to cross it off the list!

7. Set a timer when you study

timer1There are so many things to distract you from getting what you need to get done, done. I would put my phone in a drawer on “do not disturb” mode and set a timer for 1 hour. When the timer went off I’d take a 10 minute break to check texts, maybe see what’s up on twitter, ect. It was easier to focus in when I knew there was a break coming.

6. Find a new place to study every couple days 

Belo_interiorThere are hundreds of tiny study spaces tucked away on campus and even more coffee shops and bookstores available for you to get your work done. Having a different place to go makes homework a little more exciting and keeps each day from seeming mundane.

5. Go to office hours with every question

tumblr_lr0l8oKOjv1qii6tmo1_500If you don’t know how to do something, don’t put it off until right before the test. Chances are you’ll need to know how to do it in order to understand the next things you’ll be learning in lecture. I would even go in if I got all the answers right but just wasn’t 100 percent sure why! Not only does this improve your understanding of the material, but it also shows your professor that you care and are working hard. They are willing to work with you and will sometimes give you tips you wouldn’t have known otherwise.

4. Learn from every test, figure out what you missed and why

tumblr_m3s1ybzcKz1qgblnaDid you miss the problem because you don’t understand that material? Go in to a tutor and figure it out so it doesn’t mess you up again on the final. However, a lot of the questions I missed on early tests weren’t because I didn’t know the material, but because I was so nervous that I wasn’t thinking clearly and made a silly mistake. You not only need to learn how to do the class, but also how to take the tests. Go slow, don’t be nervous, and skip problems you don’t know and come back to them. Once I stopped getting so nervous, my grades improved substantially.

3. Nourish your body to improve your mind 

dep_1039002-Healthy-lifestyleLet’s face it, studying is about the last thing you want to do when you’re in a sugar coma, hungover, exhausted, or feeling crappy. Eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting enough sleep improve brain function and give you the energy you need to succeed in all your activities. Plus, a healthy lifestyle banishes a lot of stress from you life.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

There will always be those people that the class comes easily to, and sometimes they just can’t help but share. Oh, you just cannot believe that people actually have to study for chemistry?

happyendingsshot_zps6734773aIt’s easy to look at people like that and feel stupid. You can get just as good of a score as them, so what if it takes more work for you? They are the exception, and everyone has talents. It doesn’t have anything to do with your chances for success.

1. Allow yourself to be a beginner

tumblr_mcz50qUpAw1qih393o1_500This one was the biggest realization for me. No matter how many AP classes you took in high school, college is a whole new ball game. Especially a rigorous university like UT. I had so much self doubt at the beginning of the semester because I felt completely out of my league and I didn’t know if I could hack it. When I did poorly on my first tests, I called my mom crying and told her I wasn’t sure if I could be a doctor because I did not think I was smart enough.

But then I decided that I wasn’t going to get “weeded out” by the classes that cause so many people to change their major. I buckled down, learned from my mistakes, worked hard, and ended up getting straight A’s!

Remember that everyone before you had to figure all of this out too. One test isn’t the end of the world. You’ll continue to make mistakes, you’ll continue to learn from them, and you’ll continue to grow as a person. Isn’t that the point of college in the first place? Have faith in yourself!!

I hope these tips help you in some small way!!