Scrabble Saturday

I slept in on Saturday! 8:30 instead of 7:30, going crazy over here! I made myself eggs and toast for breakfast and topped them with salsa. I underestimated how spicy the salsa was though. Hot hot hot!

When my parents seized a break in the rain as an opportunity to take my dog on a walk, I decided to do some playing in the kitchen. I’ve made these cookies before and I love them to pieces!

IMG_36151 cup rolled oats + 2 ripe bananas + a heavy sprinkle of cinnamon + 1.5 minutes in the microwave = heaven! The bananas get soooo sweet when you cook them, they really taste like cookies. At fifty calories a pop, they’re hardly a guilty pleasure, and all the ingredients have  been shown to help burn stomach fat. A cookie that will make my tummy flatter? Sign me UP!

Two cookies wasn’t exactly enough lunch, so I continued my sweet streak with Chobani Greek Yogurt topped with Honey Bunches of Oats. Mmmm.

IMG_3618We finally went and saw the new Iron Man yesterday!

IMG_3621loved it! Robert Downy Jr. is just incredible, you can’t not watch him. And Gwyneth Paltrow’s abs?!? What the what?!?

When we came home, I had the brilliant idea to pull out some board games! Gosh, I”m just such a genius.

IMG_3627After coming in at last place in our first game of scrabble, we made some popcorn in our whirly pop and then played another game. Which I also got the lowest score in. Guess I’m not such a genius after all! 😉

IMG_3623I sipped on an iced “latte” while we played. If you take coffee and pour it over ice and then add a couple inches of vanilla almond milk, it really tastes like an iced vanilla latte from starbucks! Plus it’s healthy. I loooove them.

IMG_3620Dinner was a small portion of our leftover Pea and Bacon pasta with a side caesar salad. I went to bed happy after a lovely day!

Also, the swelling on my stomach is down significantly! It’s nice to know I didn’t spontaneously gain 47 pounds or swallow a watermelon in my sleep. On the mend!

Have you seen Iron Man 3? What are your plans for your extra weekend day? 


Scrabble and Eggs

I made the BEST breakfast this morning. I usually eat sweet breakfasts like pancakes, oatmeal, or french toast because sweet things pair so fantastically with coffee, but lately I’m trying to switch over to more savory items. When I eat my sweet right away it usually satisfies my sweet tooth all day but this week it has just been revving it up early and then all day I am trying to ignore the fact that I REALLYREALLYNEEDCANDYNOW.

But anyway…say hello to the sunny-side up egg and cheese grilled sandwich.



It’s eggy. It’s cheesy. It’s healthy. It’s…awesome. I’ll probably eat it for the next two weeks straight for breakfast and then get super sick of it and pick it up again in a month or two.

My Sunday was lovely! I had coffee with my friend Ben and it was great to see him again. Then I headed off to meet with the woman whose son I start tutoring today and we got all the details worked out.


Then my parents and I ran some errands around town. (that’s me being excited because I am wearing…)


Pants!! Thanks to my dandy brace. It does make sitting in the car pretty awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s the doctor’s orders so I better stick with it. When we got home my mom and I played a few rounds of Scrabble while my dad got started on dinner.


I got EVERY X, Q, Z, and other letters that seriously make hardly any words. And my mom got almost every vowel. We were not doing splendidly.

Alice gets really cold in this winter weather and so she decided to get in on the game too.


Everyone together now: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

My back is still slowly making progress from my idiot walking day. I think I have finally learned my lesson. When I start feeling better I will continue to take it super easy until at least March so that I can put this whole ordeal behind me! Impatience gets you nowhere!

What do you have going on this week? AND what are you dressing up as for Halloween?