Tame Thursday

My early afternoon was eaten up by a trip to campus health! I still feel pretty awful so I just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t anything of concern going on.

PicMonkey CollageMy appendix and everything are A-Okay so it’s just a bug! Lucky me!! After my appointment I grabbed lunch at Taco Cabana on campus. I wasn’t really hungry but I figured I should eat so I went for the healthiest fast food I could find. It was okay, I probably won’t eat there again though. Pretty bland!

IMG_3350It’s been sitting like a ROCK in my stomach all day. Bleh! Tea for dinner tonight! Once I finished lunch I met my friends Shivani and Grace at the library to hammer out some studying. I got about 5 hours in before I really needed to come home and crawl into bed!

IMG_3355I’m going to sleep off this pesky virus and be back at it tomorrow 🙂 hope you had a great Thursday!!

Food and Exercise

Oatmeal for breakfast and my burrito bowl for lunch and no workout today!


Lovely Lent

Despite my proclamations against missing class yesterday, I stayed home from my 12:30 US-Latin American relations class in favor of a 4 hour nap. When I walked downstairs shaking, pale, and with no voice, my roommate Natalia took one look at me and said, “Wow you are really sick.” I was also freezing cold in my sweats and sweatshirt.

tumblr_mcm6t0Esw41r9jhwpThat made me feel like less of a wuss for not wanting to venture outside. I crawled back under the sheets and woke up at 2 feeling much better. My body aches and chills were gone, which were the worst part. I headed to math, got my homework done, went to a coffee shop to study, and got a long nights sleep. I think I’m on the finishing end of this cold. Thank goodness!

It also hit me yesterday that Lent starts today! I completely forgot and it feels like it came suuuuuper fast. I’ve decided to give up sweets and eating out more than two times a week. I know I sang praise about all the restaurants yesterday, but I need to remember I am not on vacation and so I have plenty of time to try them all. My wallet and waistband are going to suffer if I keep eating out all the time, so this will be a great way to reset my habits.

fresh-fruits-vegetables-2419-300x225I took full advantage of Fat Tuesday yesterday without even really realizing what day it was. When I’m sick, my body craves simple carbs like a madwoman. My diet yesterday? Pancakes, cake, frozen yogurt, a taco (that tasted horrible and I threw most of away), and some more cake. Cake cake cake and it’s not even my birthday.

What are you giving up for Lent (if anything)? Do you usually stick with it the full 40 days? 

I am really good about not giving up on Lent. It’s kind of fun and can be a great way to remind yourself to eat healthfully and be mindful of your faith in everyday life! 😀

Icky cold

This morning something glorious happened to me. I woke up at the time I thought I was supposed to be awake. Rubbing sleep out of my eyes, stretching, and yawning, I reluctantly threw back my warm covers to stand and make my bed. Then, I glanced at the clock and it was 5am!! Back to bed for four more hours!! My heart rejoiced as my head hit the pillow.

tumblr_m3bzc40g2o1r1awtfo1_250But…my happiness was short lived because when I woke up at the correct time this morning, I felt like a huge bag of crapola. I’ve been feeling a cold coming on for the last few days, and my head is stuffed up, I can’t hear, my throat is burning and I keep getting super hot then freezing cold.


tumblr_m6hcmd5SNI1rwcc6bo1_400hahaha. or you know…don’t. All my teachers say not to come to class with a cold but…that’s not an option. I will roll myself there in a bundle of tissues if I have to. Classmates, forgive me as I go through intervals of rapid sweating and stripping off my clothes, followed by shivering and putting them all on again as quickly as possible.

Good thing yesterday was productive because I have a feeling today will involve a lot of blankets and sleeping. And possibly a trip to campus health. Waa.

tumblr_lzk7rekDIy1qfa9ryo1_500(P.S. I know it isn’t really Valentine’s day. This was just too accurate not to use)

What’s your least favorite thing about having a cold?