The Mustard Seed

I’m rolling on day two here with zero hours of sleep. I can remember every moment of the last two nights, except like 20 minutes when I dozed off after my alarm went off. WTF body? I’m fighting sleep all day and then I lay down and it evades me. So dumb.

tumblr_ml1geaAc2d1rwcc6bo1_250In happier news, I met my grandpa for dinner at The Mustard Seed last night. It’s an upscale asian restaurant that recently remodeled so we wanted to check it out! The decor was gorgeous and the food was even better.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had chicken teriyaki that was perfectly moist, not too sweet, and delectable. Plus all their dishes are family style so I have enough leftovers for lunches today and tomorrow. Win!

Right before my grandpa called me I was debating whether or not to get take out from The Mustard Seed on my way home, so things couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.

I have a doctors appointment and a job interview today! Big day, wish me luck!

Do you like asian food? What dish is your favorite? 


Tips for Back Pain

Good morning! As I was walking this morning I started thinking about how many people I know who are currently dealing with pesky backs. Three of my friends are having back pain and I know that it is a very common complaint. I thought I’d share some tips that I use to keep my back from bothering me. I hope they help you out!

1. Buy a memory foam mattress topper 

Memory-Foam-Mattress-Topper-picxI found one on for 150 dollars. It may seem pricey, but I was waking up every morning with a stiff back and the first night I slept on this that problem disappeared. I’d say that’s worth a lot!

2. Sleep on your side with a flat pillow between your knees 

Fig_4This keeps your spine in a neutral alignment all night so that it can relax from the stress of the day. Sleeping on your stomach arches the spine backward all night and often leads to back pain so if you sleep on your stomach I’d recommend switching. It will take some time but eventually this will become a super comfy way to sleep.

3. Wear good quality shoes 

imagesDanskos, Clark’s, and Aasics are three of my favorite brands. I notice my back getting achy when I wear cheap sandals or flats that offer no support.

4. Stretch 

stretchingStretching out my legs, abs, and hips is the number one thing that keeps my back feeling good. All those tight muscles can really pull on your back and cause pain or discomfort. Stretch for at least 10 minutes after every workout, and get a massage every once in a while to work out pesky knots.

I hope these tips help you out!


IMG_2360_2 IMG_2359_2Whole wheat organic blueberry pancakes. YUM. Speaking of pancakes, this morning I read an article about the best places to get pancakes in the nation and Kerbey Lane Cafe was on there and so was Paul’s Pancake Parlour! Kerbey Lane is in Austin and Paul’s is in Missoula. I guess I picked some awesome places to live 😀

(I’m Going To) Miss Alice

I have the world’s most stubborn dog on the planet. Yesterday afternoon I took her for her usual walk around the neighborhood. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted her dream come true. A hot pink squeaky ball. She had to have it. I tried to pull her away so first she lay down on the sidewalk.


I called and coaxed and pulled and persuaded..but I only made the situation worse.


Surely she would give up in about ten more seconds right? She doesn’t even care about toys generally! I’ll just use my firm voice and make it clear we are leaving right this instant.


Victory at last.


She carried the ball all the way around the rest of our walk and brought it home with her. Sorry to the poor dog who’s ball we stole, but it was either that or spend the night on the sidewalk. Alice does, however, have her tender moments.



We had a big heart to heart this morning about how she really doesn’t think I should leave. I agree.


This break has flown by way too fast and I’m not ready to say bye to her or my mom and dive back into my crazy life, but I guess I have no choice! I’ll get in the groove again. Isn’t it crazy how time flies.

Did you have a good spring break? What all did you do? If you haven’t had it yet, what activities are you looking forward to? 


This past year I’ve really grown to love and appreciate sleep even more than I ever had before. When my back injury as its most painful I didn’t get more than a few hours of sleep every night for months and it really affects you both mentally and physically.

tumblr_madeynE4sX1r9xjxoo1_500I was constantly nauseous and depressed without any energy. Then, when my back got a little better and I could sleep through the night, I still wasn’t falling into a wonderful deep slumber. I didn’t do anything all day so when I laid down I had nothing to be tired from! So I laid down and my mind was just like:

tumblr_meo7fu3okZ1rakg1rBut these last few weeks sleep and I have gotten a wonderful relationship back! I’m super busy and active all day, I have an incredibly comfortable mattress (thanks Ikea), and my room is the perfect temperature. I crawl under those sheets and within minutes I am sacked out like a log.

tumblr_m6frs3XwVc1rwcc6bo1_500When my alarm goes off in the morning I feel refreshed and ready to tackle another day. I can also sleep through anything and I can usually sleep anywhere. Especially cars, trains, or buses. Yeah, you could just say t’s my special talent.



Do you sleep well? Do you get enough sleep?

Incredible discovery

Yesterday after my late breakfast of cheesecake french toast and quite a bit of laying around aimlessly, I finally got my butt to the gym in search of some cardio. I sat down on that recumbent bike to give it another try, and within five minutes my hips felt like they were on fire AGAIN.

tumblr_m42jprb06F1rna86eMy back still felt perfectly fine so I decided I was not leaving without getting my heart rate up at least a LITTLE. I looked around at all the cardio machines. My eyes landed on the regular bicycles and I wondered if having the pedals below my hips instead of in front of them would make a difference. I hopped on and began to pedal…

Five minutes passed…



I was able to do a 30 minute hill workout! It felt so incredible. My heart rate was through the roof and my legs were feeling the burn. I got to pedal fast and fight through the high resistance going up the “hills” without any problems from my hips or back.

tumblr_lvtimjNAS91qfueeiWhen the thirty minutes were up and I stood to head downstairs for some abs and stretching, my out-of-shape legs were shaking so badly I could barely make it down the stairs. I had that wonderful “noodle-y” feeling in my legs all day.

When I got home I spent the rest of the afternoon doing typical Sunday things like reading, cuddling Alice, and watching some football. (Or looking at my iPad while my dad watched football). We finished up the week with the most hilarious Christmas movie of all time, “A Christmas Story”.

Then I got into bed and did what I do best apparently. Not sleep AT ALL.

tumblr_mesrz0xskH1rpzoico1_500I think I got two hours between 3am-5am and then maybe another half hour somewhere after that before I was awake to hear my alarm at 7. That’ll hit me like a train later. Maybe the soreness in my legs and my exhaustion will show up at the same time! Wouldn’t that be great?

Is there a cardio machine at the gym that just doesn’t sit well with you?


And I’m Off!

…In 2 and a half hours.

I’m so excited for today. I’m going to leave at 11, stop in Helena for lunch and my daily walk, and then mosey on to Missoula. I love having time to take road trips slowly.

I’m also going to need a lot of coffee since SOMEONE woke me up every half hour last night.

I don’t know what those black scribbles are, but let’s pretend it’s my anger. First she was on the end of the bed, then she started shivering and scooted up and made me slide over so she could have some covers. Then she had to go upstairs and make sure my parents were still alive and come downstairs and tell me everything she saw (whine a lot).

“I walked all the way upstairs in the dark and it was really scary and then I opened mom and dad’s door and I was so afraid they wouldn’t be there because they like to leave in the middle of the night even though they never have and then they were still there and I was so happy so I came back downstairs and now I’m telling you and you should really scoot over”

*whine whine whine whine whine* sigh. Good thing she’s cute. Speaking of cute, look at these pictures I found of her as a baby.


It is such false advertising. Gotta love her though! I’m off to get ready. Have a good day 🙂

Do you like to drive straight through on road trips or do you stop along the way?

No Sleeping

This weekend was so fabulous. Full of my best friends, great food, and family. What could be better than that?

On Saturday night my very best friends Christina and Danielle came over to hang out with me. They brought Cafe Rio! MMMMM. We talked and talked and talked and got all caught up on each others lives. I laugh so hard every time I am around them it’s ridiculous. Love it! Then we watched Magic Mike. It was a perfect evening.




I love those girls so much and I miss them already! The good news is I get to see them next weekend too. OMG yay.

I didn’t sleep at all on Saturday night either so by Sunday I was a pretty tired girl. My parents and I had Sunday Supper with a group of family friends and the food and company were again fantastic. Truffle oil popcorn, the best bolognese I’ve ever had, grilled bread with olive oil, salad, Pelligrino, almond cookies, berries…I left very full and happy.

It felt so amazing to sleep in my own bed last night for ten hours straight. Heaven! My back is feeling pretty good so far this morning and it didn’t hurt terribly all weekend either until the end of Sunday night. Hopefully this means I am on my way.

What is your favorite food to indulge in on the weekends?

Mine is dessert. I only eat it on the weekends so it needs to be delicious and worth waiting for all week!