Tips for Back Pain

Good morning! As I was walking this morning I started thinking about how many people I know who are currently dealing with pesky backs. Three of my friends are having back pain and I know that it is a very common complaint. I thought I’d share some tips that I use to keep my back from bothering me. I hope they help you out!

1. Buy a memory foam mattress topper 

Memory-Foam-Mattress-Topper-picxI found one on for 150 dollars. It may seem pricey, but I was waking up every morning with a stiff back and the first night I slept on this that problem disappeared. I’d say that’s worth a lot!

2. Sleep on your side with a flat pillow between your knees 

Fig_4This keeps your spine in a neutral alignment all night so that it can relax from the stress of the day. Sleeping on your stomach arches the spine backward all night and often leads to back pain so if you sleep on your stomach I’d recommend switching. It will take some time but eventually this will become a super comfy way to sleep.

3. Wear good quality shoes 

imagesDanskos, Clark’s, and Aasics are three of my favorite brands. I notice my back getting achy when I wear cheap sandals or flats that offer no support.

4. Stretch 

stretchingStretching out my legs, abs, and hips is the number one thing that keeps my back feeling good. All those tight muscles can really pull on your back and cause pain or discomfort. Stretch for at least 10 minutes after every workout, and get a massage every once in a while to work out pesky knots.

I hope these tips help you out!


IMG_2360_2 IMG_2359_2Whole wheat organic blueberry pancakes. YUM. Speaking of pancakes, this morning I read an article about the best places to get pancakes in the nation and Kerbey Lane Cafe was on there and so was Paul’s Pancake Parlour! Kerbey Lane is in Austin and Paul’s is in Missoula. I guess I picked some awesome places to live 😀


Lightning Fast

That’s how today felt, but it was one of the best days I’ve had so far this week. I didn’t have work OR class so I was able to sleep in until 8am and I haven’t felt so rested in a long time! I also got a TON of stuff done.

I have to write a research paper for my Latin American Studies class and I chose to explore medical care in Cuba. I read through 200 pages worth of articles and speeches today, and already feel like I’ve learned so much. Research projects are the

nerdalert_091412I also tackled all my chem homework and went to a long biology review session. I’ve studied a crazy amount for my test tomorrow so I’m just over it. I’m going to get a good night’s sleep, eat a big breakfast, read through the test slowly, and hope for the best. If I’m not prepared by now, there’s nothing else I can do!

tumblr_m7sbv8rzP61rv7wg5o1_500Also, I hit a HUGE milestone today! At least it feels huge to me. I can finally do ab exercises where I extend my legs out in front of me (like V-ups) without it hurting my back! I don’t mention my back injury on here very much anymore because it’s essentially healed, but there were still a few things I couldn’t do. I thought it was as good as it was going to get, but today when I did those ab exercises I realized it’s going to keep improving!

On a side note, it feels like a ripped all my ab muscles to shreds. OW.

7a97be3b8f4513ef02d0dd8323c28c28I laid down and when I tried to get back up I literally could not do it. I had to roll over on my side and scoot my way up like a little baby. It was pretty sad. I think I killed some muscles that haven’t been worked in a loooong time.

Food and Exercise 

PicMonkey Collage


Breakfast: toast with peanut butter and jelly. Lunch: grilled turkey and cheese with a spinach salad. Snack: Yogurt with some corn flakes stirred in for crunch. Dinner: most of a taco meal from the dining hall while I studied.

I redid the Nike “competitor” workout today to see if I’d be able to push myself a little harder and I definitely did!

Monday funday

Yesterday was a hard day! I tried to do a Pilates video and my back was not happy about that. I stopped 10 minutes into it but my back was achy the rest of the day and it had me pretty worried. It’s so frustrating having to quit the things you want to do and wait and I think I let out a little pent up disappointment yesterday!

tumblr_mcl5kb6yW11rzssmco1_250This morning my back feels normal though so I came back from it. I’ll stick to the things I know I can do at the gym for a while and give myself a long time before I try anything twisty like Pilates! I can do this 🙂

This week is a fun one! I have 3 tutoring jobs and a babysitting gig. Always nice to make a little extra cash before the holidays. Plus I love tutoring and babysitting so I enjoy the time spent!

tumblr_m7zwncBYn41qalk92Yesterday was a serious carb loading day. Gotta get prepped for my marathon later in the week right…? I wasn’t planning on eating bread all day but my dad made delicious french toast for breakfast and I was not about to turn that down. Then, at the exact moment I walked into the kitchen to find myself a nutritious lunch, my mom pulled two steaming loaves of delicious zucchini bread out of the oven. I was powerless.

regeretnothingI did make up for it slightly by having fajitas for dinner. We had to drive to 3 different stores to find organic chicken! Come on, Great Falls, organic is not a new thing. If your store is always out of something you should probably buy more of it.

serouslyWell I’m off on a hot date with my recumbent bicycle and free weights! I hope you had a fantastic weekend that left you rejuvenated for the next five days 🙂

What did you do this weekend? Did you go to the parade of lights?

I didn’t go but I heard it was fabulous! I might have to hit up the Christmas stroll.

MRI Morning

I had another MRI this morning at 6am. I set my alarm for 5:30am, but when it went off this morning I realized I had not changed the time yet. So I actually woke up at 4:30 and then couldn’t fall back asleep for the life of me. After my MRI though I came home and passed out until I met my dad for lunch at Cafe Rio.

Then I headed to the fairgrounds to vote! We registered in my AP government class last year…or so I thought. I handed the guy my ID and after about a minute he asked me, “did you recently have a legal name change?” No. No I didn’t. So he pointed me to the “register” line that was literally out the door and probably 3-4 hours long.

There is no way my back can withstand standing on a concrete floor for that long. I will check back in at the polls in a few hours to see if it has shortened a little. I am loving how close this election is so far! It’s very exciting.

The fourth grader I am tutoring told me last night that his dog ate all his Halloween candy. Every single bit. Every wrapper, morsel of chocolate, and bit of sweet joy was devoured within the span of ten minutes. At first I thought maybe his parents had hidden it and he was making this up, but his mom confirmed the tragic tale. Lucky for him I have TONS leftover and so I made him a bag. No kid should be forced to be without candy the days following Halloween. I WON’T STAND FOR IT.

Did you vote today?


I officially start my tutoring job tomorrow!! I am so excited!! I have a meeting at 12 today to figure out all the details and then every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I get to be a tutor from 3-5pm ish. I am so excited to have something to break up the day and a reason to put on something other than sweats. And leave my house. YES.


Another exciting development? This new brace allows me to wear jeans because it keeps the top from pressing down on my fracture. I can be warm! I am so happy! Plus I have really cute jeans!


Also I have decided to register for online classes next semester. I know it’s two months away, but I have to register this Thursday and I just have no idea how ready I will be to start climbing hills on a college campus in that time. I planned on being a lot farther ahead in my recovery at this point BUT that’s okay. I now know to just TAKE IT EASY and not try to exercise. I can’t and I just need to get over it so I can get better.

Anyway, I don’t want to stress myself out by feeling like OMGIHAVETOBEBETTERINTWOMONTHSORIAMGOINGTODIE so I am going to do online classes, tutor, and most importantly HEAL. Then I can go back in the summer to take some classes and know that I have plenty of time. I won’t feel stuck here when I have a lot of schoolwork to keep up on.


I wish the weekend wasn’t ending 😦 oh well!

What was your favorite thing about your weekend?

Call Me Regina

Yesterday evening I was transported back to middle school when the movie “Mean Girls” came on TV. I remembered loving this movie and watching it over and over and over but I guess I had forgotten why I liked it so much!

It is so FETCH. (haha see what I did there).

Anyway, one thing I had completely forgotten about was that Regina George fractures her spine too!! You have no idea how happy this made me.

I honestly have no idea why, but I was sitting in front of the TV like:

“Oh, Regina Gurrrrl I feel ya. I. feel. YOU.” haha I think I’m  a little sleep deprived. For some reason in my head I was thinking, if Regina George’s spine healed and she could play sports then mine will too in no time! Solid logic. The thing that brought me the most comfort was not the very real doctors telling me this, but the fictional movie character.


I know, Regina. Sorry.

I start physical therapy today! I’m so excited. I’m going to ask her what exercise I can do that won’t make the injury worse and then  hopefully I’ll be able to be up and about more and more. Gradually.