Wonderful Little Vacation

Yesterday was a great day spent in Missoula! I enjoyed a lovely oatmeal breakfast with Halley and my mom before heading out to run some errands! My mom, grandma, and I began by checking out one of Missoula’s coolest stores, Rockin’ Rudy’s.


PicMonkey Collage

They have such an eclectic collection of amazing trinkets and gifts, it was all I could do not to buy something! Then we stopped by Great Harvest to pick up a lunch bag for Halley, and I had the most delicious sample of bread EVER.


Good gosh I love Great Harvest. Austin needs to open a few pronto!! Once we dropped off Halley’s lunch my mom, grandma, and I headed to the Tamarack for lunch. It’s an incredible restaurant with a very varied menu that always tastes delicious.


I had a hamburger with brie and bacon. I ate a little less than half of it and almost all of my side salad. It was sooo good. Ya’ll know how I feel about brie!! Once our stomachs were full, I finally got my new tennis shoes! I found the exact ones I needed for 99 bucks, fifty dollars cheaper than usual! Holla!! And I LOVE the colors.


Then we ventured over to costco where it was all I could do not to pack a full suitcase of food and leave all my clothes behind. I did get a screaming deal on organic grade A maple syrup though. Usually it’s 22 dollars a bottle, but I found it for 13! Holla! I think I am going to get a costco membership when I get back to Austin. They have incredible deals.

After spending the afternoon at a coffee shop with Halley and my mom, we enjoyed an incredible dinner at my aunt Caroline’s house and then headed to ZUMBA!!!


I made it through about 40 minutes of the class before my back started to tighten up a little. I didn’t want to take any chances so I left a few minutes early and finished up my workout on the bike! I was so happy to be able to make it that long, it felt incredible. I’m really making progress! We also ran into one of our oldest friends, Eliza.


She’s such a sweetheart! I haven’t seen her in years but our families used to spend a lot of time together and it was like I’ve known her forever. Don’t you love how no matter how much time passes, so many friendships still maintain themselves?? It truly is incredible.

After Zumba I spent some more time with my family before heading to bed and sleeping for over ten hours. Ahhh sleep, how I love you. I woke up at 10 am this morning and got ready to meet my aunt, grandma, cousin, and mom at the Good Food Store for breakfast/lunch.


I savored two cups of coffee and a vegetarian bagel sandwich. I just got home a little bit ago and am meeting up with Christina and Danielle tonight! I can’t wait!

What do you usually do on family vacations? 


The Best of the Best

The best alarm clock is one that whines at you to wake up and then gets in bed and snuggles with you for two more hours. photo-34

My iHome has never snuggled with me. Not even once. Also, baths are amazing. There is nothing like having super sore muscles or being tired and getting into a steaming hot bath.


Sooo nice. I don’t take baths in college because I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who has ever cleaned out my tub and it just kind of grosses me out. I’ll save them for home. Finally, my new best friend:


My condo’s dishwasher is broken and it’s not like it’s terrible washing dishes by hand, but it’s so nice to put them into this magical drawer and then in the morning they are all clean again. Hallelujah.

I get to see Halley and Phoebe today!! We’re heading to Missoula around 2pm and I plan on being lazy until then. I might workout, but I’m fighting off a cold so I can’t decide if I should or not.


I did a 45 minute nike workout. Have I mentioned I’m in love with those things? It was super nice too because my living room is all cleared out so I have plenty of space to jump and squat my little heart out.


Our plumber was walking in and out the whole time too…made it a little awkward. Tehe! 🙂

Homeward Bound

I’m sitting in the Salt Lake City airport on the way home! I was starting to fear the trip wouldn’t happen. My flight yesterday at 2pm was cancelled, then my flight at 8am this morning was cancelled, and my dad ended up having to drive me to San Antonio so I could catch my flight there!!

Phew. Seems like every time I fly something goes wrong, but this made me nervous! I didn’t realize how much I missed my mom and puppy until I was going to get to see them super soon, and I would have been pretty bummed had my flight been cancelled.

Although, it isn’t all bad news, because my dad and I had a great day yesterday. We usually only see each other for about the length of a meal because we are both so busy, but yesterday we went on a bunch of errands, tried a new restaurant, and finished up with an AMAZING meal at Juan and Margo’s house. I was in awe.

We had a CRAZY thunderstorm last night and it kept me awake most of the evening, but I actually really liked listening to it. Then my dad picked me up this morning and we headed to Kerbey Lane to split pancakes and an omelette. Chicken verde omelette and pumpkin cinnamon roll pancakes. AMAZING! And splitting is a must.

4 more hours until I’m in Montana! Whoop whoop!