Lightning Fast

That’s how today felt, but it was one of the best days I’ve had so far this week. I didn’t have work OR class so I was able to sleep in until 8am and I haven’t felt so rested in a long time! I also got a TON of stuff done.

I have to write a research paper for my Latin American Studies class and I chose to explore medical care in Cuba. I read through 200 pages worth of articles and speeches today, and already feel like I’ve learned so much. Research projects are the

nerdalert_091412I also tackled all my chem homework and went to a long biology review session. I’ve studied a crazy amount for my test tomorrow so I’m just over it. I’m going to get a good night’s sleep, eat a big breakfast, read through the test slowly, and hope for the best. If I’m not prepared by now, there’s nothing else I can do!

tumblr_m7sbv8rzP61rv7wg5o1_500Also, I hit a HUGE milestone today! At least it feels huge to me. I can finally do ab exercises where I extend my legs out in front of me (like V-ups) without it hurting my back! I don’t mention my back injury on here very much anymore because it’s essentially healed, but there were still a few things I couldn’t do. I thought it was as good as it was going to get, but today when I did those ab exercises I realized it’s going to keep improving!

On a side note, it feels like a ripped all my ab muscles to shreds. OW.

7a97be3b8f4513ef02d0dd8323c28c28I laid down and when I tried to get back up I literally could not do it. I had to roll over on my side and scoot my way up like a little baby. It was pretty sad. I think I killed some muscles that haven’t been worked in a loooong time.

Food and Exercise 

PicMonkey Collage


Breakfast: toast with peanut butter and jelly. Lunch: grilled turkey and cheese with a spinach salad. Snack: Yogurt with some corn flakes stirred in for crunch. Dinner: most of a taco meal from the dining hall while I studied.

I redid the Nike “competitor” workout today to see if I’d be able to push myself a little harder and I definitely did!


Little Things

I’ve been pretty stressed about some major things going on in my life lately, but today I realized how huge of an impact tiny positive things can have on your day! I had a lovely start to my week, and these small dorky little things were the cherries on top.

1. I came up with a clever tweet. 

photo-2This one is the dorkiest of all! I just felt pretty clever! haha, no judging 😀

2. I woke up and my Chemistry homework just clicked. 

tumblr_mdwb0s8ChJ1ry4qimI was so sleepy at the library last night that I didn’t do most of my homework. This morning I got every single problem right! Felt amazing to start the week that way.

3. My biology professor bought pizza for the few kids who come to the review sessions.

photo-81 copyDEEEELICIOUS. Such a nice gesture, I really appreciate teachers who acknowledge the students who are honestly trying their hardest.

4. I created a fun new workout!

Untitled-1I sandwiched this circuit in between two 20 minute sessions on the bike. I needed to work my biceps and triceps today but I wasn’t in the mood to stand around! This kept me moving and energized, and my mind occupied 😀

What little things make for a good day to you? 


This past year I’ve really grown to love and appreciate sleep even more than I ever had before. When my back injury as its most painful I didn’t get more than a few hours of sleep every night for months and it really affects you both mentally and physically.

tumblr_madeynE4sX1r9xjxoo1_500I was constantly nauseous and depressed without any energy. Then, when my back got a little better and I could sleep through the night, I still wasn’t falling into a wonderful deep slumber. I didn’t do anything all day so when I laid down I had nothing to be tired from! So I laid down and my mind was just like:

tumblr_meo7fu3okZ1rakg1rBut these last few weeks sleep and I have gotten a wonderful relationship back! I’m super busy and active all day, I have an incredibly comfortable mattress (thanks Ikea), and my room is the perfect temperature. I crawl under those sheets and within minutes I am sacked out like a log.

tumblr_m6frs3XwVc1rwcc6bo1_500When my alarm goes off in the morning I feel refreshed and ready to tackle another day. I can also sleep through anything and I can usually sleep anywhere. Especially cars, trains, or buses. Yeah, you could just say t’s my special talent.



Do you sleep well? Do you get enough sleep?

Right to bare arms

I’ve been coming up with a lot of great arm workouts lately that don’t bother my back but really get my abs and arms burning! Here’s one I did the other day that I really liked. Doing plank in between each set made my heart rate go up and warmed me more than just resting would.

Pink-wallpaper-pink-color-10579451-1152-864Since I’ve been losing some weight and toning my muscles again, I am really liking the results I’m seeing! I have a long ways to go and I know that I have to be very careful but it’s still so motivational. If you’re trying to reach a weight loss or fitness goal keep going until you can see some results! Then you won’t want to stop.

On my agenda for today are some updates on the blog (!!!!!!!), lap swimming, and tutoring. Oh and finishing up my Christmas shopping! I hope your schedule includes trying out this workout 🙂 you’ll be glad you did!

What’s your favorite muscle to tone?

I have two! Abs and shoulders. Abs because, well, who doesn’t want awesome abs? And shoulders because when you have buff shoulders you get that cut in your upper arm that looks so good!

Slowly getting back on the wagon

Good morning! If I have any new readers out there from the Tribune article, welcome!

Now that I am finally back in the gym I feel AMAZING. I’ve been really good about stopping if anything makes my back feel odd in the least bit and one thing that has helped that is not writing out my workouts beforehand. If I plan out a workout and can’t finish it I feel like a quitter, but if I just do as much as I can I notice all the progress I’ve made!

Yesterday I did five minutes on the elliptical, five minutes on the stair climber, fifteen minutes on the bike and some light leg weights and abs. It felt like a real workout! Since I was a bit aggressive yesterday, I’ll just go on a walk today to avoid upping any inflammation. Such slow going!

It can be so easy to focus on the things I still can’t do, like Zumba or Jillian Michaels videos, but then I think about how I was lying on the couch unable to walk just a few months ago and that makes me realize I WILL get there! Once I’m back to dancing and working out, this will all seem like it flew by.


Holy cow! I just realized I have to leave in like 15 minutes and I’m just sitting here in my robe. I’m working at a preschool this morning so I’m sure I’ll have some fun stories for you tomorrow 🙂 Little kids always do the funniest things!

Have you ever had an exercise setback where you couldn’t do the things you love? What happened?

Good Tidings

There are so many good movies coming out lately! I want to see The Hobbit, Lincoln, Skyfall, Wreck-It Ralph, and I’m pretty sure there are a few more that look really good! It seems like movies come and go in waves. There will be a couple months where they come up with nothing and then BAM all of a sudden there is a plethora! I guess the dry spells give me time to save some movie money since going to a show now costs 87 dollars. Or something.

Last night the mom of the kid I tutor in geometry told me his grade is already coming up! You have no idea how happy that made me. I wasn’t completely sure if I was going to be able to really help and now I know that I can! It’s exciting and I’m glad to know that I’m not just wasting his time.

I spoke with my doctor yesterday and he said that all my discs are fine and there is no nerve compression which is GREAT news. He wants me to come down to Billings next week to get another injection because I have a break on one side of the vertebrae and a faulty joint on the other side…or something. He just wants to find out exactly where my pain is originating from so he knows what next steps to take.

He also told me to be as “active as possible” and I’m not sure what to do! The last week and a half I haven’t done any exercise and I am finally at the point where I can make it through the day semi-comfortably. I’m not sure if I should maybe try the elliptical for just like 10 minutes and see what happens? hmmm…decisions, decisions…

Tonight a photographer from the Great Falls Tribune is coming to my house to take a picture of me to accompany an article they are doing on my blog! I’m excited. Except they want a photo of me cooking and I have no idea what to cook or how to do it in a photogenic manner….maybe I’ll just do some arm dancing instead 😉

What are your favorite activities to do in the snow? 

Mine is to hide inside and pretend it’s not snowing. And also to walk like a dying horse everywhere to entertain children and avoid falling.

Elevator Eyes

Good morning! I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing my meals on here so that ya’ll can see I really do put my money where my mouth is as far as nutrition is concerned. It won’t just turn into a food diary I promise! If I get bored of it then I’ll assume you are too and I will stop.

Eggs with peppers (200) + English muffin (120) + Chocolate cream cheese (55) = 375 cals

I promise I will bust out my better camera one of these days. I’m getting tired of this point and shoot being blurry half the time!

As I wait in the elementary school hallway waiting to pick up the kid I tutor I have noticed something that all little kids, but especially girls, are extremely good at. They’re called elevator eyes. You know, that sly up-and-down look that you learn to do more subtly as you get older while checking out a new person? Well, little kids are not versed in the art of being discreet.

Seriously. That look about fifty times a day three days a week. I smile awkwardly back and they just disappear into the teeming mass of backpacks and sticky fingers. Hopefully once I am less of a foreign entity I won’t invite as much…curiosity? Judgement? Who knows!

The doctor from Billings called me yesterday and said he wants to meet in person to go over the results of my MRI. The pain has been steadily (and slowly) decreasing all week so I’m sure it’s not bad news, but if you pray and feel like sending one my way I’d sure appreciate it! 🙂

Have you ever given anyone elevator eyes? 

Whenever people are wearing flashy shoes I always accidentally do it! It’s especially embarrassing when they catch you. haha!