Adios Lone Star State!!

Today wraps up my time in Texas! I can’t believe it. I literally feel like I just got here and it definitely has not hit me yet that I’m leaving…I’m not quite sure it ever will. This all feels sort of like a super long field trip.

But we made the last day fun!! Lunch at (where else?) the Clay Pit…again.

IMG_3787Once my belly was full of curried veggies and a few other incredible dishes, we headed to the Ransom Center on campus to look at their exhibits. Admission is free and they have some incredible things to look at!

PicMonkey CollageThey have an original Gutenberg Bible, the world’s first photograph, plus traveling exhibits. Today’s were Literature and Sports (did you know Charles Dickens walked 20 miles a day?) and modern photography. We spent over an hour perusing everything before venturing outside to spend a little bit more time on campus.

CampusUniversity of Texas is such a gorgeous school and such an impressive institution. I feel so lucky that I got to go here, even though it wasn’t for nearly as long as I thought it was going to be!

When I came home I attempted to make some peanut butter and jelly muffins. They turned out more like…muffin crumble.

IMG_3806A couple things went wrong here…1) The jam I used was more like syrup and didn’t hold its shape whatsoever and 2) it called for a marble sized amount and I went for more of a golf ball. haha! At least they taste good!!

Tomorrow morning I have to wake up early and load up my car and hit the road! The next three days are going to consist of a LOT of driving. Yipee!



Some more Texas fun! {guest post}

Hello all! This is Halley, Georgia Mae’s sister, and I am your guest writer for today. Muahahaha.

I live up in Montana, and I am down in Texas visiting my sis and the family! Mostly we’ve just been hanging out, but today we went for the gusto:

We mobbed over to West Campus to explore some of the funky shops, and (most importantly?) go to the Clay Pit for lunch. Holy smokes. Indian food = heaven.

Don’t mind the photo blur- I was aboard the struggle train in the camera department today. Just look at the purse, it’s in focus!


Then we stopped and took a few photos in front of this fun wall!Image

Then we bought some car decals (thrill a minute here- still reading??) I’m making a goofy face because I accidentally poked the woman in front of us with the camera while taking the photo.. haha whoops!


Then we got iced coffee 🙂 🙂Image

Needless to say I was pretty stoked…

Image(That’s an excited face, apparently..)

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend errrbody!! Thanks for letting me join in on the fun 🙂


Today is an awesome day so far. I went to my Calculus and Chemistry office hours and now understand concepts I was lost on before, I already have a ton of my homework done, and I got a 90% on a Calculus quiz I thought I failed. Go Monday!!

Another thing that was awesome was Mekong on Saturday night with my girls. It’s basically a war themed party and I just danced and danced. We had a ton of people over at our place beforehand and it was a blast meeting so many new people.

52528_10151450561643478_1973942194_o 148772_10200434109760256_891428939_n 602968_10151450563743478_1038805495_n IMG_1128Next week I have a Chemistry exam, a Biology exam, and an essay due for my US-Latin American relations class. I better start working now! Seems like next weekend will probably be a pretty low key one for this girl.

What’s your favorite theme party you’ve ever gone to?

I pretty much like any excuse to dress up! 🙂

Things I love

My last couple posts have been a tad on the negative side, so just to reconfirm that I haven’t morphed into a world hating cretin, here are some things I’ve found a deep love for recently.

1. My iPhone

photoBefore I moved to Austin I didn’t really realize how handy of a tool it is. The above picture is the UT app that shows my classes, my finals schedule, school events, and pretty much everything you need to know at UT. I’ve also used the GPS like crazy and it’s made navigating a big city a piece of cake.

2. Breakfast 

healthy-french-toastI’ve always loved breakfast, it’s pretty freaking awesome. I will wake up hours earlier than necessary so I can take the time to cook and savor a delicious morning meal. What I didn’t realize is how comforting it can be. When you wake up in a completely different place every morning surrounded by completely different people, it’s nice to know you can still have your french toast and coffee and things really aren’t totally different.

3. Furniture 

hemnes--drawer-dresser__74473_PE191625_S4 copyMy dresser and I are in a long distance relationship right now and it’s pretty difficult. He can’t organize all my baggage for me and I just feel like it might be time to move on to someone new.  I’m sorry, dresser, but I’ve been wearing the same outfits for 3 days in a row because all my clothes are stacked away in boxes. I just can’t live like this. *sob*

4. The weather here 

photo-17It is SO NICE. When it rains it smells like a tropical rainforest. At night your car actually has dew on it because the air is so deliciously humid. And last night I took a 40 minute walk in a light t-shirt in the middle of January. For a winter-hating gal’ it’s pretty much heaven.

5. The word y’all (ya’ll?) 

1.1269189740.howdy-y-allIt’s just so neat and handy. I haven’t said it yet because I’m too afraid. I feel like people will know I haven’t been here very long and I’ll say it and the conversation will just stop and everyone will stare at me like “ew”. Irrational? Possibly. Regardless, I’m going to wait a while until I start using it in my vernacular.

What are some new things you are loving lately??