Fantastic Holiday

I knew just how great my Thanksgiving was when I woke up this morning and my abs were sore from laughing so hard. Yesterday was just an awesome day in general! We started out the morning working on the giant crossword puzzle our paper puts out on Thanksgiving.

We’ll see if it gets finished! The rest of the afternoon was spent cooking, sampling the cooking, watching Psych, napping, and basically just waiting around to eat. Around 3:30 we got all gussied up in preparation for the nights events!


We arrived at our the Purpurra’s house around 4:45pm and the party began! So many of our good friends were there and it was such a warm atmosphere filled with holiday spirit and GREAT food.





I couldn’t snap a photo of everyone. Well, I could have, but I was too busy chatting and stuffing my face with baked brie. I’ve never had brie until last night…what the?! It’s so good!! By the time dinner rolled around I had no idea how I was going to try everything. My plan of attack was to take a bite of a dish and if it wasn’t stellar I’d leave the rest of it on my plate and move onto something else. The only problem was…EVERY dish was incredible.

You better believe that plate was clean by the time I was done with it. But I held back and didn’t have dessert.

HAHAHAHAHAHA no I didn’t. I totally had dessert. It was awesome.

What a wonderful, wonderful holiday it was. Now Christmas will be here before we know it! YAY!!!



So Much to be Thankful For

Today started with oats in a jar, which means it is going to be a GREAT day. Which I already knew because Thanksgiving is the best holiday ever!

I’m so incredibly blessed and there are not enough words in the world to express all the things I have to be thankful for. My family, my friends, my dog, my wonderful clean and comfortable home, my car, my opportunity to receive a great education, wonderful medical care, the list goes on.

Last night the Pre-Thanksgiving party really got me in the mood for the holiday and it was so much fun.

Sorry about the blurriness…we had a little distraction…


We were all sitting on the couch waiting to head out and Alice was making it pretty clear that she thought going to a party was a terrible idea.

It was at our friends’ the Thares house. They live in a beautiful historic home and it was decorated very festively with a huge array of tantalizing dishes to choose from. I ate two plates of food and then some dessert and fruit. The plates were cocktail sized and very tiny and I ate a lot less than I thought I did! By the time I was heading to bed last night I was already getting very hungry again and this morning my grumbling tummy woke me up!

Today I plan to take a long walk and relax until we go join our friends at 4:30pm. I hope you have a great holiday!!

What are you thankful for this year?

Home James!

My whirlwind trip to Billings went exceedingly well. Although, I have to say, could the drive between Great Falls and Billings BE more boring? The scenery does. not. change.

When we got there on Wednesday, my mom and I grabbed some lunch immediately since we were both starving. I had the best oriental chicken salad ever! No wontons though, I didn’t want to undo all the healthy goodness. Then we headed over to our great friends Russ and Tam’s house for a while before my appointment.

My appointment was great! All the staff were incredibly friendly and talkative and it was just such a different atmosphere than so many of my other appointments. When I told them that I am going to be a doctor they said, “You’ll love it! It’s so rewarding!” It’s crazy how much of an impact it has on the patients when the doctors are happy.

That pars injection HURTS though! Holy tits! (is that inappropriate? Sorry). First they put the numbing medication all the way down between the joints of your spine which feels like molten fire. Then they flood the joints above and below the fracture with various medicines to help the body fight the pain and all the pressure feels like someone is trying to pop your vertebrae apart. Ouch!

Glad that’s over. My back feels so much better though! If I’m not pain free in two weeks it means it didn’t work so I would really really appreciate your prayers! It would be a Godsend if this could finally be the last push I need to get me on the road of recovery.

That night we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner because I wanted to get a steak! I’m not a huge meat lover and it was the first time I’ve ever ordered a steak at a restaurant before. However, the last few weeks I’ve been crazy pale (and I have fair skin, but I’m talking like sickly pale with dark circles), super tired, and cold ALL the time. It finally hit my mom and I that I don’t have nearly enough iron right now. I run really low anyway and I’ve been eating a mostly vegetarian diet which is a bad combination! Beef…here I come.

We left Billings around 11am this morning after a delicious pancake breakfast, stopped to split a reuben on the road, and got back to my house around 3 where my sister and dog were excitedly waiting! We’re going to our friends’ pre-Thanksgiving party tonight and I’m so excited! I have two new Gap dresses and I’m busting one out tonight. Pictures tomorrow!

What is your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving? 

I like to take biscuits and put a little turkey, mashed potato, stuffing, and gravy on there. It’s like a hot, fresh Thanksgiving sandwich and I LOVE it. I also am a sucker for pumpkin pie. What a great holiday!