Life crisis on Thursday, birthday party on Friday

I’m back! Don’t give up on me! Haha this week has been a pretty insane one full of ups and downs and major wake up calls. But I’ll be much better about blogging now that I have my life figured out again. Stick around!! I know I’ve abandoned you!

tumblr_mgtt6p5go01revfw4o1_500I have realized something. This school isย hard. You have to work your ass off in high school to be the 7% of out of staters accepted here and then once you get here you realize high school was nothing. I had my first midterms this week and I felt really ready for them but I was not prepared enough. I had a slight freak out on Thursday afternoon.

tumblr_mhxi1dXmRk1rp25b8o1_400But after talking to my mom and tons of other students whose first tests were wake-up-calls I felt better. I’m not going to let it discourage me, I’ll let it motivate me! I’m going to go to office hours, study groups, tutoring sessions, and not get a job so I can focus on my schedule. Two science classes and a math class here is a full time job in itself.

IMG_2785I feel much better now that I know what I need to get done and I know I can do it!! It’ll be worth the challenge in the end. After a stressful week, I needed to blow off some steam last night. It was Natalia’s birthday and we had a bunch of people over before going downtown and dancing and it felt amazing to let loose!

photo-32 photo-31(Everyone holding alcohol in the 1st pic is 21 by the way. I was not partaking! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

photo-33 photo-34Downtown was PACKED. Paige, Amanda, Natalia, and Madison got up and danced on the bar at Aquarium. Haha!! It was a fun night.


Massage Musings

Yesterday morning I went to the gym planning to do 25-30 minutes of cardio and then stretch and do some abs. When I got on the bike and started pedaling, my hip flexors started to burn like crazy and it felt like they were ripping every time I pedaled. I switched to another upper body workout and was very glad I had a massage in a few hours!

I showed up to Karen McElroy’s office at 11:30 am, and at this point I was hobbling my poor hips were so tight. If you ever need a massage, I highly recommend her! She is very knowledgable about the body and how it is all connected. The first half of my massage was relaxing and wonderful as she kneaded the knots out of my neck and shoulders.

beaver-enjoying-massageAnd then….she moved onto my hips…

Cats_Musical_MemoryLiterally every part of my muscle was formed into a trigger point, which basically means it’s super tight and angry and when you press on it it HURTS. Karen wasn’t even pressing that hard but man oh man was it painful. I haven’t done any serious legwork in a whole year because I had a knee injury and then my back….so they are having a hard time adjusting. I’ll be taking it very slow and giving them lots of time to rest and recover between workouts!

When I walked out of my massage, there was an unpleasant surprise waiting for me.

parkingticketI was so looking forward to my appointment that I completely forgot to feed the meter! It’s my first car-related violation ever. Bummer. It’s only five bucks though so not too bad…

I started another tutoring job yesterday, this one in Honors Algebra I. I met him at CMR and it was so weird to be back! I haven’t been in the building since graduation and for some reason it made me really nervous. I loved high school but I felt so old and it just felt odd to be there when I never expected to still be in town at this point!

ujlYvOf course, it turned out fine and I even ran into a couple of my old dance teammates. It was great to see them and tutoring went smoothly! Isn’t it weird how sometimes we get nervous about things that are no big deal?

Do you ever feel weird visiting one of your old schools?ย 

I now tutor at my old elementary school and my high school! Elementary made me feel very nostalgic but high school was definitely an odd feeling. I felt so much older than everyone there and like it was such a long time ago when really I was there 6 months ago!

Good Tidings

There are so many good movies coming out lately! I want to see The Hobbit, Lincoln, Skyfall, Wreck-It Ralph, and I’m pretty sure there are a few more that look really good! It seems like movies come and go in waves. There will be a couple months where they come up with nothing and then BAM all of a sudden there is a plethora! I guess the dry spells give me time to save some movie money since going to a show now costs 87 dollars. Or something.

Last night the mom of the kid I tutor in geometry told me his grade is already coming up! You have no idea how happy that made me. I wasn’t completely sure if I was going to be able to really help and now I know that I can! It’s exciting and I’m glad to know that I’m not just wasting his time.

I spoke with my doctor yesterday and he said that all my discs are fine and there is no nerve compression which is GREAT news. He wants me to come down to Billings next week to get another injection because I have a break on one side of the vertebrae and a faulty joint on the other side…or something. He just wants to find out exactly where my pain is originating from so he knows what next steps to take.

He also told me to be as “active as possible” and I’m not sure what to do! The last week and a half I haven’t done any exercise and I am finally at the point where I can make it through the day semi-comfortably. I’m not sure if I should maybe try the elliptical for just like 10 minutes and see what happens? hmmm…decisions, decisions…

Tonight a photographer from the Great Falls Tribune is coming to my house to take a picture of me to accompany an article they are doing on my blog! I’m excited. Except they want a photo of me cooking and I have no idea what to cook or how to do it in a photogenic manner….maybe I’ll just do some arm dancing instead ๐Ÿ˜‰

What are your favorite activities to do in the snow?ย 

Mine is to hide inside and pretend it’s not snowing. And also to walk like a dying horse everywhere to entertain children and avoid falling.

Scratch That Idea

This blog is very experimental at this point. I try some things, they either work or don’t, and then they either stay or leave. I’ve decided the whole food diary thing is a bust. I eat too many small little things throughout the day to document it all and my meals often repeat themselves. If I ever eat anything super exciting I will be sure to share it, but staring at my day to day meals could get a little….boring.

I’m listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album this morning as I blog and eat breakfast. I love Christmas music so much. I don’t see why people save it for December! Christmas is awesome, why not make it as long as you can?! Plus Kesha was playing on the radio when I woke up so I had to wash out my ears with some good music.

Last night I finished reading the book “Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn.

Holy. Cow. It was so good. Once I got to the last ten chapters I HAD to stay up and finish it. It was so scary and suspenseful that even when I read the last page it was hard for me to fall asleep because I was so energized. I want to read her other two books now so badly…I definitely suggest this book if you like mysteries! It’s a winner.

On my agenda for today: reading, two tutoring jobs, listening to music, selling my old textbooks, and planning my upcoming trip to Missoula this weekend. Exciting stuff!

Do you know how or where to sell textbooks? I am at a loss.ย 

Elevator Eyes

Good morning! I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing my meals on here so that ya’ll can see I really do put my money where my mouth is as far as nutrition is concerned. It won’t just turn into a food diary I promise! If I get bored of it then I’ll assume you are too and I will stop.

Eggs with peppers (200) + English muffin (120) + Chocolate cream cheese (55) = 375 cals

I promise I will bust out my better camera one of these days. I’m getting tired of this point and shoot being blurry half the time!

As I wait in the elementary school hallway waiting to pick up the kid I tutor I have noticed something that all little kids, but especially girls, are extremely good at. They’re called elevator eyes. You know, that sly up-and-down look that you learn to do more subtly as you get older while checking out a new person? Well, little kids are not versed in the art of being discreet.

Seriously. That look about fifty times a day three days a week. I smile awkwardly back and they just disappear into the teeming mass of backpacks and sticky fingers. Hopefully once I am less of a foreign entity I won’t invite as much…curiosity? Judgement? Who knows!

The doctor from Billings called me yesterday and said he wants to meet in person to go over the results of my MRI. The pain has been steadily (and slowly) decreasing all week so I’m sure it’s not bad news, but if you pray and feel like sending one my way I’d sure appreciate it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you ever given anyone elevator eyes?ย 

Whenever people are wearing flashy shoes I always accidentally do it! It’s especially embarrassing when they catch you. haha!

One Shade of Gray

I hope you had an amazing Halloween! I dressed up as a freezing cold college student.

That’s my “I am literally always cold lately” face. In other words, the epitome of pure annoyance.

After getting up, eating breakfast, blogging, and reading my usual morning blogs, I got ready for the day to meet up at Cafe Rio with my mom for lunch! I looooove Cafe Rio.

She had the grilled salmon salad. They have such great salads there. Full of rice, beans, meat, salsa, guacamole, the list goes on. MMM.

I went for the sweet pork quesadilla. Not a veggie in sight, just a hot tortilla filled with the most delicious thing I have ever eaten at a Mexican restaurant in my life.

I had already eaten half of it before I remembered to snap this picture, but that is the rest of it that I’ll throw on a bed of spinach today and eat for lunch. That’s another thing I love about Cafe Rio. The portions are huge so you always have leftovers and it tastes just as good the next day!

Then we ran some errands around town. I was feeling pretty groggy and just not quite awake and I couldn’t figure out why. Then I looked up at the sky.

The sun did not show its face once yesterday. BLEH! To put up with gray like that I better be able to go down to Pike’s Place Market or go eat some clam chowder on the wharf in Seattle. Alas, this is Great Falls, Montana. We need the sun.

I tutored my fourth grader like usual yesterday and then I had my first session in Geometry. I was kind of nervous because I wasn’t sure how much I remembered and I didn’t want to waste the family’s time. But…a MIRACLE happened!!!

I remembered so. much. geometry. I LOVE geometry. It just makes sense! It has all these exact rules and you just look at a problem and go through it step by step following all the rules that are laid out for you and then you end up at the end result. Nothing like algebra that seems so much more abstract to me.

I can’t memorize things to learn them, especially math. I actually have to understand fully how it works and what is going on so that when I get stuck I can think about what logically would make the problem work. It takes a lot longer to study but I remember things more permanently this way. I guess geometry just meshes will with my type of learning.

Between every activity yesterday, there was a lot of this…

I ate WAY more than my fair share of Milky Ways, Reeses Cups, Snickers, Snickers Peanut Butter, Twix, the list goes on. I would be ashamed if I ate candy more than one day a year and took the time to feel bad about it. But..I don’t. So I’m over it. It was delicious and I look forward to doing it again next year.

Today is my rest day! No tutoring. I am going to read, rent a bunch of movies for house sitting this weekend, and take it easy. My advisor may or may not be calling today. I have two different dates written down so I will keep my phone by me just in case! Have a great day!

Did you have a nice Halloween?

Do Not Die

My tutoring job went so wonderfully yesterday! I went to my old elementary school to pick him up and it was SO WEIRD to be back. I felt like a giant! When the bell rang there were suddenly millions of tiny little people running every which way.

And all the little chairs and desks seem soooooo teeny tiny! It was also strange seeing so many of my old teachers. I felt like I needed a t-shirt that said, “Yep. I’m still here…my back is broken. Don’t judge me.” haha but I don’t think anybody really was.

The fourth grader I tutor is such a total sweetheart. He was really quiet when I first picked him up but he got way more talkative as time went on. When we got home and pulled out his homework he decided to start with his astronomy word search. That sucker was hard!


About four words in I started helping him because word searches always seemed like such busy work to me so I wanted us to get through it quickly. Suddenly he threw up his hands and said, “Oh my gosh I am going to die! This homework is going to kill me!”

To which I responded, “No you seriously cannot die today. This is my first day as your tutor and your mom would be SO mad at me if I killed you off on the first day.”

Apparently that was all I needed to break the ice with him, he laughed and laughed and laughed and pretended to be his mom yelling, “I will never forgive you!!!!” Leave it to little kids to make you feel freaking hilarious.


I also got TWO other jobs yesterday! The first is a house sitting gig this weekend that I have a meeting for today at 11am. When I was talking on the phone with the woman whose house I’m supposed to sit on this weekend, I mentioned I was tutoring a fourth grader. She then gave my name to the mom of a sophomore having trouble in geometry and BAM! another job. I am suddenly a woman with a schedule.


Now I just have to turn myself back into the girl who got a perfect score on her geometry final. Yikes. I can do it! It’s amazing how quickly stuff comes back to you. In fact, it is kind of maddening. It’s like “WHAT?!? NO!!! This is NOT this easy. It just CAN’T BE!!!! I wasted weeks of my life on this!!!!”


haha anyway. Busy-ish week ahead. In a couple months when I am taking a full schedule of online classes and tutoring two kids I will once again have the super full, productive schedule I am used to and I cannot wait.

Did you ever use a tutor growing up? What makes a great tutor?