Body Image

We’ve all had “fat days” or days when we just feel blah about our bodies. I especially struggle with this when I can’t workout and (as you well know) there have been a lot of times where that is the case over the past year.

The instant I hear “take some time away from exercise” I stop appreciating my body for its strength and agility and start picking apart what I look like. There are so many times in my past when I felt overweight and then I look at pictures and realize I wasn’t. At all.



IMG_0287 IMG_0625 IMG_0960I specifically remember looking at all these pictures right after they were taken and thinking, “wow I really need to lose some weight.” So I started counting calories and being super super careful about everything I ate. It was tiring and annoying, but my senior year I lost a lot of weight through diet alone and I felt good about it.

When my back injury finally healed, I felt so awesome! I could workout and be active again and I loved it. But I started going too overboard. If I felt like I ate too much at dinner or if I indulged in some cookies with girlfriends I’d come home and workout again, even if I already had that day.

So then when I pulled my ab muscle because I was being too hard on my body, I instantly felt fat again. But this time I finally caught myself. I haven’t gained 20 pounds just because I haven’t worked out in a week, that just doesn’t happen! I ate a piece of cake for dessert last night and I felt so bad about it that it just sat like a rock in my stomach. I hadn’t been blogging about my food because I felt guilty about “eating so much” and not working out. I had a long talk with my Mom about it and I realized I have to stop this stupid cycle.

I can’t keep working out and pushing my body to the point of injury and then being too restrictive with food when I am healing. I might gain a few pounds while this heals, and that’s okay! And I’m going to learn how to stop counting calories, take rest days when I can  workout, and be healthy and happy. It’s going to be a little hard at first just because it’s what I’m so used to but I’m ready and I’m excited.

If you ever struggle with body image, I hope you have people in your life who you can talk to about it. Chances are you are fine! And if you really do want to or need to lose some weight, there are plenty of ways to do it without going overboard.

So this morning I had waffles with peanut butter and a banana, and they were delicious. Soon my ab will be healed and until it is I need to fuel my body through that process 😀 Here’s to my last injury for ever and ever!!! 😀

Have you ever felt like you needed to lose weight when you really didn’t? What makes you feel good about your body? 


Fitness Goals

Remember how a long time ago I said that once I reach my goal weight I’m going to buy a pair of lulu lemon workout pants? I’m alllllllmost there. I’m at a healthy weight and I am loving the way my clothes look on me again, but I still need to drop about 3-5 pounds to look how I like to. I know I can do it!

photo-57That was me on Thursday! (I swear I will update you about that night). I’m not being super strict with myself about losing the last little bit of weight because it’s not really a huge deal and I don’t want to get too obsessed. There have definitely been times in my life where I’ve been a little too thin!

photo-58I’ve never ever had an eating disorder or anything, don’t get the wrong idea, but sometimes weight loss just becomes a project in a way and it can be hard to want to stop once you’ve reached a goal. So I’m just working out everyday, taking rest days when I need them, eating tons of fruits and veggies and drinking water! If I need to lose the weight, my body will take care of it for me if I just treat it right.


Yesterday I did another 45 minute nike training workout. It took all the motivation I had to go to the gym at 8pm on a Friday night but I’m so glad I did! My legs felt like jello walking home. phew!

Have you ever realized you were overdoing it a little?



Lulu lust

When I reach my weight loss goal, I am getting these pants.



LW5573S_3390_2Aren’t they adorable?! I absolutely love them. I might switch to a shirt or jacket from Lulu Lemon but for now these are the plan. It would be great if I could reach my goal weight before my trip to Texas in January, but that’s pushing it. Three and a half weeks isn’t enough time so I guess I’ll just try them on there and order them from Montana when the time comes!

I love Lulu Lemon‘s gear so much. It’s comfortable, flattering, and well made. It’s also freaking expensive. That’s why I don’t buy all my workout clothes there. I’d look fabulous in the gym…but I’d be broke.

My poor puppy had surgery again yesterday to get the metal plate removed from her leg that was placed there during her ACL surgery six months ago. That’s a total of four surgeries in her little 4 year life! She cried all night long. It was pitiful and I felt so bad for her.

IMG_0832I also get to register for my classes today! Yay!!! Then I can order my books, plan my schedule, and be all set to go. Cannot. Wait.

What do you use as incentives when you are trying to lose some weight?